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April 17, 2015 Personal 17

Happy Friday Bookworms!

Everybody has crappy days from time to time. What’s important is surrounding yourself with people who can (usually) snap you out of that mood. In case I needed a reminder as to why I married my husband, this conversation happened recently.


Katie: I hate everything today. Please excuse me while I go listen to Nirvana in the dark.

Jim: Are you channeling teen angst Katie?

Katie: Yup.

Jim: The floors could use a nice shine from your giant blue jeans.

Katie: I just want to win the lottery. And for Hogwarts to exist.

Jim: Yeah, but for Hogwarts to exist, we would have to battle evil. Plus, that’s how basilisks happen. Do you want basilisks, Katie? Do you?!

Katie: You jerk. You made me laugh when I was in the middle of a good sulk!

Jim: Is this conversation going to make the blog?

Katie: Indeed it is.

Nothing cheers me up like a well timed Harry Potter comeback. Even if battling evil is NOT how basilisks happen. It’s all those toads hatching chicken eggs… But I digress. Hubs is a keeper.

Talk to me, Bookworms. Does anybody else out there banter HP style?

17 Responses to “Conversations With My Husband: Crankypants”

  1. Laura

    My husband and I joke that our son is a horcrux of our cat that died about a year ago…ever since then, he’s been acting just like the cat, which is kind of freaky.

  2. Amanda R.

    This is the best blog feature ever. We recently met with our preacher for a marriage..umm.. tune-up… He said at the end of the day we should each say something the other person did that was great and something that we wished was done differently. First night my husband said, “I like that you wore shorts today, you’re butt looks hot and I wish you would realize that your butt is hot.” LOL

  3. Michelle

    He is definitely a keeper! That is hilarious!

    Mine uses Jim Carrey quotes to lighten my mood, but we have a Jim Carrey thing that most people do not understand.

  4. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Ahahahahaha, this is delightful. I totally do HP-related banter. My brother-in-law have an ongoing argument about WHO AMONG US is Hufflepuff. (It’s him.) (I like Hufflepuffs but I am not one.)

    • Words For Worms

      LOL! My best work friend is a Hufflepuff and it a bit embarrassed about it, so I send her articles that talk about how great the Hufflepuffs truly are. I’m a Ravenclaw, myself, but that’s probably because I lack innate compassion, innate ambition, and innate bravery. You’re fighting an evil wizard? Okay, I’ll help you, but only if it doesn’t interfere with my reading time…

  5. Belle Wong

    No HP references here … yet – but my husband just started reading fiction this year so maybe soon? (Please, pretty please?!)

    • Words For Worms

      LOL, the only reason Hubs is so well versed in HP lore is that when we were first dating and lived apart, I read HP to him over the phone when we ran out of stuff to talk about. I did the accents, though, so it was pretty great.

  6. Quirky Chrissy

    I’m not entirely sure how this one got past me. But I remember teen angst Katie. She arrived at Bradley with pant legs that could fit my hips and angry eyebrows. But I loved her with all my pink-sparkle bang-faced heart.

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