I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

July 2, 2015 Audio Books, Chick Lit 13

Hello Bookworms!

Sometimes I need a break from heavy reading… Or heavy-ish reading. Aw hell. Let’s be real. Sometimes I want to read a fluffy romantic comedy JUST BECAUSE. In case you’ve ever wondered if I listen to y’all when you suggest books to me, I offer today’s discussion as proof. When I admitted I hadn’t read any Sophie Kinsella books, Charleen of Cheap Thrills told me that her favorite was I’ve Got Your Number. I remembered, and I read it…finally. We’re not talking about timelines here, because that would just be embarrassing.

ivegotyournumberI listened to this book audio style, as I am wont to do, and OMG. Jane Entwistle, the narrator of the Flavia de Luce series (review) read the book to me. She is the best, I just adore her voice. The only problem I had was in the beginning when I kept expecting Flavia-isms to pop up. Once I got past expecting gleeful explanations of chemical processes, I got swept up in Poppy’s world.

Poppy Wyatt has lost her engagement ring. She was in the middle of a cocktail laden ladies’ tea when a fire alarm blares and POOF. Ring gone. Expensive family heirloom ring. GONE. Because that will impress the super intimidating academic future in-laws. While Poppy’s in the midst of panic and hovering over the hotel staff’s search, her phone is stolen. Because of course. OF COURSE. When Poppy notices an abandoned phone in a trash can, she grabs it, hoping against hope that she can use it until she can replace her own phone. She needs to have a number in case her ring turns up, right?! Unfortunately, the phone’s owner, business guru Sam Roxton, wants his phone back. Through a series of highly improbable but amusing events, Sam and Poppy’s lives become hopelessly entangled.

The premise makes absolutely no sense given the ease with which phone numbers can be ported and stolen phones can be replaced, but doggone it, this was a fun story. Really, when have romantic comedies been realistic anyway? I’m pretty shocked that I’ve Got Your Number hasn’t already been made into a movie, it has all the elements of the perfect Hollywood rom-com. Visions of Emily Blunt are dancing in my head, guys…

Let’s talk about texting, Bookworms. Are you one of those people who would rather text than talk on the phone? (Heaven knows I am!) 

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13 Responses to “I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella”

  1. Megan M.

    Rom-com books! They should have gone with that instead of “chick lit.” It’s less condescending. I read a few of the Shopoholic books but I haven’t read any rom-com books in a long time. I do prefer to text but every once in a while I get a real longing to actually talk on the phone to someone. My longing is never fulfilled because no one wants to do it. LOL

  2. Just me, Vee

    Texting is the Best Thing that ever happened, as far as I am concerned. I absolutely HATE talking on the phone.

  3. Princess Rosebud

    I think I’ve read everything by Kinsella. I’m not ashamed to admit I love chicklit/romcom, whatever we want to call it. Escapist reads with happy endings are my FAVE. Going to get it today, thanks for the review! As far as texting, my son primarily texts until I text him to call me so I can hear his voice lol.

  4. Rhian

    Add me to the “hates talking on the phone” club. Apparently it’s an introvert trait.

    I like a contemporary romance or relationship story, though I loathe improbable scenarios, so based on your description I probably wouldn’t like this one. I’m a fan of Susan Mallery whose recent work in particular uses realistic situations to build dramatic tension.

  5. Kari

    A book I can relate to because I read soft stuff! LOL!
    I do love Sophie Kinsella because I just don’t have to think and it reminds me of the teen books I grew up with or the Emily Giffin books.

  6. Michelle

    You mean people actually still talk on the phone? 😉

    I do love to text. I am probably just as bad as my teenage son and preteen daughter when it comes to texting friends. Between texting and Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, there is no need to talk on the phone anymore in my world! Well, except for my parents who will text but still insist on using the phone as Alexander Graham Bell initially intended.

  7. Katie McD @ Bookish Tendencies

    I’ve read all of Kinsella’s stand-alones (not a huge fan of the Shopaholic series), and really just love the heck of them. Sometimes it’s just exactly what I need. Absolutely my favorite is The Undomestic Goddess – it’s absolutely hilarious.

  8. AMB

    I’ve definitely needed a break from heavy reading lately (hence my current review of a very light YA novel)! I’ve never read any Sophie Kinsella, but maybe I should. This novel sounds fun.

  9. Jenny @ Reading the End

    I would always rather text than call. And email is better than either. HOWEVER, I recognize that my aversion to phone calls is too much, and I’m trying really hard to do phone calls for minor things. Someday I will be awesome at it. (maybe)

  10. Charleen

    Between texting and the internet, there’s really no reason we should ever have to conduct business by phone, ever. I’m equal parts anxious and annoyed whenever I have to do it.

    Also embarrassing? When I saw on GR that you were reading this, I completely forgot it was on my recommendation. Nice to see I’m still relevant, despite dropping off the face of the bookternet.

  11. Katie @ Doing Dewey

    “gleeful explanations of chemical processes”<- sounds like a book I need to check out! I didn't love this story, which I read, but it sounds like the narrator was really great 🙂

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