I’m Katie. I loved reading as a child so much that my extended family started buying me books for Christmas instead of toys. For the record, I ALSO liked toys. I’m not bitter or anything, really, I promise. When I was in college I started intentionally taking electives that would require reading novels as part of the curriculum, and as a result ended up with a minor in Women’s Studies and a minor in History. I majored in Communications, so that rumor that Com majors can’t read is patently false!


Since college, I’ve spent a lot of my spare time devouring literature (I use the term loosely- some of what I’ve read hasn’t exactly been high quality). I have a talent for blocking out all my surroundings while reading. I can and have read through wedding receptions, trade shows, and awkward social gatherings. I also excel at finding hiding places to do my clandestine reading.

I wanted to write a blog and stick with it, so I decided to write the blog about the only “hobby” I’ve ever stuck with. I won’t guarantee that the occasional humorous anecdote about my failed attempts at knitting won’t make an appearance. Words for Worms (as in bookworms, in case you don’t follow my attempts at cleverness) will discuss books, literature, e-readers, book clubs, snobbery, snark, and wherever my reading happens to take me.

The sharing of this blog is encouraged, as long as proper credit is given to the author and a link to the source is provided. Did that sound official? I hope so. Don’t steal from me, I’m not that awesome. If you want to use a portion of this work for any reason, please ask. I’m pretty nice, I’ll probably say yes. Also, the only person who gets to make money off of this blog is ME. Not you. See?

If you are a student, copying my blog is not a good idea. You will probably flunk English. This is not intelligent literary criticism, it is no more than the barely coherent ramblings of a mildly insane woman. Just read the book, kid. Unless it’s Moby Dick. Then read the Cliffs Notes.

If you’d like to contact me via email, please write to wordsforworms (at) gmail (dot) com

Please note that hate mail makes me cry, and I’m an ugly crier. You don’t want that on your conscience!