2020 Weekly Wrap-Up: The Thirteenth

April 1, 2020 Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts, Weekly Wrap-Up 6

Howdy Bookworms,

The thirteenth weekly wrap up sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it? Want to know what’s scarier than living through a plague? Having a friggin TORNADO touch down less than a block from your house during a global pandemic. YEAH. Thank heaven it ended up being a weak (EF0-EF1) tornado. We lost some beautiful old trees on the neighboring golf course, but nobody’s home suffered major damage. One house had half a tree on its roof, but the roof wasn’t leaking, at least, so damage? Yes. Major? Well, certainly not catastrophic. We didn’t even realize how close a call we’d had until the next day, it was just one of those “oh heck, better hustle to the basement” moments. Sam was extremely excited to watch the weather maps and to get his bedtime extended. Suffice it to say my nerves are FRAYED. Calm the heck DOWN, Mother Nature, we GET IT.

This is the tornado’s path according to our local news. I added an arrow to point to our approximate location. NOT COOL.

Let’s get past the terror of what could have been for a moment, shall we? I FINISHED A BOOK!!! Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey was so good! Like, once I really got into it, I couldn’t put it down. I stayed up past my bedtime to finish it AND forgot for a few minutes after emerging what was actually going on in the real world. It was everything I needed from a book. A non-magical private investigator is tasked with solving a murder at a magical school. The book immediately starts with a Harry Potter reference, so it’s delightfully self aware and just a little bit cheeky. Ivy Gamble has been largely estranged from her twin sister for years- a rift coinciding with the beginning of Tabitha’s magical education and compounded by their mother’s death. It’s a feelings minefield between these two! It’s also an exceptionally good murder mystery, which, admittedly, is not usually my jam. Very twisty, very smart, very magical. I highly recommend it!

So, what am I reading now? I’m still working my way through my audio book of Miracle Creek by Angie Kim and, naps willing, should finish it up soon. I also started A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi- it’s the second in the The Star-Touched Queen series. Admittedly, it’s been quite a long time since I read The Star-Touched Queen, so I was worried I’d be a little lost, but it’s all coming back quite nicely. Roshani Chokshi writes the most delightful demons.

How are things going for you, Bookworms? Stay safe and healthy- the world needs you.

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Magic for Liars
Miracle Creek
The Star-Touched Queen
A Crown of Wishes

6 Responses to “2020 Weekly Wrap-Up: The Thirteenth”

  1. NeriSiren

    Yeah, Mother Nature seems to be having a “@$& it” moment. I’m glad you’re safe! Also, I could definitely use some cheeky, magical stories right now. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Oh my gosh, I’m so glad your house didn’t get hit! And of course glad that everyone else’s house was (mostly) okay — what a scary thing to have happen in the midst of all this.

    How’s Sam holding up? My little godson admitted he was scared of the sickness, which is so heartbreaking. My poor little peanut.

    • wordsfor

      I think Sam is just young enough that he doesn’t understand what’s going on. Right now he’s just excited to hang out with Mom and Dad all day. He’s frustrated that we can’t pay attention to him constantly, but he’s been a pretty good sport. I know he misses his teachers, but they’ve been posting videos of themselves reading children’s books on their FB page which is nice for him to get to see them. Sending my love to that sweet little Toddler Godson of yours. He’s got a big heart.

    • wordsfor

      I’m not super religious, but believe you me, some prayers were uttered in that basement. I know there have been significant touchdowns elsewhere and what exactly is anyone supposed to do in that situation? Natural disasters are just going to keep happening. We had a close call, but it’s just the beginning of the season and, oh gosh, I don’t even want to think about folks in Hurricane areas when that season starts.

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