All the Feels by Olivia Dade

November 16, 2021 Romance, Romantic Comedy 1

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I was so incredibly impatient to read the sequel to Olivia Dade’s Spoiler Alert (review) that I requested an ARC from NetGalley so I wouldn’t have to wait to read All the Feels. *I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration. All opinions expressed in the following post are my own honest feelings. All of them, in fact.* 

Alex Woodroe is a bona fide TV star who just finished a run on the most successful TV show in the world, Gods of the Gates. He played Cupid, and by all accounts, his character was done dirty by the show runners. (You know, like the time Game of Thrones crashed and burned with a spectacularly bad final season? Olivia Dade is holding the same grudge the rest of us are.) But Alex has never been good at keeping his mouth shut. Or staying out of trouble. He’s such a handful, in fact, that his douchey show runner has decided to give Alex a “minder” of sorts to keep him off the naughty list before the final season airs. 

Lauren Clegg is a burned out ER Therapist. She’s finally taking a much needed vacation when her douchey cousin ropes her into a job keeping tabs on a TV star. (I cannot possibly over emphasize the douchiness of this guy. He is a next level scumbag.) Lauren is short, generously proportioned, and is kind of a hard-ass, so she seems the perfect “punishment” for Alex’s misdeeds. She’s charged with following Alex everywhere and making sure he doesn’t get into any bar fights, publicly bad mouth Gods of the Gates, or, you know, generally stir up scandal. Nothing better than a no-nonsense ER Therapist to keep volatile free spirits in line, I guess. AND YET. There may just be a spark between Lauren and Alex, as unlikely a match as they may seem. Must be all that Big Harpy Energy.

This book is so cute! The banter is absolutely delightful. Alex has ADHD and I think Dade does a spectacular job of giving a nuanced, sympathetic view of his neurodivergence and complex backstory. And Lauren is whip smart and funny. She does tend to get a little heavy into the self deprecation, but that’s a critical point of her character arc. Plus, I’ve mentioned the giant douchey cousin, right? It’s not like the world has been especially kind to Lauren. Is it hard for Lauren to believe that a Hollywood Hunk would fall for a cute but unconventionally beautiful woman? Absolutely. But Alex is nothing if not full of surprises. And the epilogue? Chef’s kiss. #ThePegThatWasPromised

This book is every bit as swoony and fun as Spoiler Alert, if not more so. Go out and get yourself a copy of All the FeelsYou will not be disappointed! 

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