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October 23, 2015 Personal 8

Happy Friday Bookworms!

This is going to be a post of pure randomness because even though I’ve been reading and listening a-plenty, I’m not in the mood to write a proper book review. It’s fine though because this week has been nuts. I’ve been having tech issues with the blog (bleh) and I know absolutely nothing about code or hackers or anything other than that I want the problems to staaaaaaaaaahp. Hubs is eleventy billion types of awesome though and he managed to cure what was ailing me- at least temporarily. Let’s hope this marks the end of the nonsense. If it doesn’t, well, I’m sorry in advance.

In other news, Gilmore Girls is coming back!!! Oy with the poodles already! I can’t tell you how excited I am or how desperately I’m hoping they can get Melissa McCarthy to reprise her role as Sookie. I loved Sookie St. James and all her craziness. The deep fried turkey episode?! It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.


Also, Halloween is fast approaching. I had every intention of making myself a tutu to wear with my Minnie Mouse ears, but seeing as I’ve yet to do a darn thing, we’ll see if that actually happens. I haven’t made up the Halloween treat bags for our oodles of trick-or-treaters yet either. Our house, however, is Halloweened TO THE MAX. We’ve got lights and two Halloween trees and pumpkins coming out our ears. Since Hubs is a significantly better photographer than I am, I’ll see if he’ll treat us to a pictorial tour next week. Here’s hoping.

What else? Oh! Last weekend, I became a Godmother again! Little miss Emma Jane (who you met earlier) was baptized and Jim and I were asked to be her Godparents. In case you’re keeping count, I’m now a Godmother 4 times over and they are all adorable, brilliant, and delightful children in spite of my influence.

Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Katie adore you, Emma-Saurus!

We were all trying to make her smile. Smiles on two-month-olds are fleeting and difficult to capture. She really does like us though, I swear.

I finally started the The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness. I’m sure I’ll talk about it more later, but since it’s all up in my brain, I felt it deserved a mention. I’m reserving judgement until I finish the series, but so far it kiiiind of feels like a mashup of Twilight, The Sookie Stackhouse books, and a dash of Outlander, though heaviest on the Twilight. Because apparently male vampires with consciences are total prudes. And vampires always mix with the fancy dancy movers and shakers of the world and never, like, work construction. I realize construction typically is done during daylight hours, but this book’s mythology doesn’t fry vamps in the sun (or make them sparkle, for that matter.) It’s a darn shame, because vampire strength would be pretty sweet when it comes to construction. Heck, a vampire road crew could probably do a much better job maintaining highways than the current system.

So that’s what’s going on in my world. What’s up in yours, Bookworms?!

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8 Responses to “Ramble On”

  1. Lindsey

    I’m so impressed that you decorate your house for Halloween! I mostly see it as an excuse not to sweep my porch during October. The cobwebs make it look creepy, right?

    Congrats on being a godmother again!! I know it’s so special to us that some of our best friends get to be godparents to our kids. 🙂

  2. AMB

    Awww, congratulations on becoming a Godmother again! That’s a very cute picture.

    I’m also very excited about Gilmore Girls!

  3. Elizabeth

    I ended up loving the All Souls Trilogy, but I was really annoyed with the Twilight similarities for awhile. I hope it draws you in! The characters actually behave like mature adults sometimes, and more and more interesting characters appear, and the historical bits are fascinating (the author is a history professor.)

    And congratulations on your new goddaughter. She’s adorable.

  4. Rachel @ Dashing Good Books

    Hahaha I love that this post includes speculation on the merits of vampire road crews :’) Your blog is great!

    Also, I am so so so excited for Gilmore Girls! I’m still not letting myself get too wound up in case it’s all a hoax.. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed for Sookie’s return though too! Melissa McCarthy might be one of my favourite actors ever 😀

  5. Lindsay

    I was super excited about the “Gilmore Girl” news this week too!

    I absolutely loved the All Souls trilogy. The first book takes a little time to get into, but I thought they were all soooo good, especially the first and second installments. Hope you enjoy them! You picked the right time of year to dive in. 🙂

  6. Nat

    Yo! I’m actually translating the last All Souls book into my native language as we speak (seriously, this is my procrastination). I’d love to hear your take on it. I personally love all the alchemy stuff and the witchery and the historical bits. Not so keen on the romantic vampires, but I do appreciate that there is still some beastiality to them. Anyway. Back to work!

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