The Fifth Season and The Obelisk Gate by NK Jemisin

September 30, 2016 Audio Books, Dystopian, Fantasy, Science Fiction 7

Rusting Earth, Bookworms!

I’ve told you before that I rely on my bookish friends on Twitter for oodles of recommendations, but I cannot thank Shaina enough for raving about NK Jemisin. I devoured The Fifth Season (with my ears) and waited on tenterhooks for a few weeks before the sequel, The Obelisk Gate was released. Obviously, I gobbled that book down as well, but I was only semi-lucky in the timing of my reading because now I shall utterly rot in wait for release of the conclusion to the trilogy. Siiiigh. But let me tell you about these phenomenal books in the meantime, so that you may read them and then join me in my anticipation.

fifth-seasonThe world is ending… Again. Sometime in the distant future, the Earth has begun a series of catastrophic “seasons.” Seismic instability leads to volcanic eruptions that cause apocalyptic ash clouds. Unprepared populations even in The Stillness are unable to grow crops during this period and populations dramatically decrease due to violence, illness, famine, and desperation. But humanity has evolved somewhat. There are some who wield power that can help control the tumultuous earth- or use it as a weapon. Post apocalyptic society plus geological superpowers equals WHOA.

That abstract I just wrote completely sucks and in no way explains how great these books are. In fact, the world building is so incredible and detailed, it takes a bit of reading to fully understand everything that’s going on. Stick with it, though, the payoff is one thousand percent worth it. NK Jemisin is a master craftswoman. I want to thrust these books into the hands of every science fiction and fantasy reader I know. And then I want to thrust these books into the hands of people who think they don’t like science fiction and fantasy. They’re just so dang innovative! I mean, this world has NOTHING WHATSOEVER in common theobeliskgatewith Medieval Europe. It’s not just the Middle Ages plus dragons and magic (not that that isn’t great in its own way) it’s a whole different world. Except it’s THIS WORLD. Sort of. It might make your head spin a little. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. I’m sure the books are fabulous in print, but the narrator of the audio books is superb. Besides, I always like to hear how names are meant to be pronounced, especially in fantasy novels. It adds a little something to the experience, I think. Plus it prevents me from sounding dumb when discussing the book with folks in person. The ONLY problem I can find with these books is the fact that I unwisely started the series before it was completed and therefore am prevented from full binge reading.

Alright Bookworms, who has already read The Fifth Season and The Obelisk Gate? And does anyone know if NK Jemisin’s backlist titles are anywhere near this awesome? I think I’m going to have a LOT of reading to do while I wait for the final installment of this series… 

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7 Responses to “The Fifth Season and The Obelisk Gate by NK Jemisin”

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    I haven’t read NK Jemisin’s middle series, but her first series, which starts with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, is quite good. She has such a strong and unique voice right from the start, and I think she just gets better and better at making books as she goes along. So I am very much looking forward to this series, but I do want to wait to read it until the whole thing’s out.

    • wordsfor

      I don’t blame you for wanting to wait because it’s super annoying to have to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for the final installment. I might check out one of her completed series in the meantime though.

  2. Lindsay

    I’m so glad you liked “The Fifth Season”! I have it on request at the library and it should be coming for me any time! I had seen it around, but I gave it a second look after Shaina wrote about it and decided I had to read it!

  3. DoingDewey

    I’m glad these lived up to the hype for you! I almost picked up the first book impulsively at the library today and what stopped me is the fact that it’s an incomplete series. I’m terrible at coming back to a series, so I’d rather just wait until it’s done and I can binge it all at once.

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