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Dec 23

Thoughts on Revisiting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Part 2

Readalong, Young Adult Fiction 4

Hello Bookworms!

I simply cannot leave us hanging before the holidays in the middle of a book! Especially not Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix. No siree. We are carrying along with the Potter Binge (hosted by The Estella Society, of course) as we hang our stockings by the chimney with care, people! Here are my spoiler-iffic thoughts on revisiting Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Part 2.

  • The Hagid/Madam Maxime romance is hugely adorable. Pun intended.
  • Where does Professor Grubbly-Plank go when Hagrid comes back? She can’t have a regular job, can she? Nobody can take two months off with no notice, can they? Unless they’re one of those women who didn’t know they were pregnant. Then I suppose you’d have to let them because maternity leave, but you’d be lacking the notice because the baby just like appeared and everyone was shocked. I’ve been assured this really does happen, despite my skepticism.
  • Thestrels! It breaks my heart that Neville can see them. Hasn’t that boy been through enough?!
  • Oh man. Harry and Cho’s kiss. Harry’s internal monologue. That Rowling speaks to my awkward teenage self in a way that no other YA author has.
  • I love when Ginny calls Harry out for being a mopey prat when he thinks he’s being possessed by Voldemort after the whole snake attack thing. She’s like “DUDE. You know I was possessed by Voldemort, you’d think you’d ask someone who knows, but nooooo you decide to get your angst on. Snap out of it!” I’m paraphrasing, but still.
  • “God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs” is my new favorite Christmas carol.
  • Sirius gave Harry a brief one-armed hug when he left to go back to school. Better than a handshake, I guess, but c’mon. The boy needs more hugs. You’re his Godfather, dude, bear hugs!
  • Headless hats. Fred and George are creative geniuses.
  • Fact: Umbridge bans Quibbler containing Harry’s Interview. Fact: Hermione is gleeful because… FACT: Banning books will only encourage more people to read them. Bazinga.
  • I love when McGonagall comforts Trelawney even though she thinks Trelawney is a huge fraud. She’s kind and compassionate, and if it pisses off Umbridge, all the better.
  • OMG Harry. PAY ATTENTION IN OCCLUMENCY! I can’t even with you sometimes.
  • Learning that one’s parents aren’t perfect is an important lesson, but a pretty big bummer to boot. Actually SEEING your father in one of his rotten moments must have really sucked. Makes me glad there’s no way for my eventual children to see all of my stupidity in stark relief.
  • Give her hell for us, Peeves. Amen to that, Fred and George. Spectacular exit, BTW.
  • Hagrid is too big a softy for his own good. Ooooh the Grawp affair.
  • These kids taking their O.W.L.s gives me mad ACT flashbacks.
  • Egg cups doing cartwheels? Vanishing iguanas? Turning ferrets into flamingos? This sounds like way more fun than calculus.
  • Note to self: never call a Centaur “half-breed.” Actually, never call anything a “half-breed.” Ever. It’s incredibly rude in any context.
  • Umbridge deserved every minute of her Centaur beatdown.
  • Luna rides her Thestrel side saddle. Because of course.
  • The baby headed Death Eater always freaks me out.
  • Does Lupin’s forcible restraint of Harry as the tries to get to Sirius through the veil count as a hug?
  • WHAT IS THE VEIL?! Is it a portal to the other side? Did it always exist and they built the Ministry around it? Is it just something the Dept. of Mysteries conjured up? It’s so… MYSTERIOUS.
  • Harry’s discovery of the two way mirrors breaks my heart. If he’d used that he wouldn’t have had to borrow Umbridge’s fire and Sirius would have had it on him and… I can’t even.
  • Dear Harry, breaking things doesn’t bring our loved ones back.
  • Dear Dumbledore, Sirius is many things, but he is not the closest thing to a parent Harry has ever had. That honor belongs to MOLLY WEASLEY. #TeamMolly
  • Ooooh the ghost conundrum. So philosophical. Although I am a little disappointed that only wizards can become ghosts. I had high hopes for haunting.
  • Ravenclaw, I am disappointed in us for bullying Luna by hiding her things. You’re better than that.
  • The Order showing up at King’s Cross to threaten the Dursleys into behaving well is nice and all, but why didn’t they think of doing something like that sooner? Ah well. At least it’s a teeny bit of cheering up for poor Harry in his time of grief. And he got more hugs from Molly, so it’s all going to be OK. I notice Lupin still hasn’t broken down and officially hugged the boy. Remus, I’m disappointed in you, and I WILL be paying attention in the next two installments.

For heaven’s sake. Even breaking these books into pieces I’m getting wordier and wordier with my reactions. In my defense, the themes deserve more discussion. I mean, DEATH? Life after death? The philosophical implications are staggering. All right y’all. Break it down. Tell me your thoughts on THE VEIL.

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Dec 22

Thoughts on Revisiting Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix: Part 1

Fantasy, Readalong, Young Adult Fiction 2

Hello Bookworms!

I’m still Pottering along with the Estella Society’s Potter Binge and thank goodness for that. Even when things get rough for Harry, these books are basically a cheering charm for my soul. That said, Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is when we enter Harry’s massive teen angst phase and man alive, this boy is a bit of a mess. Without further ado, I give you my disjointed thoughts on revisiting Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix, Part 1. Spoilers abound, but if you haven’t read these books you probably won’t read this post so, whatever.

  • Oh there you are, teen angst Harry. Nice (ish) to see you again.
  • Mundungus Fletcher is described as bandy-legged and ginger… Are we SURE he’s not Crookshanks’s animagus? (I kid, obviously. But it is sort of amusing to imagine Dung as a human version of Crookshanks.)
  • If you’re a Squib, are you allowed to use magical objects that other people have bewitched for you? That would be a consolation prize, at least, for an otherwise muggle-like existence.
  • TONKS! You are adorable.
  • This has been bugging me for a while now, but why all the handshaking? Like, Lupin sees Harry for the first time in a year and is all “let me shake your hand like we don’t actually have feelings.” I hug the children of my dear friends ALL THE TIME and usually give them a big fat smooch on the cheek to boot. Granted, the oldest of them is 7, but still. Prepare yourself, Jack, Crazy Aunt Katie is going to be hugging you until forever. Are British people just less huggy? Is it a guy thing? Teen angst Harry needs more hugs, guys, and Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, and Hagrid can’t be expected to do all the hugging. (So far, the only three Harry huggers I’ve noticed. But big props to Hagrid who apparently doesn’t buy into non-sentimental machismo.)
  • Molly schools Sirius when it comes to parenting. She may have hit below the belt a wee bit when she scolds him for going to Azkaban, but he wouldn’t have been there were it not for his impetuous behavior. She’s the only real mother figure Harry gets and dagnabit, she’s good at it. Loves him like one of her own. She only wants what’s best for him, and he IS only FIFTEEN. #TEAMMOLLY
  • UMBRIDGE IS A SADISTIC MONSTER! She should have to write THAT a zillion times with her nasty quill.
  • Percy Weasley! You are the world’s biggest git.
  • Neville wanting to beat the crap out of Malfoy after his nasty crack about St. Mungos makes me want to hug him. I want to punch Malfoy too, Neville. Of all the fictional characters I’ve wanted to punch in my time, he’s quite high on the list.
  • Oooh the side effects of Fred and George’s snackboxes. Butt boils. That’s commitment to the craft, right there.
  • If you follow me on twitter, you’ll likely have realized that my nickname in high school was Katie Belle. My middle name is not Belle, it just sort of became a thing as such things do during high school lunch hours. In any case, I have a special affinity for Gryffindor seeker Katie Bell. (No E, mind. Bell is just her last name. Of course my ACTUAL last name is also a first name- the world is a confusing place.) This girl has it rough. Peeves poured ink all over her head. She gets a weird eyebrow curse from a Slytherin (giiiiiirl, I feel you on that one. Without wax I’d have the eyebrows of Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.) AND she’s going to end up getting cursed by a necklace? This poor girl!
  • Lifetime. Quidditch. Ban. UMBRIDGE!!!!!!! YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!!! ::Shakes fists toward the heavens::
  • And now Hagrid is back, and we must pause. Simply too much still to come!

Whew, what a ride! I know Harry’s “nobody gets me” stuff gets a little annoying, but that’s what I love so much about Rowling’s writing. I didn’t attend Hogwarts and I’m (depressingly) a muggle, but all those adolescent feelings are so perfectly depicted. We all had those days at 15. Jo’s special magical ability is bringing it back to life.

What is the moment in the HP books that most reminds you of your adolescence and/or teen hood? 

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Dec 17

Wind Blows Cold When I Think of Winter (Winter by Marissa Meyer)

Fairy Tales 6

Howdy Bookworms,
I don’t know what my problem is, but every single solitary time I think about the final installment of The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer, I get Tori Amos stuck in my head. I can’t complain because “Winter” by Tori Amos is one of the most beautiful songs of all time, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the spacey robot-tastic fractured fairy tale epic. That’s right, kids, the final installment of The Lunar Chronicles happened and I’m here to tell you about it. Well. At least enough about it without ruining all the things. Since that’s nigh on impossible without discussing earlier books in the series, I recommend that you read Cinder (review), Scarlet (review), Cress (review), and Fairest (review) before reading this review of Winter… Or just accept my big fat SPOILER ALERT right here. Proceed at your own risk.

winterWinter is our resident Snow White. If Snow White lived on the moon and was driven half mad by her refusal to use her man brain manipulation skills, that is. She is known for her beauty which is all the more spectacular since she doesn’t go around bending everyone else’s perceptions to make them think she’s fabulous. She’s got the wickedest stepmother in all the land and she’s madly in love with her childhood pal/palace guard/highly unsuitable mate Jacin.

Luckily, she’s also got some super cool new allies in Cinder (cyborg/long lost princess), Scarlet (farmer and organic produce enthusiast), and Cress (computer programming genius/socially awkward girl recently sprung from captivity on satellite.) Are we all caught up? Oh yes, we can’t forget their various beaus, Kai (Emperor/resident Prince Charming), Wolf (genetically modified super soldier), and Thorne (impossibly handsome rogue criminal mastermind.) Will they be able to defeat Levana? Will they all achieve their various “happily ever afters”? I’m not going to tell you because of spoilers. I will, however, tell you I thought this book, though long, was a quick read, a fun romp, and a worthy end to the series so many have fallen in love with. If you’re a fan of fairy tale retellings, I highly suggest you check out The Lunar Chronicles. Now. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go listen to some Tori Amos and make sure the entire range of my feelings are in working order. (You know that scene in Love Actually where Emma Thompson tells Alan Rickman that Joni Mitchell taught his “cold English wife to feel”? That’s me. But with Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes.)

Talk to me, Bookworms! Have you been reading The Lunar Chronicles? Do you have a feelings album? 

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Dec 15

Thoughts on Revisiting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: Part 2

Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction 10

Greetings Bookworms!

I know it’s been a full week since my last post. I am seriously burning the candle at both ends. The holidays, you guys. They are fun and exhausting in equal measure. So much living to cram into such a short amount of time. It’s times like these I could reeeeally use a time turner. Or the ability to apparate. Man, apparating would make everything so much more awesome. Can you imagine? It wouldn’t matter where your friends and family lived. You could just pop in for a visit whenever and go home to sleep in your own bed. Please excuse me while I lament (for the billionth time) that the wizarding world is not real. It’s time to carry on with the Potter Binge! We left off halfway through my rambling thoughts on Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Now it’s time to tackle part 2. Shall we?



  • I really hate when there’s trouble in the great Harry-Ron Bromance.
  • Can you imagine if celebrities had access to invisibility cloaks? They’d foil all the paparazzi!
  • I bet Sirius had to deal with a lot of homonym jokes growing up. No really, I’m SERIOUS, SIRIUS.
  • In a classic case of Hollywood being Hollywood, they made Viktor Krum a lot more attractive and a lot more adept at back flips than he was in the book. He was supposed to be schlumpy and duck footed… Though, I’m pleasantly surprised to find out the actor was, in fact, Bulgarian.
  • Neville’s got a really good sense of humor for a kid that’s the butt of other people’s jokes so often. I mean, laughing at himself with the canary creams? He’s a good egg.
  • “Percy wouldn’t recognize a joke if it danced naked in front of him wearing Dobby’s tea cozy.” Too true, Ron.
  • The Yule Ball antics confuse me a little. I mean, I know MY 14 year old self would have been giggly and blushing madly during the whole thing, but I always thought I was just a late bloomer and horrible at dating. It seemed to me the reactions of the dating pool seemed a little younger than their ages would have suggested, though. I’ve probably seen too many lifetime movies. Which of course, now has me wondering about wizard birth control.
  • McGonagall should win best dressed for the Yule Ball. I mean, red tartan and a thistle crown? Girl knows how to represent. SOMEONE GET THE BAGPIPES!
  • I want the prefect’s bathroom in my house. Minus Myrtle the voyeur. The hazards of teenage ghosts, I guess. Though speaking of bathrooms, why is this one so far away? I know it’s just for the prefects, but it seems inconveniently located. They’ve got to have toilets in the dorms somewhere, don’t they? I mean, since students aren’t technically allowed out at night and all?
  • Molly and Bill showing up to be Harry’s “family” guests during the third task warms my heart. It also (with the benefit of hindsight) provides us with the first encounter between Bill and Fleur. Bow chicka bow wow.
  • You know, if Harry had let Cedric be his true Hufflepuff self, Cedric never would have died. He tried to give up the cup but noooooo Harry just had to let his noble Gryffindor-ness overpower Ced’s selfless Hufflepuff-ness.
  • Long-ass speeches will be your downfall, Voldy. The HUBRIS of this guy. Bleh.
  • Mrs. Weasley’s hugs probably cure as many things as phoenix tears.

Oh man, the end of this one always hits me like a punch in the gut. It’s not like dangerous adventures don’t abound in the first three books, but this book is when shit gets real. I mean. Cedric. Gone. Poof. Why must we grow up so fast?! We’ve still got three books to go, y’all. I hope you’re hanging in there with me, because I’m seriously going to need the moral support!

Talk to me, Bookworms! Do you ever get weirded out thinking that ghosts can see you in the shower? That’s a totally normal thing, right?

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Dec 08

Thoughts on Revisiting Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire: Part 1

Fantasy, Readalong, Young Adult Fiction 2

Hello my Darling Bookworms!

We’ve reached the midpoint in the glorious Harry Potter Re-Readalong with The Estella Society. I’m working my way through Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. Now. As you are all aware (I assume, because HARRY POTTER) after Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (review) the books start getting a lot longer. Because my audio book files were split into pieces, I’m going to do my reactions to the remaining books in two parts a piece. It seems fitting as I want to discuss all the things and I’d feel the need to edit myself if I tried to review the whole darn thing in one go. Fasten your Firebolts, people, we’re doing this.

  • When you have to be kept alive by milking your enormous horcrux snake, you should question your life choices. (Cough, cough, VOLDEMORT.)
  • I really hate Dudley but I get unreasonably sad for him when he’s put on that diet. Diets are hard, Dudders. I get it.
  • I will NEVER block up my fireplace. Aside from it being lovely and adorable, you never know. Floo Network, FTW!
  • Fudge’s encounter with the Bulgarian Prime Minister makes me feel better about being monolingual. It’s pretty hilarious that the Bulgarian PM pretended not to speak English all day just so that Fudge would keep playing charades to get his point across. You’d think there would be some sort of translating spell, though. Maybe there is and Fudge is too pompous to learn it. Seems like a very Fudge move.
  • Wizards are TERRIBLE at secrets! Good heavens every single person EVER hinted at the tournament. It makes me question the Potters’ decision to employ the secret keeper charm in the first place. Obviously it was a tragic mistake to trust Pettigrew, but Sirius was so bombastic and ridiculous, you know he’d have been waving the “I know something you don’t know” carrot in front of the Death Eater’s noses. They must reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally have been out of options.
  • There is no better moment than when (fake) Moody turns Malfoy into a ferret. But it begs the question. McGonagall can turn into a tabby cat, and a tabby cat is also her patronus. Do you think Moody’s spell specifically demanded he turn into a ferret, or the animal his personality most mimicked? What I really want to know is if Malfoy’s patronus is a ferret. If it is indeed a ferret, do you think that if it were to fight Mr. Weasley’s weasel patronus it would lose? Weasels seem scrappier than ferrets for sure, but a Malfoy ferret would fight dirty. My money is on Weasley’s weasel to win the day. Say that 5 times fast.
  • The Beauxbatons horses only drink single malt whiskey and baby dragons need whiskey and chicken blood… Are all magical creatures lushes?
  • For a teacher who wants to spend as little time with Harry as possible, Snape doesn’t go light on the detentions. Isn’t it also a punishment for him to have to spend more time with Harry and Ron? Or is it fun because he can torment them? I wouldn’t know, I’m not that mean. Ugh.
  • Rita Skeeter or Gilderoy Lockhart: Who is more annoying?

And there we have it, Bookworms! The first half of Harry Potter And The Goblet Of FireHave y’all been enjoying the Harry Potter binge? I know I have!

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Dec 07

The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge by Charlie Lovett: Review & GIVEAWAY!

Classics, Giveaways 8

Haul Out the Holly, Bookworms!

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit faster than a viewing of The Muppet Christmas Carol, cinematic gem that it is. Perhaps the only thing I’ve found to rival Gonzo as Dickens is the latest book by Charlie Lovett. I’ve discussed my adoration for the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol (here!) and my enthusiasm never wanes (although my greatest wish is that I could locate photographic evidence of myself in my Ghost of Christmas Present costume from my 4th grade production. SANTA, hook a girl up! Or, you know, anyone from Mrs. Wilson’s 4th grade class.) *I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration. This in no way affects the integrity of my review. The fact that I would prefer not to be visited by three ghosts, however…*

furtheradventuresofebenezerscroogeThe Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scrooge by Charlie Lovett picks up 20 years after our dear Ebenezer has his change of heart. The metamorphosis from vile curmudgeon to lovable eccentric is complete and true to his word, he’s spreading Christmas cheer all year long. Literally. Like, it’s hot and June and he’s talking about figgy pudding. In fact, it’s long since started getting on the nerves of his nearest and dearest. Fred, Bob Crachit, and his solicitor colleagues are kind of over his whole transformation. However, when Scrooge is visited by his old pal Jacob Marley (as he is periodically) he sets off on a mission to help him shed his chains a bit more quickly. He enlists the help of the three spirits who visited him so long ago, and by then end have spread all sorts of seasonally inappropriate Christmas cheer. It is nothing short of adorable and heartwarming, and the perfect holiday read.

Which brings me to the EXCITING part! The good folks at Viking/Penguin are sponsoring a GIVEAWAY. Not only will you receive a copy of The Further Adventures of Ebenezer Scroogeyou’ll also receive a gorgeous Penguin Hardcover Classic edition of A Christmas Carol.  Is there any better way to kick off your holiday season? I think not! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Dec 02

Thoughts on Revisiting Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban

Fantasy, Readalong, Young Adult Fiction 7

Hallo, Bookworms!

Imagine that in a Hagrid accent, would you? I’m still working my way through the Harry Potter series along with my favorite people at The Estella Society. POTTER BINGE! I’ve just finished up Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and as you know, I have some thoughts, reactions, and the like. Get your time turners ready… HERE WE GOOOOOOO!

  • Seriously, Errol. Sometimes I wonder if he’s not so much decrepit as the Drunk Uncle of the owl world…
  • I know assume that Molly home schooled her brood before they went to Hogwarts, but I have to wonder why, once Ginny left, she didn’t decide to get a job outside the home to help with the finances. I don’t suppose she had a whole lot of time to do so between Ginny going off to school and the second rise of Voledemort… And I really have no idea what the wizarding job market was like at the time, but the state of their Gringott’s vault makes me want to cry… Then again, I think they had chickens and stuff. She was probably like the original witch homesteader. I bet she grew organic mandrakes and kept livestock and whatnot. STOP JUDGING MOLLY WEASLEY, KATIE. SHE IS THE BEST.
  • Speaking of drunk uncle, how’s about drunken Aunt Marge? The worst.
  • The Knight Bus sounds like a dreadful way to travel, all things considered.
  • Chocolate! Cures what ails you… Especially if dementors are what ails you.
  • Hermione could give any internet skeptic a run for their money. Girl throws serious shade at Divination.
  • Snape as Granny Longbottom. It never gets old!
  • The Great Hall has 12 Christmas trees. #LifeGoals
  • Nose biting teacups are truly a gift for all occasions.
  • Malfoy’s glee at having Buckbeak executed is troubling. Isn’t cruelty to animals a sign of a sociopath?
  • I GET that Snape hated James, but what kind of person bad mouths an orphan’s parents to their face? Seriously douchey move, Snape. Probably why I can barely muster any sympathy for the man. Ever. Besides. Everyone knows that the best revenge is making the child of your enemy think you’re cool. Duh.
  • Lupin’s guilt trip game is ON POINT.
  • Lee Jordan’s Quidditch commentary kills me.
  • The rules of the time turner hurt my brain. For one, I keep getting Cher stuck in my head. Plus, how far back in time can it go? What happens if you DO change things? Why couldn’t they have used a time turner to stop Voldemort and/or reverse any number of unfortunate deaths? I’m just going to have to put my trust in Rowling that there are REASONS but they’re very dense like tax law and I just shouldn’t think too hard about it.
  • Oh Prongs. Remember that I time I told y’all about my patronus at great length?
  • A note to all four of my godchildren: I repeat! I WILL NEVER GET MYSELF LOCKED UP IN AZKABAN AND LEAVE YOU ALONE IN THE BIG BAD WORLD! (Jack, Nathan, Natalie, and Emma I love you all to tiny bits.)
  • “You think the dead we love every truly leave us?” I’m not crying. YOU’RE CRYING.

The further along we go in this project, the less sense I’m making. No matter, I’m having all the fun. How about you, Bookworms? Anybody else think that the Weasley’s old decrepit owl Errol is a fraud and a drunk?

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Dec 01

Jibber Jabber

Blogging, Holidays, Personal 15

Well Hello Bookworms!

And just like that it was CHRISTMASTIME! Holy macaroni. I hope all of you in the US had a delicious Thanksgiving and that everyone not in the US had an opportunity to eat too much and nap this weekend. I’m still trying to get my brain back in the game post holiday weekend stupor, so I hope you’ll forgive me as I jibber jabber for a bit.Christmas Katoo

1. I’m closing my PO Box. I opened it because I thought it would be a bad idea to give out my address to strangers (it still is) with regard to blogging things. That said, I never did get famous enough for legit strangers (let alone stalker types) to send me anything. Plus, most publishers refuse to send books to PO Boxes, so it’s just a giant waste of money. If you desperately need to send me snail mail for some reason, email me and we’ll chat. 99% of you I consider actual friends anyway, so yeah.

2. The final installment of The Lunar Chronicles (everyone’s favorite fractured fairy tale series) was recently released, and I totally read it. However. I feel like I should talk about Fairest before I talk about Winter because I never discussed it. Since Fairest is technically a Lunar Chronicles prequel and fairly short, it didn’t seem to warrant a full review. Suffice it to say that despite my best efforts I found myself feeling sorry for Levana. I like a well rounded villain and all, but I didn’t want to feel sorry for the woman. She was so eeeeeeevil. Girl lost her shiz (for REASONS) BUT she easily could have made better choices. GET IT TOGETHER, MOON QUEEN. Gah!

3. I’ve been doing a ton of my holiday shopping online. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to shop almost entirely online… I do like to peruse brick and mortar stores and find the perfect thing by chance, but I have a LOT of people to shop for and it gets pretty stressful. Sorry, serendipity, pragmatism wins the day.

4. If Hallmark holiday movies are to be believed, Europe is positively littered with tiny countries whose monarchies are teeming with extraordinarily attractive, unattached, and rebellious heirs. I get that the Cinderella story is appealing and all, but… Ah well. I’m pleased that Lacey Chabert has found a vehicle to showcase her talents at least. Not that I’ve been watching Hallmark holiday movies or anything…

5. As you know, the minute the clocks turn back, the only thing I want to do is eat and sleep, leading me to the obvious conclusion that I am part bear. Naturally, Thanksgiving is the best holiday for those similarly afflicted, as all one is expected (nay, encouraged!) to do is eat mass quantities and nap.

6. I say “y’all” in my writing constantly in spite of the fact that I NEVER say it in real life. Midwestern folk like myself tend to use phrases like “you guys” instead, but it lacks a certain cache in print… I’m a fraud.

Talk to me, Bookworms! Have y’all started your holiday shopping? Are you in-person shoppers or online types?

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