Literary Love Connection: Swashbuckling Hearthrobs

February 12, 2015 Literary Love Connection 6

My Darling Bookworms,

It is with great excitement and ALL THE BUTTERFLIES that I present today’s Valentine’s Day edition of Literary Love Connection. As per usual, I will be choosing two fictional characters from different books and setting them up on a date. Because it is magical. Trust me. *This contains some spoilers for Game of Thrones. If you’re up to date with the show and/or books, it’s a safe read. Still, proceed with caution.*


Today’s Bachelor is Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride by William Goldman (review.) Montoya has mad sword skills honed in a desire to avenge the death of his father. He enjoys high adventure, dueling, and freelance henchman-ship.

Today’s Bachelorette is (a grown up version of) Arya Stark from The Song of Ice and Fire series by George RR Martin (assuming she lives long enough to grow up, MARTIN.) Arya has mad sword skills honed in a desire to avenge the deaths of her father, brother, mother, etc… She enjoyed spending time with her family (before she lost them), her direwolf (before she lost her), and isn’t afraid to disguise herself as a dude when necessary.

Date Takes Place in The Thieve’s Quarter of Florin

Inigo: Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father… Wait, no. Sorry. Old habits die hard. Just, um, hello.

Arya: You lost your father? So did I. Among others. I’m on a quest to kill all the people who have hurt my family. Winter is coming, and revenge is a dish best served cold. You any good with that sword?

Inigo: The best. I’ve been training since the day my father was murdered by the six fingered man.

Arya: I learned the art of swordplay from my Braavosi dancing master… Before he was murdered by the Lannisters.

Inigo: I don’t mean to question your losses, but you’re sure everyone is dead, right? Not just mostly dead? Because I know a guy…

Arya: Death has plagued House Stark. Full death. Really. There’s no coming back from decapitation.

Inigo: My beautiful warrior of justice, I couldn’t live with myself if I let you continue on this quest alone. Allow me to accompany you and lend you my sword… And my heart.

Arya: Well, I mean, it might be nice to have some company who wasn’t trying to hold me captive. Sure. As long as you don’t slow me down. You better not expect me to wear a dress though, because that is SO not happening.

Inigo: (Kisses her hand with courtly flourish) I will follow you to the ends of the earth, my lady.

Arya: I like you, but if you call me “my lady” again, I’ll stick you with the pointy end.


And with the slash of a sword, ARIGO is born! They proudly join the ranks of Snaponine, Scarcliff, and Minurtagh. Heaven help them all.

Talk to me, Bookworms! Who would you choose as YOUR bookish valentine?

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6 Responses to “Literary Love Connection: Swashbuckling Hearthrobs”

  1. Heather

    I can’t stop giggling… cause I can totally see Arya blending in while visiting the Thieves Quarter. They’re perfect together. 🙂

    Although, I will admit while I was reading the section about mostly dead, I kept thinking “Dead? You keep using that word… I do not think it means what you think it means….”

  2. Megan M.

    You have missed your calling as a matchmaker, Katie. You should get paid for this. Happy Galentine’s Day!

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