Awww, Sookie Sookie Now: Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris

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Hello to my Bloodsucking Bookworms!

Oh, that’s right. The REAL vampires are still “in the coffin.” I get it, I get it. I don’t blame you for keeping it to yourselves. Actually, I may have mentioned it before, but my very existence is proof to me that vampires are not real. I am DELECTABLE to all blood sucking insects. Every mosquito within miles comes to feast on my sweet sweet blood. (I’m beginning to think I may be part fairy.) Anyway. Considering I’m so delicious to fleas and flies and mosquitoes, it would only make sense that vampires would find me irresistible, drink all my blood, and render me a whole lot of dead in very little time. Let us suspend our disbelief, shall we?

In Charlaine Harris’s version of vampire-lore, vampires “came out of the coffin” to the general public after a medical company was able to manufacture synthetic blood. The theory was that they would no longer be a threat to humans if they just drank bottled fake blood instead of guzzling humanity. After the vampires came to light, so too did werewolves and other shape shifters (I’ve yet to hear of a were-penguin, but I like to hold out hope that it is completely possible. Sam Merlotte, the resident Bon Temps shape shifter/bar owner can turn into just about anything. Just because he never pulled out the penguin tux doesn’t mean he COULDN’T if he wanted to, right?) In a world where vampires, shape shifters, and werewolves, are real, the floodgates are open to all sorts of mythical creatures. Fairies, demons, elves, and hybrid supernaturals of all kinds have encountered the lovely Sookie Stackhouse over the last 12 books. Sookie, our heroine, is a waitress in a bar in small town Louisiana.


Sookie has been a telepath all her life, which is typically the bane of her existence. I don’t want to hear what goes on inside anyone else’s head any more than I want someone listening in on my thoughts. You can’t control thoughts, you know? All the impolite things you think but never say are what Sookie deals with on a daily basis. The fact that she was drawn into the world of supernaturals was largely based on this gift- she isn’t able to hear vampire thoughts at all, and other supernaturals are difficult for her to read clearly. Finally, some peace and quiet! Only… Not at all. Because hanging out with witches and vampires and werewolves and fairies and shape shifters makes life AWFULLY interesting… And leads to an impressive pile of dead bodies, human and otherwise.

This has all been leading up to the finale of Dead Ever After, book 13 in the series. Sookie’s had a series of love interests, among them two scandalously sensual vampires (the quintessential southern gentleman and the outrageously hot Viking), a were-tiger, a were-wolf, and exactly zero humans. Her fairy blood has proved a mixed blessing as it makes her vampire catnip (though it’s diluted enough that they don’t just eat her outright), but lands her in a world of conflict with another dimension of existence. Sookie’s dearly departed Gran left her a token of love called a cluviel dor, which is super powerful fairy magic that allows the owner one insanely powerful wish. At the end of her last adventure, Sookie used her cluviel dor to save the life of her close friend and business partner Sam Merlotte (after he was injured in a werewolf battle. Dangerous business hanging around supernaturals, even if you are one.) Unfortunately, Sam starts acting all weird about the whole thing (much to my dismay because I’ve been ‘shipping hard for Sookie and Sam to have a happily ever after since book 1, y’all.)

Sookie + Sam = Supernatural love that can reproduce and lives only the length of a normal human life!

This is a screen cap from True Blood. It’s a great show, as long as you don’t expect it to follow the books very closely… As in, the books are less of a code and more of a loose set of guidelines…

To add to the crazy, Sookie’s ex friend Arlene managed to get herself sprung from jail (because of that one time she joined a cult and tried to crucify Sookie…) and shortly thereafter get herself murdered. I know, right? Thanks to the work of some devious douchebags, Sookie is framed for the crime. While Sookie’s had to mow down a few supes in her life, it’s largely been in self defense. She’s a sweet gal, Sookie. Murder really isn’t her jam. So now she’s got to rally her troop of supes to solve the crime and prove her innocence.

I didn’t have exceptionally high expectations for this finale book because the series is fun, but campy. It would have been hard for me to be upset if she’d ended up with the hottie hot hot Eric, or her first love Bill, or Quinn the were-tiger, or even Alcide the werewolf. Sure, I was Team Sam all the way, but you know. They’re fun silly books about imaginary people and imaginary things that didn’t get all up in my SOUL the way that Harry Potter did. Fun distraction, but I’m surely not feeling bereft knowing the series is finished. I won’t tell you how it turns out, but I found the final book satisfying. A follow up book which is NOT a novel is due out in the fall. It will detail what becomes of all the characters in their happily ever afters. I’m sure that will provide any closure to any lingering questions fans have, and I applaud Harris for taking the step.

Have any of you bookworms been following the Sookie saga? Have you read the finale? How did YOU want things to turn out? Are you pleased with the results? Talk to me, my dears. I love to hear from you!

27 Responses to “Awww, Sookie Sookie Now: Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris”

  1. JoulesDellinger

    So I’m really surprised that you liked this one — I was on Amazon the other day and people were HATING on this final book saying that the author lost her way and just threw a bunch of words at the page to get an ending over with. I read every one of the Sookie books, but I think I missed #12 and now #13… still not sure if I should download them…

    • Words for Worms

      I think the die hards will hate it. I’m just a casual fan, you know? However, I kind of got the ending I’d been hoping for so I have no room for complaint.

  2. Claire (BWB)

    Love the series but I haven’t read the last 2 books. I started the series when it was nearly done so I read all 10 books in one blood-sucking week and got hooked. But by the time the 11th book came out I was very EH. I want to finish the series and my goal is to actually do so this year. I’m glad she’s letting them vampires rest tho. It get’s tiring trying to find ways to kill people.

  3. Patti

    I thought I had this one on auto-ship but realized this morning that obviously I don’t :/ Just ordered it!

  4. Cindy

    I liked the book and I was happy with the ending. There were parts of it that were predictable, but I did like that she wrapped up some of the storylines/relationships from previous books. I too had decided that I would be okay if she ended up with any of her previous loves. Up until the last book, I was rooting for Eric, but I also liked the idea of her with Sam since I knew that she’d like kids someday, and their relationship has seemed to grow over the course of the series.

    • Words for Worms

      Yeah there were predictable parts, but I’m with you on this. Quite pleased. I’d never trusted Eric though- that Viking was fun for a fling but in the long run, no good. I think he’ll be pleased where he ends up once he gets his fangs rooted.

  5. Rory

    I feel like this end was coming for a while, but it’s the only one that would really work. I’m happy enough.

    Though the show…I think only the character names are the same…

    • Words for Worms

      The show! Seriously! Maybe a vague overarching plot line in the early seasons and the names are the same, but now? I have no earthly idea what is going on!

  6. Ashley F

    I read the first few books but it got old pretty fast. Same goes for the show. I abandoned it some time around season 3 basically because I wanted to bash Bill in the head every time he said “Sookie” in that horrid accent.

    • Words for Worms

      Hahhahahahhaha! Yes, it’s difficult for an English dude to pull off the accent of a gentleman from the deep south- he tries hard, but Moyer never quite gets it right.

    • Words for Worms

      NO! That’s a giant NO! A were-anything implies they change from the animal into a HUMAN form, and orcas are jerks because they eat penguins. I don’t care about you, Shamu!

      • Daddio

        My bad! I guess my were education is lacking. Didn’t cover that college.

  7. Megan M.

    I’ve seen the first two seasons of the show. I tried to read the books but the basic plot of Season One was the same as the first book so I was bored and couldn’t get into it. I’ve heard that a lot of fans felt like she was running out of steam for the last few books, probably because she was encouraged to keep it going for longer than she intended. There’s a great article about it here:
    I think it’s so great that she’s going to put out something telling fans what becomes of all of the characters. I love when books/movies do that!

  8. KC @ Average: More or Less

    I enjoyed the Sookie Stackhouse series, but my favorite Charlaine Harris books are the Harper Connelly series. Harper can find the dead and through them relive their last moments. The series is only four books long, has a hot brother/lover (too weird?!?) and the same Harris fun.

  9. Amanda the Southern UnBelle

    Loved the last book. The last few books were certainly nothing compared to the first few, but I agree that she wrapped it up in the best way possible. I like True Blood but feel like it started going off the rails in season 4 and season 5 all but sucked (har har). I’m hoping season 6 is better.

    • Words for Worms

      I stopped watching at the start of season 5- the vampire FBI thing they had going on was freaking me out. Kudos on the delicious pun- I so love word play. Let me know if season 6 gets better- I may play catch up and get back into the swing of things.

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