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Nov 27

First World and Thankful (Top Ten Tuesday on Wednesday)

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Salutations, my little Bookworms!

I skipped Top Ten Tuesday yesterday because as much as I love The Broke and the Bookish, the Glue Crew is where my loyalties lie. However, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to talk about being thankful as tomorrow is THANKSGIVING and all. I’ve been reading a lot of these and they’re all really sweet. However. I wrote last week about loving my husband, and I’ve written recently about my little cousin, so you know I dig my family ties. I thought I’d take a slightly different and kind of materialistic approach and talk about some of the things I’m thankful for living in the here and now. Ready?

firstworldthankful1. Electricity: Have you ever stopped to think about how awesome electricity is? Like, really thought about it? Light and heat at your fingertips, whenever you need it. Heck yeah!

2. Central Heating and Cooling: It gets cold in Illinois. It gets hot in Illinois. I am able to pretend seasons don’t exist when I’m in my house thanks to central heating and cooling. I like to avoid both hypothermia and heatstroke, thankyouverymuch.

3. Internet Access: Without the INTERNET, I wouldn’t have this blog. Without this blog, I would be sad. Three cheers for LOLCats, animated gifs, and BOOK BLOGS!

4. Indoor Plumbing: I had some traumatic incidents in my youth with girl scout camp, latrines, and bladder control. They were just so ICKY, y’all. Flushing toilets and running water are privileges, people!

5. Microwaves: Dude. I love my microwave. I am not a fan of cooking, and reheating food should be FAST because I’m HANGRY. I love, you microwave.

6. Cars: As much as I wish I could apparate Harry Potter style, I’ve got some serious appreciation for motor vehicles. Do you have any idea how long it would take to make the 150 mile trek to my parents’ house in a covered wagon? Me neither, but I’m pretty sure it would suck.

7. The Printing Press: Hey Gutenberg! I’m your biggest fan! The dude who invented the printing press deserves mad props. Mass production of books?! Can you even imagine living before you could have books whenever you wanted them? Monks would have to copy them, and even though their handwriting was very, very fancy, it was hard to read… And expensive… And you would probably have been too busy farming turnips to notice.

8. My Kindle: I know there are some purists out there who hate the e-book, but I refuse to believe it’s the death knell of the publishing industry. I’ve purchased a LOT more books to keep on my kindle than I did with physical books. The storage space I save makes my heart happy. Plus, my Paperwhite has a glow light background so I can read in bed without keeping the Hubs awake. Love it!

9. Pants: I like a dress as much as the next girl, but I really like the fact that I can wear pants whenever I darn well please. I know there are some hardcore religions that don’t get down with ladies wearing pants, and while I respect that, I’m glad it’s not me. Like I said. Pants rule. (Oh, ladies. If you’re stuck in a pantsless religion and you really want some pants? Give me a call. I’ll hook you up. PANTS!)

10. YOU. I know, I know. I said I wasn’t going to get mushy, but it’s true. I’m so thankful for my little contingent of readers and the blogging community that has embraced me (book blogging and just regular ole’ blogging) my little heart could burst. Thank you for being the very best EVER!

Now what I really need is your HONEST opinion, Bookworms. Who wore it best? Me, or my neighbor Simon? Happy Thanksgiving!





Nov 26

Pinterest and Peer Pressure

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Aloha, Bookworms!

Remember 2 weeks ago when I was suckered into joining the Glue Crew for some DIY/Pinteresty crafting? (That Joules is impossible to turn down, she’s too adorable… Then Kari and Chrissy got in on the action, and well? I caved.) If you recall, I decided to create a Christmas card garland. I always run out of space to display my Christmas cards and this project was super adorable. Speaking of Christmas cards, if you want a card and a bookmark from ME there’s still loads of time! Just email your address to and I’ll send one your way! Here was my Pinspiration:


I found this on Pinterest, but it seems to have originated at

I found this on Pinterest, but it seems to have originated at

I’ve been planning to do this project for ages, so I bought all my supplies half price at the after-Christmas sales last year. Now, the original instructions involved decoupage and paint… And, well… Ain’t nobody got time for that. Instead of that mess (which would CERTAINLY have ended up with things glued to my face) I bought 3/8 inch ribbon in a variety of patterns. It’s the exact width of a clothespin, yo! Also, buttons were more expensive than these cute little poinsettias I found, so I swapped them out. Then all I needed was to make friends with my ARCH NEMESIS, the hot glue gun. A little strip of ribbon, a little line of glue, a little bit of fighting with those God-awful strings that come with hot gluing, and VOILA!



An hour and a few minor burns later, I finished my masterpiece. Now, I am the proud owner of a Christmas card garland that I festively arrayed with place holder cards. (On the off chance you want to help me replace the fake cards with real ones, my address is PO Box 3078, Peoria, IL, 61612-3078. Totally unnecessary, but I’ve had inquiries.) Now behold the glory!

Fun, right?!

Fun, right?!

Yeah, I might have already started decorating for Christmas. Thanksgiving is so late this year! What do you think Bookworms? Is my early bird holiday spirit sacrilegious? And how proud are you that I glued nothing to my face?!

If you’re looking for more crafty goodness, check out what my Glue Crew compatriots came up with!

DIY bloggers headshots



Nov 25

Parasite by Mira Grant. Because Tapeworms.

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Hey Bookworms!

How did you spend your downtime in high school? You know, when you’d finished your final exam early but wouldn’t be released to the next for another 40 minutes? I mostly wrote angry poetry about how stupid high school was. My friend Bri was more creative. Bri wrote stories about a tapeworm. She named him Mr. Boovie. I wish I could find the notebook now, because I’m absolutely sure I saved it; it was chock full of illustrated Mr. Boovie tales. It’s glorious. Why did I just share that tidbit about my life? I just finished reading Parasite by Mira Grant and it’s all about TAPEWORMS!

parasiteFull Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I’m on the payroll of exactly zero evil mad scientists, so you needn’t worry about my honesty. 

It’s the not-so-distant future and the world of medicine has changed. The ultimate bio-tech, Symbo-Gen, has created a tapeworm that can be “safely” implanted into humans. These tapeworm implants serve as a one stop medical shop. They can regulate insulin, counteract allergies, and eliminate the need for vaccinations. People don’t need to take pills anymore, their friendly neighborhood intestinal worms take care of everything for them.

Sally Mitchell is the first and only human on record to have been brought back to life by her Symbo-Gen implant. Not that she has any memory of her old life. The car crash that brought her to the brink also did enough damage to her brain to render her completely amnesic. Apparently it’s no big loss, as Sally the first totally sucked, but still. “Sal” as she now prefers to be known, has cobbled together a life in the six years she can recall being alive. Sure, she’s half lab rat for Symbo-Gen, but she landed herself a handsome doctor boyfriend, so it’s not all bad.  Until, of course, people start coming down with a mysterious sleep walking ailment that turns them into incoherent single minded murderers…

I was introduced to Mira Grant earlier this year through her kick-butt zombie novels Feed, Deadline, and Blackout. Parasite has a lot of similarities to the Feed trilogy. The sleepwalkers are pretty darn zombie-like. There are mad scientists and underground labs. Large, powerful medical complexes are shady and evil… Fortunately, I wasn’t tired of any of these elements. My enjoyment of Parasite was in no way dampened by its similarities to Grant’s earlier booksI LOVE Mira Grant’s voice. She’s got a wicked sense of humor that she manages to inject into tense situations. The levity keeps her outrageous plots from plummeting into campy sci-fi territory and keeps me greedily turning pages. Parasite is the first in a trilogy- guess who will be reading the rest? This girl!

Alright, Bookworms. If a Bookworm and a Tapeworm got into a fight, who would win? I’m desperately curious to hear your answers.


Nov 21

An Anniversary Song

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Howdy Bookworms!

Today marks four years since I married Jim. Last year I wrote a series of Limericks to celebrate. This year I thought I’d try my hand at a song parody. I’m bad at being overtly affectionate, so I opt for the tongue-in-cheek. I got in touch with my inner Carly Simon, and it’s… ridiculous. The story of us, Weird Al style (to the tune of “You’re So Vain”):

You walked up to the soundboard, and I noticed that you were hot.

It was apparent you didn’t realize it, I fell for you right on the spot.

I made a mission for myself, to see you become mine.

I started to think about how I should stalk you,

How I should stalk you, man.

You’re so sane.

Compared to me you’re quite well adjusted.

You’re so sane.

Your oddities are merely eccentric-

You walk quick and nitpick…

This was our engagement photo. Highly functional relationship!

I met you more than 10 years ago, when you were still quite naive.

Over the years I managed to wear you down,

And now you can never leave (muahahahaha)

You’re stuck with me till the end of time, which fills me up with glee.

I hope you don’t mind that I still suck at cooking,

Still suck at cooking, oh.

You’re so sane.

Actually, you’re probably crazy.

But I won’t complain,

Because you love me even when I am lazy.

Don’t you? Don’t you?!

i married you

When the nonsense tunes are sung in our house, it’s usually all your fault.

Now that I’ve given one a try, I warn you they may never halt.

With all our puns and cheesy jokes, it’s been a lot of fun.

There’s nobody else that I’d rather have married,

Rather have married, but-

We’re insane

We’re a charming pair of neurotics

It’s so plain-

Look at our surveillance home electronics.

And comic harmonics. 

Thanks for putting up with that, Bookworms. Happy Anniversary, Jim! Thanks for putting up with me. XOXO.



Nov 19

Top Ten Tuesday: Books for my Baby Cousin

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Hey Bookworms!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I participated in the Broke and the Bookish’s weekly extravaganza that is Top Ten Tuesday. Today we’ve been challenged to create a list of recommendations with a specific person in mind. I’ve got me a baby cousin. Well, okay, she’s not really a baby anymore, she’s 12… I’m not really sure when that happened. However, I was wracking my brains and I kept coming back to books I think Dana ought to read, so she wins today’s list. (Remember my post about snarky eyebrows? That was an ode to Dana’s older brother Adam. These kids, man. These kids…)




1. Number the Stars by Lois Lowry- This might be a little below your reading level, but if you haven’t read it, you simply must. It’s about WWII and it’s full of everyday people being brave and doing the right things. Sometimes you need to hear about that stuff when you’re 12.

2. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that Alice in Wonderland is for little kids. Forget what you saw in the Disney movie. I mean, I guess you can remember it, because that was pretty screwy, but still. These books are clever and full of word play. I also happen to know you and the fam are into Dr. Who and the cosplay scene- Alice should be a pre-requisite for all fantasy endeavors.

3. The Giver by Lois Lowry (my review). I was about your age the first time I read this and it kind of blew my mind. The sequels are not as good, but certainly worth a read if you enjoy this one. It’s set in a scary strange future where people can’t see in color and everyone’s life is weirdly regimented. You’ll be super stoked to not be living in their community, I promise.


4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I know, I know. You’ve probably been there, done that. Wasn’t it awesome though?! Katniss was such a butt-kicking character! You’re a girl who shall never be a damsel in distress, so you and Katniss would probably be great friends. (If you could look past her obvious psychological damage stemming from the fact that she was forced to fight other children to the death in an arena setting…)

5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (my review). You’re a pretty mature 12, so I wouldn’t worry about giving you something with some heavier themes. This is another WWII book, but it rocks. If you enjoyed Number the Stars and you’re feeling up to it, give this a shot. Did you know Grandpa fought in WWII? He did. When he went to enlist, he changed his name from “Karl” to “Charles” because it sounded “less German.” It’s a true story, Grandma told me. After you read this, you’ll understand why he didn’t want to be associated with Germany at that point in history, despite the fact that our family is largely of German ancestry. It’s a haunting and beautiful book, but have some tissues on hand.

6. Cinder by Marissa Meyer (my review). Dude. Cinderella is a CYBORG. I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this one. Fractured fairy tales totally seem like your vibe.


7. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. Don’t laugh! Your parents gave me a copy of this for Christmas when I was about your age and it’s awesome. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy will get all up inside your heart and make you want to buy petticoats and bloomers… And find out what a pickled lime tastes like (I still don’t know… Not sure that’s a bad thing though. The sound kind of gross, and we have pizza now, you know?)

8. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I know, I know, it’s another old fashioned book. It’s so much fun, though! Anne gets into all sorts of shenanigans. Just trust me on this one, alright? There’s hair dye and an episode of accidental underage drinking (The accidental part is key there. Drinking at your age is the WORST IDEA EVER. Promise me you won’t drink until you’re in college? I’m old and I worry.)

9. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. This book will make science and math seem cool, I swear. It’s really cool and full of time warps and alternate dimensions and mystery. Very Whovian, my dear.

wrinkle in time

10. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume (my review). Dana, my dearest. If you are anything like I was at your age, the fact that I’m bringing up this book at all is probably making you blush furiously and feel ill. It’s okay, pumpkin. The internet doesn’t know who you are (seriously, we don’t even have the same last name anymore.) This is a REALLY good book though, about feeling awkward and all the embarrassing girl stuff that goes on (or doesn’t) at your age. If it makes you feel better, check out a copy from the library and hide it under your pillow while you read it. That’s what I did. A girl deserves her privacy, you know?

There we have it, folks. My reading list dedicated to my not-so-baby-anymore cousin Dana. Any of you bookworms have a title to add? She’s quite the reader (I’m so proud) so I’m sure she’d appreciate the suggestions. 

Have you sent your address to yet? You know you want a bookmark! You also know that I’m an affiliate for Book Depository and that if you choose to make a purchase from any of the links in this post I’ll get a tiny kickback, right? It’s all on the up and up, swearsies. 


Nov 18

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier: The Fellowship of the Worms

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smarty-mcwordypants-199x300Hello Bookworms,

Before we start here today, I want to let everyone know that I am a-okay. You probably saw on the news the devastation wreaked on Central Illinois from a tornado outbreak. Some of those touchdowns were a few miles from us, but luckily we are safe and sound, as is our home. Thanks to everyone for your concern!

Now, without further ado, let us get our Fellowship on! This month we’re discussing the classic tale of gothic mystery Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. WARNING: We will be discussing the WHOLE book. This will no doubt include SPOILERS. If you did not read the book and would like to participate, pick up a copy of Rebecca and give it a read. This post will be here waiting for you when you finish. Now that the particulars are out of the way, I’ll remind you of the premise here. I’ll pose questions in bold and answer them in regular type.  If you don’t want your opinions influenced by my rantings, stick to the bold first. Feel free to answer them in the comments, or if you’re so inclined, on your own blog. A linky list will be provided at the end of this post for anybody who has reviewed Rebecca on their own blog. Don’t be shy, please link up!

1.Talk about your whirlwind courtship! Our heroine agrees to marry Maxim de Winter after knowing him only a few short weeks. Her decision is fueled in no small part by her wish to escape her snobby employer. Anybody think she should have thought the decision over a bit more carefully, or does love, as they say, conquer all? I am of the opinion than if something SOUNDS too good to be true, it ALWAYS is. I’m also of the opinion that if on one of your first “dates,” your suitor gets lost in a creepy fantasy on the edge of a cliff, you should cut and run. Being able to spell an unusual name correctly is NOT a good foundation for marriage. I’m not sure saying “yes” was your best move, No-Name Girl.

2. Could Mrs. Danvers possibly BE any more creepy and evil? That woman had wicked written all over her from day one. Sherebecca1 was a combination of Mean Girl and psychopath. Mrs. Danvers had an unnatural attachment to the late Rebecca de Winter (Maxim’s mysteriously departed first wife) and was none too pleased to have a new lady of the house. She was a bully and dead set on wreaking havoc. The stunt she pulled at the fancy dress ball? That nutjob even tried to coax No-Name Girl into suicide. Not cool, Danny. Not cool.

3. Rebecca’s presence was palpable throughout the novel despite the fact that she was deceased. How does Rebecca’s memory torment No-Name Girl? Poor No-Name Girl is haunted. Everything she hears she interprets as Rebecca’s perfection. Mrs. Danvers doesn’t help matters by discussing how fashionable, well bred, intelligent, and active Rebecca was. No-Name Girl is convinced the Maxim is still grieving Rebecca and that she’s a piss-poor replacement.

4. Were you surprised by Maxim’s revelation about what really happened to Rebecca? I wasn’t surprised, because I think I’d read a spoiler somewhere. More than that though, Maxim’s behavior where she was concerned was pretty sketchy. What I hadn’t anticipated was that Rebecca was a full on sociopath. Gah! That woman! She makes Mrs. Danvers look like a well adjusted and productive member of society! The debauchery, the promiscuity, the intentional meanness to the mentally disabled guy… I can’t say it was too great a loss to the world as a whole, though it sounds like Mother Nature was taking care of that bit of business before Maxim stepped in. Yikes! 

5. Who do you think burned down Manderley? My money is on the collusion of the evil Mrs. Danvers and the drunken incestuous (yeah yeah I know it didn’t USED to be incest to hook up with your first cousin, but EWWW anyway) Jack Favell. Team of crazies, those two. I can’t imagine that the place went up in flames purely by coincidence, especially since old Danny had removed all her personal belongings earlier in the day. Seriously though, it was MAXIM’s house, NOT Rebecca’s. There is just no reasoning with sociopaths.

What did you think, Bookworms? If you would like to share your thoughts in blog form, be sure to link up below! 

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Next month’s selection will be The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. I know it’s a book that’s been out for a while, but I haven’t read it yet, okay?


On a side note, I have had several inquiries as to my address recently, as I’m sending out holiday cards and bookmarks this year to any reader who wants one. If you’re interested, I’m mailing internationally- all you need to do is send your address to! There is no need to send me anything, but since I was asked, here you go:

Katie Kelly

PO Box 3078

Peoria, IL 61612-3078

P.S. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Rebecca for your own collection, please use this link. Any purchases made through this site on Book Depository will net me a small commission. 


Nov 14

My Life According to Books 2013

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Greetings Bookworms,

It’s been a slow reading week, my friends. I’ve been working on Rebecca for The Fellowship of the Worms next week and I’m a little behind schedule. What else is new? Anyway, Rory (from Fourth Street Review) turned me onto this post from and I’m enamored. Using the books I’ve read so far this year as a guide, I’m going to complete the following sentences. It’s like a cross between Mad Libs and a list and chaos and I LOVE IT. Ready?!?!

mylifeinbooksMy to do list looks like: Someday, Someday, MaybeAs in, Someday, Someday, Maybe I will accomplish something?

If a peeping Tom peeked into my bedroom, s/he’d: Tell The Wolves I’m Home. I mean, someone needs to tell them. The wolves, they worry.

If Martians met me they’d think: Why Do Only White People Get Abducted by Aliens? Sorry guys, Ilana Garon really set me up for that one.

My doctor is always telling me: Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls. That’s actually kind of a lie, because my doctor is typically more concerned about exploring my nostrils with the light up thingie, but we’re going to roll with it.

The weirdest thing that happened to me this week was: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. It turned out to be just a regular incident of a dog barking at a raccoon. Not everything turns out to be a mystery.

I often daydream about: The Walking Dead: Rise of the GovernorSeriously, I do. I spend way too much time thinking about the natural decomposition rate of the human brain and how long it would take a zombie to die a natural death. I have issues.

If I won the lottery, I’d: Blackout. Seriously, I’m remarkably unlucky. I think a little swoonage might happen if I did win a big jackpot. And then I’d buy a big house with a designated library and sliding ladders!

My superpower is: Between You and Me. I don’t want to blow my secret identity, yo!

I knew I was a book lover when: I fell head first into The River of No ReturnBooks are addictive that way.

Any of you Bookworms want to play along with a statement of your own? How is your life according to books this year? (And BTW, don’t forget to email me your address if you’d like a holiday card and Words for Worms bookmark. International addresses welcome!) 





Nov 12

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!

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Howdy Bookworms!

We’re in the middle of our first snow of the season here in Central Illinois, and I’m feeling the beginnings of some holiday cheer. If you recall, I went to BlogHer this summer. Because BlogHer is a networking extravaganza, it was recommended that we bring business cards. I thought I’d be clever and order bookmarks instead. As it turns out, I’m not as outgoing in person as I am online (SHOCKER, right?) I have LOTS of leftover bookmarks. I want to share them with you!

This year I plan to send a Christmas card to any Bookworm who wants one. Cards will include a genuine Words for Worms bookmark, near-tangible cheer, and absolutely no demands for money. Seriously. Send your address to and I will send you a Christmas card and bookmark. Ho ho ho, y’all! Of course, I also realize that though Christmas is my holiday, it’s not everyone’s. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still have a bookmark. I’m a greeting card ninja, I’ve got plenty of cards that have no holiday affiliation whatsoever. Just mention you’d rather not get a holiday card when you send your address, and I’ll hook you up. Tidings of comfort and joy- and MAIL THAT IS NOT A BILL! Wahoo!


Now, if you do the Christmas thing and you send cards far and wide, you probably get a bunch of cards in return. It’s a lovely feeling, all those smiling photos and pretty scenes, but I’ve run out of space to display them all. We go way ridiculously overboard at Christmas with the decking of the halls, and I hate the idea that so many of my cards have to get stuffed into my one inadequate card display… (Cue segue) You know my friend Joules, right? She blogs at Pocketful of Joules and she’s one of my favorite humans since ever. She’s also crafty… On a number of levels. When Joules asked me if I wanted to join her Pinterest project party, this happened:

Joules: Hey Katie, do you want to join my DIY Pinterest project blog party?

Me: You realize that me doing a DIY project will probably end in me hot gluing my face to something, right?

Joules: Well, you can just add glitter and be even more fabulous than usual.

Me: Damn. You have an answer for everything. Glitter mustaches for everyone!

Joules: And eyebrows. Glitter eyebrows would be hilarious! Especially with YOUR eyebrow! (Yes, Joules has met me in person, she knows all about my snarky eyebrow, first hand.)

Me: Snarky glitter eyebrows are where it’s at!

Joules: Remind me to photoshop that!

How am I supposed to say no to that?!?! I’m a sucker, and Joules is a craft pusher. (The cutest, sweetest craft pusher that has ever lived… Please don’t attack me with a can of spray paint!) Here’s the project I’ll be attempting not to glue to my face:

I found this on Pinterest, but it seems to have originated at

I found this on Pinterest, but it seems to have originated at

I’m going to be tweaking this slightly, but I think this idea is amazing. A ribbon garland on which to pin your Christmas cards? You can make the ribbon as long as you want, and you can just add more clothespins if you run out of space. This is so much better than my bulky metal thing-a-ma-bob! The only thing standing between me and this glorious piece of holiday perfection is a hot glue gun… And my face. Wish me luck, Bookworms!

Have any of you Bookworms ever actually attempted something you saw on Pinterest? Recipes, crafts, cleaning solutions? Anybody glue anything to their face? I’m really worried about this, you guys! Oh yeah, I don’t know why you’d want to, as I suck at Pinterest, but you can be my friend there if you like. Click HERE and we’ll pin things to digital boards together! 

The Glue Crew: Joules, Me, Kari, and Chrissy!

The Glue Crew: Joules, Me, Kari, and Chrissy!



Nov 11

Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie: Every Bit as Saucy as it Sounds

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Happy Monday Bookworms!

I can hear you groaning at my greeting. I know, Mondays suck. They don’t suck if you can win prizes though, which you totally CAN right now from a crap ton of literary blogs. You’ve got until Wednesday to enter- get on with it! (Here. Click it. You’ll thank me.) Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk about my latest read. A while back I was turned on to the romantic stylings of Jennifer Crusie. I really enjoyed Bet Me and Getting Rid of Bradley was a great little palate cleanser for me after a run of more serious reads.

I spent October mired in zombies, vampires, and nightmare scenarios of all variety. It’s safe to say I needed a break, so I pulled up the Jennifer Crusie bundle I’d purchased for my Kindle. BTW, Amazon, I’m so onto you. Bargain-schmargain, all these books are dated re-releases of Crusie’s Harlequin titles. Ah well. Four books for $9.99 is still a deal.

strangebedpersonsStrange Bedpersons is a sweet little story about a girl raised on a hippie commune who falls for the yuppiest lawyer in all the land. Tess and Nick are our star-crossed lover. He is a straight laced pillar of the community while she is a thrift store diva who works for minimal pay tutoring underprivileged kids. The book takes place in the early 90s, a fact I can corroborate based on a handful of references. Nancy Reagan and Marilyn Quayle’s fashion sense comes up (and for anyone international and/or who doesn’t give a fig about the wives of US politicians, that means a lot of shoulder pads) and the classic Julia Roberts film Pretty Woman is alluded to on a number of occasions… Particularly the scandalous scene with the piano. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.

That sound means that this book most certainly contains some sexy-times, so if you’re offended by that sort of thing I wouldn’t recommend this book. Of course, in the grand scheme of love scenes, I found these pretty to be pretty tasteful. My eye rolling was very minimal. I am really digging Jennifer Crusie. Her heroines are always spunky and typically not damsels in distress. Her books read like rom-coms. They’ll never win Nobel prizes, but most romantic comedies aren’t Oscar contenders either. Crusie managed to bring to life one of the most God-awful awkward dinner parties I’ve ever witnessed in all its cringe-inducing glory. To that, I award her a slow clap… And I snap a jewelry box in her general direction.

Since this book was so delightfully rom-com, what are some of your faves? You KNOW you’ve a guilty pleasure movie, own up to it, Bookworms!

*If you’re interest in purchasing your own copy of Bet Me, Getting Rid of Bradleyor Strange Bedpersonsplease consider using these links. Any purchases referred to Book Depository from my blog net me an eensy weensy commission.*




Nov 09

Literary Giveaway Blog Hop! That Means FREE STUFF, Y’all!!!

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Hey Bookworms!

Who is in the mood for a giveaway? Who is in the mood for LOTS of BOOKISH giveaways?! You’ve come to the right place, my friends. I joined The Literary Blog Hop hosted by Judith @ It’s an opportunity to introduce bookworms to other bookworms, all digital-like. I do hope you’ll check out some of the other blogs and enter to win some great books and bookish accoutrements. The hop runs through the 13th, so you’ve got plenty of time to go a-visiting. 


I am giving away a $25 gift card to Amazon! This giveaway is worldwide, so all my favorite folks across the globe can enter. You can enter the giveaway below using this Rafflecopter form (which I’ve never used before but am assured is easy and safe and awesome.) Enter, win, hop! Spread the love, my little Bookworms. Spread it thick, like Nutella on toast. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Linky List:

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