The Fellowship of the Worms

Greetings, Bookworms!

smarty-mcwordypants-199x300Welcome to the home of The Fellowship of the Worms! The Fellowship is the official book club of the Words for Worms blog, and it is BURSTING with awesome. Each month or two a new book is chosen. At a predetermined date, discussion questions will be posted. These questions will cover THE WHOLE BOOK, so if you want to avoid spoilers, I suggest you avoid the Fellowship posts (OR, read the book and participate! It’s the MOST FUN, I promise!) I will also include a Linky where other bloggers (or readers who start free blogs specifically because they really love answering the random and ridiculous questions I put forth) can link their own posts to join in the discussion. There is no membership requirement. Like a normal book club, you can show up and join in the chat even if you haven’t read the book. We’re flexible that way. Enjoy a libation, a dessert, and a good book! SWAG is available at the Words for Worms Zazzle Store HERE if anyone is so inclined. Tell them Wormy McSmartypants sent you. If you have suggestions for book selections or anything else you’d like to mention, please email Katie at