I Don’t Know Where You Know Me From by Judy Greer

June 25, 2015 Audio Books, Humor, Memoirs 10

Hola Bookworms!

After the roaring win that was Aisha Tyler’s memoir Self-Inflicted Wounds (because audio books read by the author are the best), I thought I’d visit the memoir of Tyler’s Archerco-star (and co-star to, well, everyone) Judy Greer. You know the adorable best friend in every successful rom-com ever? That’s Judy Greer! She wrote a book called I Don’t Know What You Know Me From in which she discusses all sorts of things from her adoration of feta (she is my people) to awkward fan encounters. I’ll tell you this much, Judy, if I ever run into you, I’ll know EXACTLY where I know you from. My imaginary slumber party, obvi.

judygreerPro tip: if you’re an actress, you should DEFINITELY read your own memoir and record it so I can listen. Interviewers never ask interesting enough questions, letting Hollywood types speak for themselves ends in either delightful anecdotes or train wrecks, either of which are highly entertaining. Judy falls into the delightful anecdote camp, as I had no doubt she would.

Judy Greer is a Midwestern gal who sort of fell into acting. Since she didn’t grow up practicing her Oscar acceptance speech, she’s remarkably down-to-earth regardless of the number of A-list celebs she’s peed next to. She’s addicted to drug store cosmetics and secretly removes her Spanx in the restroom as soon as she’s finished on the red carpet. She is of the opinion that working in food service is a character building experience (with which I wholeheartedly concur) and she still has normal non-Hollywood friends. Like me.

Reasons Judy Greer should be my friend:

1. We are both Midwestern and love feta.

2. We each have a parent who originally trained to join the Catholic clergy.

3. We’ve both taken preemptive Benadryl in order to snuggle with cats. Sometimes you need to snuggle something and a dog/husband/baby isn’t available, okay?!

If you are a fan of chick flicks, you’ll certainly recognize Judy Greer and should therefore read and/or listen to I Don’t Know What You Know Me From. If you make it through without wanting to be Judy’s pal, I’ll buy you a cookie.** On that note, Bookworms, what’s your favorite romantic comedy?!

*If you find Archer amusing, you need to check out Frisky Dingo. You can thank me later. Actually, thank Hubs. This is all his fault.

**I will not actually buy you a cookie. I’m a jerk with limited funds.

***Speaking of funds, though, if you make a purchase through a link on this site, I will receive a small commission.***

10 Responses to “I Don’t Know Where You Know Me From by Judy Greer”

  1. Megan M.

    Aww, I’ve always found her adorable. I know where I know her from, too! (13 Going on 30, Jawbreaker, etc.) My library let me down on the Aisha Tyler front (missing from the shelf! Gah!) so I don’t have high hopes that they’ll have this one, but I’m off to check!

    • Words For Worms

      OMG HOW did I forget about Jawbreaker?!?!?! My immediate associations were way more obvious (The Wedding Planner, 27 Dresses. Apparently I have a wedding fixation?)

  2. AMB

    I recognize her! That’s really saying something because when it comes to pop culture, I basically live under a rock. I do like romantic comedies, though. My favorite is probably The Jane Austen Book Club (which I’ve seen, but never read, oddly enough).

      • AMB

        I highly recommend the movie (though, sadly, I don’t think Judy Greer is in it!). I know so little about pop culture that I didn’t even know the movie existed until a blogger friend mentioned it in a comment to my “Why Jane Austen Appeals to Girls (and Boys) Who Don’t Just ‘Want a Boyfriend'” post–and the movie was already a few years old at the time!

        The book is on my summer reading list.

  3. Amy @ Read a Latte

    Omg I love the title of this! I feel like she is ALWAYS the same role and it’s like oh, it’s that girl with the face from that movie. You know the one.

  4. Samantha

    I heard about Archer quite a long time ago, and didn’t think I would like it, but I LOVE it. and it makes me so sad there’s only one season a year D: I’ve oddly gotten to know Judy Greer and Aisha Tyler better because of that show. I definitely have Aisha Tyler’s memoir on my TBR, may have to add Judy Greer’s too 🙂

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