2021, Week the Thirty-Seventh: Curiouser and Curiouser

September 15, 2021 Fantasy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Young Adult Fiction 0

Hello Bookworms,
How are we all coping this week? Well, I hope. Or at least, as well as can be expected under the circumstances. My week got off to a rocky start because a certain 4 year old of my acquaintance decided that he wants to be a pre-school dropout. After some mild cajoling, I managed to get him into the car, and “Buddy Holly” by Weezer came on the radio. I don’t even remember the last time I heard it, but I challenge you not to sing along. It’s nigh on impossible. It is not, in fact, completely impossible though, as I learned approximately 3 bars in when the harsh critic in the back seat shouted at me to stop singing. I contented myself with some lip syncing and car dancing. I’m trying to grab hold of those little unexpected joyful moments. You know. When I’m not burying myself in fictional worlds to avoid the existential crises that abound in the real one. In that spirit, let’s talk books!

Act Like It by Lucy Parker- A sunshiney stage actress, Lainey, is in a play with the world’s surliest but simultaneously hottest actor. Richard, Mr. Surly Pants, is in need of an image makeover if his political goals are to be realized, so the powers that be (agents, play runners, what have you) decide that Lainey should fake date Richard. Since Lainey is so lovely and charitable, they hope she’ll rub off on him (pun intended.) Of course, they start off hating each other, but if romance novels have taught us anything, it’s that fake dating always leads to real feelings. And then complications. And then happy endings.

A Dream So Dark by LL McKinney- This is the second installment of the Nightmare-verse series. Basically, Wonderland (of Alice fame) is an alternate dimension but also super scary and full of monsters. Alice, our resident Dreamwalker, is tasked with keeping the monsters out of the human world and purging them from Wonderland. But it’s all twisty and confusing because WONDERLAND. This book picks up right where the last left off, and it doesn’t waste any time getting into the adventure. I don’t want to get spoilery, but it’s a fun, inventive series and as an avid fan of Alice in Wonderland in general, I think it’s fantastic.

Tools of Engagement by Tessa Bailey- Welp, this one was pretty swoony, I’ve got to admit. I always think, “I’m really not that into the whole cowboy thing” and then I read a romance novel with a cowboy in it and I’m like… OK maybe I’m kind of into that whole cowboy thing. Wes came to town to take care of his niece when his sister needed “a break from parenthood.” Wes grew up in the foster system, so despite being a 23 year old rodeo guy, he picked up and relocated so his niece wouldn’t end up in the system. Bethany is a perfectionist to the max. She dresses well, is the consummate hostess, and her impeccable taste in home design have made her a critical part of her family’s home flipping business. But Bethany wants to do more than make things pretty- she wants to get her hands dirty and design a whole flip on her own. After seeing a confrontation between Bethany and her brother, Wes (who was on the brother’s construction crew) goes full Renee Zellwegger in Jerry Maguire and joins Bethany’s flip. And then a reality show happens because WHY NOT. Bethany and Wes have had a sparring, combative sort of attraction going on from the first time they meet, and now that he’s Zellweggered for her? Well. It is on.

Until next week, Bookworms. Be safe, get vaxxed, wear a mask, and wash your hands. XOXO.

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