Hello, I Write Book Reports For Fun

April 28, 2022 Fake Dating, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Women's Fiction 5

Greetings Bookworms,

It has just occurred to me that I essentially write book reports for fun. That “the only thing I’ve ever been good at is school” thing runs deep, apparently. Being human is kind of exhausting sometimes. I wouldn’t mind being a beloved family pet for a while. Preferably a dog, but I’d be OK with being a cat as long as I wouldn’t be allergic to myself. It would just be nice for someone else to worry about all the things for a while, you know? Also I wonder what it would be like to actually enjoy running, which is not something this particular human body will ever understand. Perhaps a dog version of me would get it? I have books to tell you about, so I may as well start there since this intro has gone a bit off the rails. BOOKS!

I Love You, I Hate You by Elizabeth Davis- This was an absolutely adorable and fun book! Two lawyers, both alike in dignity, hate each other’s guts. BUT ALSO! They’re super attracted to each other. AND ALSO! They are best friends online without knowing it! (Major You’ve Got Mail vibes, but I prefer to think of it as Spoiler Alert vibes just because I love Olivia Dade so much.) Victoria was raised by a single mother with very little money. As a result, she’s extremely frugal and compromises her morals somewhat so she can work for a major corporation. She needs the big salary to pay off the massive amount of student loans she had to take out. So she’s extra salty about her nemesis, Owen, born with a silver spoon, gets to just start his own law firm and take on whatever cases he fancies. And the cases he fancies, it would seem, are those that Victoria has to deal with. The two are inconveniently attracted to one another and it leads to a very ill-advised one-night-stand. Or, uh, two nights. You know what? The number of nights is not important, OK? They’re DEFINITELY NOT CATCHING FEELINGS. Which is something they explain to their besties on Twitter, who are, in fact, each other. SURPRISE! It’s smart, it’s fun, it’s sweet- you should check it out. 

The Suite Spot by Trish Doller- How do you follow a book that was as near-perfect as Float Plan (review)? Honestly, I don’t know, but Trish Doller totally pulled it off with The Suite Spot . Rachel Beck (sister of Anna, our grief stricken sailor from Float Plan) is in a holding pattern. She’s a single mother who has spent the better part of the last 4 years in an on-again-off-again relationship with her kiddo’s dad, waiting for him to grow up. After one spectacularly awful night at work, Rachel finds herself at loose ends, unsure of what to do next. On impulse, she applies for a position running a brewery/hotel on the remote Kelleys Island in… Ohio. (Rachel has lived in Florida her whole life. That bit seems important.) When she arrives, she finds a super hot yet broody guy owns the place, and the job description is a lot more than Rachel bargained for. Still, it’s a great opportunity for a fresh start, and Rachel is soon embraced by the quirky little island community. I love a good love story, but I’m a total sucker for found family and close-knit communities filled with eccentric characters. The first book club scene was just *chef’s kiss.* So yeah, this is wonderful, AND we get a nice little follow up with Anna and Keane from Float Plan, which is a lovely bonus. 

The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa- Speaking of solid sequels, remember how much fun The Worst Best Man (review) was? Mia Sosa is back with Lena’s big beautiful Brazilian family as we follow her cousin, Solange and her unconventional meet-cute with Dean (Max’s bestie.) She just, you know, sort of… Objects to his wedding in the middle of the vows? It’s not like she knows the guy, but when you run into the bride confessing her feelings to SOMEONE ELSE minutes before the wedding, how can you not? Dean is not actually all that heartbroken that his wedding was ruined, as he was only marrying the bride as something of a business partnership. Now that Solange got in the middle of things, Dean finds himself in need of a fake serious girlfriend so he can impress the partners at his law firm. Luckily, he knows someone who owes him a favor. Solange agrees to the charade because she feels super guilty about the whole wedding thing. Also, she understands why someone might need to be in a fake relationship to get them out of a sticky spot (she’s already got her friend Brandon on call for these sorts of eventualities.) What harm can a little wining and dining do? It’s not like Solange and Dean are going to fall in love or anything. Is the premise totally wild and unrealistic? Yes. Do I care? I DO NOT. I will read any and all installments of this series no matter how far-fetched. Mia Sosa is a delight.

That’s all for me today, Bookworms. I’d say I’ll see you next week, but my posting schedule has gotten erratic. Maybe next week, maybe the week after, but NEVER FEAR. I’ll be back. (I am a child of the 80s, I cannot be held responsible for my use of Terminator references.) 

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5 Responses to “Hello, I Write Book Reports For Fun”

  1. Somer

    We are clearly the same person. I could be a student forever. And I loathe running. I will walk all day, but nope to the running!

  2. Amanda

    Yay! I won an audio copy of the Suite Spot but haven’t started it yet. Maybe this will inspire me to put in headphones and get walking so I can list – not running ever if I can help it. Also will definitely put the Wedding Crasher on my list. Who am I kidding, they’re probably both going on my list.

    • Katie Words for Worms

      I listened to the audio of both The Suite Spot and The Wedding Crasher! I never note which because I hardly remember after I finish which were audio and which were eyeball, but these are recent enough that I haven’t forgotten yet! Which means, as if there were aaaaaaaaaany question that listening to audio books is ABSOLUTELY reading.

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