Top Ten Tuesday: A Spring Preview

March 18, 2014 Blogging, Top Ten Tuesday 30

Happy Tuesday, Bookworms!

I seem to have come down with a cold, which is endlessly vexing to me because I so rarely get sick. As a result I’m a giant whiny puddle of goo. In an effort not to dwell on what I’m sure is the most minor of ailments, I’m going to make a list. The ladies of The Broke and the Bookish have asked us to list what we’ve got on our TBR list this spring. Ready for a preview of things to come?

TTT Spring Preview

1. Frog Music by Emma Donoghue– Are you as excited as I am? Emma Donoghue rocks my socks and I’m really looking forward to her latest offering. An unsolved murder in 1876 San Francisco, a burlesque dancer, and a smallpox outbreak? Hello, awesomeness!

2. The Remedy: Robert Koch, Arthur Conan Doyle, and the Quest to Cure Tuberculosis by Thomas Goetz– I love a good disease novel. This non-fiction offering (I KNOW! I’m reading non fiction?!) shows Arthur Conan Doyle’s quest to discover the truth behind a purported cure to tuberculosis. The father of Sherlock Holmes playing Mythbusters? Pretty exciting stuff!

3. Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead- I used to dance in my younger days (not well, mind you, but enough to have a bit of a love for the art.) This book is about frigging ballerinas, y’all. You know I’ve got to read that!

I was effing ADORABLE!

I was effing ADORABLE!

4. The House Girl  by Tara Conklin– It’s this month’s Fellowship of the Worms selection and I cannot wait! A historical fiction dual narrative and ART?!?! Why, it sounds like Hist-ART-ical Fiction to me. Wahoo!

5. I Am Livia by Phyllis T. Smith- I’m going to be reading this one for another TLC Book Tour and I’m sooooo excited! Strong female protagonist in ancient Rome? Sign me up!

6. Looking for Alaska by John Green- Sometimes I’m in the mood for a little YA. I’ve heard this is one of John Green’s best, so I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.


7. The Green Mile by Stephen King- King’s March (hosted by Fourth Street Review and Wensend) is happening and I want to join in. The Green Mile sounded like a good choice for me, being devoid of some of the super horror-tastic elements of some of his other books.

Surely 7 is enough for a TBR for the time being? I don’t like to have too much planned out so I still have the freedom to read whatever the heck I feel like. So there you are. What’s on your TBR list this spring?

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30 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: A Spring Preview”

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Oo, Astonish Me looks good! I have no affiliation to the ballet, yet I am addicted to books about ballerinas. I think it’s due to reading all those Rumer Godden books when I was a kid.

    • Words For Worms

      The ballet is such DRAMA. I eat it up. I don’t know why. My guilty pleasure reality TV shows are dance shows. Spinning and kicks and jumps. Dance!

  2. Heather

    So I am totally going to have to add Frog Music to my TBR list. I loved Slammerkin and Room, so I have high hopes for this book.

    My spring TBR list is HUGE (as my TBR list always is!). I’m looking forward to The Hangman’s Daughter by Oliver Potzsch – I got the series from Amazon for a really good price, so I’m forcing myself to use my ereader, since I normally prefer a good solid book.

    I also want to finish the Edward St. Aubyn books I have (three down, two to go), and then get through the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (and I say get through, because I wasn’t in love with the first book, but was much more invested in the second… and since I’m a little OCD I feel compelled to finish the series.) I also want to get a start on the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde.

    Huh – I guess my Spring reading list is a whole lot of series in a row. I’m surprisingly okay with that.

    • Words For Worms

      I read the Hangman’s Daughter, but I didn’t love it- you’re going to have to let me know if you think it’s worth tackling the rest of the series.

  3. Tanya

    I cannot wait for ASTONISH ME!! i loved Shipstead’s last book and i need to sink my teeth into this one.

  4. kristinshafel

    I just saw the trailer for Frog Music and it looks intriguing! I made a list, but I don’t expect to stick too closely to it… :-/ (derps) Basically I just want to keep plugging away at my challenges, but I do have a lot of new books I bought in 2013 that are still sitting and waiting to be read. Arrgh! This summer, hopefully.

  5. Loralie

    Oh wow, I hadn’t heard of The Remedy! That sounds awesome! I am going to have to add that to my already huge goodreads to read list 🙂 Frog Music sounds good too, actually they all do! I have been trying to not buy books since I may have a teeeeeny book problem, but I did get Geek Love from a friend & am going to start reading that soon.

  6. Ashley F

    Ooo Looking for Alaska is on my TBR list as well.

    I’ve got Red Rising by Pierce Brown
    Cress by Marissa Meyer
    Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts (comes HIGHLY recommended and has been on my list FOREVER)
    The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy (another oldie that I’ve been meaning to read forever.

  7. April @ The Steadfast Reader

    I read (and reviewed 😉 #ShamelessSelfPromotion) Astonish Me awhile back. It’s a great character study and I think anyone with ties to ballet will really enjoy it. Though, it’s almost enough to make me NOT want to put The Girl in ballet. (so brutal!)

  8. Heather @ Capricious Reader

    You haven’t read John Green????? Then, yes! Start with Looking for Alaska! I SO HEART THAT BOOK.

    Also crazy looking forward to Frog Music and am loving The House Girl. Goodness, but the writing is gorgeous.

  9. Megan M.

    Interesting choices! I’m excited to hear whether Looking For Alaska redeems John Green from An Abundance of Katherines in your eyes. Side note, I totally had a dream about John Green last night in which he was very John Green-like. Have you ever watched his Youtube videos? I enjoy the Crash Course Literature series.

  10. lisa g

    Feel better! Another good non-creepy Stephen King, is his JFK one. 11/22/63. I think you would enjoy it… there is time travel and really well written characters.

  11. Darlene @ Lost in Literature

    This spring I plan on getting to The Dinner by Herman Koch and A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row by John Grisham. Then maybe a light hearted romance.

    Astonish Me sounds great. I love ballet. I also have The Painted Girls on my list because of your review. Thanks for being a great source for my never-ending TBR list.:)

  12. Liesel Hill

    Yup, seven’s good. I’m not sure I’ll get through all ten of mine (especially because some of them were multiples) before we do our summer TBR post. 😀 I’ve got a John Green book on my list as well, though it’s not the Alaska one. Great picks! Happy Tuesday.
    My TTT

  13. Charleen

    Yay for The Green Mile!

    I really haven’t given my TBR much thought beyond March. Scrambling to read my library tournament picks has made this month a little crazy for me, and between those and the stack of books I’d already checked out, I’ve hardly looked at my TBR in weeks. Here’s hoping April calms down and I stop biting off more than I can chew.

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