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December 5, 2019 Kidlit with my Kidlet 2

Greetings, Bookworms!

One of my favorite humans just asked me for book recommendations for her Toddler Godson and I could NOT have been more excited. I sent her about 20 disjointed Twitter DMs, but I thought pooling some of that knowledge into an actual blog post might help someone else out. Sam’s library is so extensive, thanks in large part to family members with elementary education backgrounds, that I sometimes take for granted that I rarely have to hunt these treasures down myself. I thought I’d share a few Christmas-specific books that Sammers has been enjoying lately. If I can help one bookish Auntie with her holiday shopping, I’m happy to do it!

  1. Penguin’s Christmas Wish by Salina Yoon: I love this book. Truly, I love all Salina Yoon’s books, but the Penguin series has a special place in my heart. This book has adorable illustrations and a very sweet message. It encourages imagination and overcoming adversity, as well as the importance of spending time with the people you love. I’d recommend getting Penguin and Pinecone to go along with this book, in case you’re wondering why a penguin and a pine tree are long lost buddies. I’d recommend the entire Penguin series, actually, and the Bear series too. They’re all wonderful stories with heartfelt sentiments.
  2. 10 Trim-the-Tree’ers by Janet Schulman, Illustrated by Linda Davick: I made a list of Halloween books Sammers really liked last year, and the Halloween version of this book was included. What can I say? Countdown books with fun illustrations and clever rhymes are a joy in all seasons. I’d highly recommend this one.
  3. Snowmen at Christmas by Caralyn Buehner, Illustrated by Mark Buehner: I’m a sucker for good rhyming book, but I think what takes this one over the top for me is the illustrations. I love the misty quality of the snowmen celebrating Christmas. It hits that perfectly magical Christmas note for me, and Sammy seems to dig it too.
  4. Elmo’s Christmas Snowman by Naomi Kleinberg, Illustrated by Tom Brannon: I cannot express just how thrilled I am that Sam took an interest in Sesame Street early on. Reliving something from your own childhood with your kid is such a great feeling. In this book, Elmo is desperate to build a giant snowman, but there isn’t enough snow on the ground, so he recruits his pals to help. Elmo, dude, I’ve never felt so seen. I remember rolling larger and larger snowballs for a snowman as a kid only to decide that it wasn’t big enough and that the enormous roll I’d made simply had to be the head. I rarely finished constructing a snowman, so I feel an intense kinship with this story. Sam is more of a Cookie Monster guy these days than an Elmo guy, but he still enjoys this book.
  5. How to Catch an Elf by Adam Wallace, Illustrated by Andy Elkerton: I’m not going to lie, I’ve got mixed feelings about this book. The rhymes are clever and the illustrations are funny, but I think it’s kind of creepy that these kids are setting elaborate traps to catch an elf. Creepiness doesn’t seem to translate when you’re 2, though, and Sam thinks this book is the bee’s knees. He laughs and laughs and demands that I read it multiple times in rapid succession. It’s hard to argue with that kind of adoration. Sam hasn’t yet shown any interest in setting traps, so I think it’ll all be okay.

Maybe I should be more worried about mischief…

Happy Holidays to all the tiny readers on your shopping list! The links within this post will take you to Amazon, but if you’d prefer to shop through your local independent bookstore, check out the links below:
Penguin’s Christmas Wish
10 Trim the Tree’ers
Snowmen at Christmas
Elmo’s Christmas Snowman
How to Catch an Elf

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2 Responses to “Holly Jolly Toddler Books”

  1. NeriSiren

    That’s an adorably mischievous grin ? I have a feeling I, too, would feel a little indignant on behalf of the elf who’s just minding their own business and doesn’t have time for creepy traps ?

  2. NeriSiren

    That is an adorably mischievous grin! I have a feeling I, too, would feel a bit indignant on behalf of the elf who is just minding their own business, working through the Holidays, and doesn’t have time for creepy traps 😉

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