Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie: Every Bit as Saucy as it Sounds

November 11, 2013 Chick Lit, Romance 22

Happy Monday Bookworms!

I can hear you groaning at my greeting. I know, Mondays suck. They don’t suck if you can win prizes though, which you totally CAN right now from a crap ton of literary blogs. You’ve got until Wednesday to enter- get on with it! (Here. Click it. You’ll thank me.) Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s talk about my latest read. A while back I was turned on to the romantic stylings of Jennifer Crusie. I really enjoyed Bet Me and Getting Rid of Bradley was a great little palate cleanser for me after a run of more serious reads.

I spent October mired in zombies, vampires, and nightmare scenarios of all variety. It’s safe to say I needed a break, so I pulled up the Jennifer Crusie bundle I’d purchased for my Kindle. BTW, Amazon, I’m so onto you. Bargain-schmargain, all these books are dated re-releases of Crusie’s Harlequin titles. Ah well. Four books for $9.99 is still a deal.

strangebedpersonsStrange Bedpersons is a sweet little story about a girl raised on a hippie commune who falls for the yuppiest lawyer in all the land. Tess and Nick are our star-crossed lover. He is a straight laced pillar of the community while she is a thrift store diva who works for minimal pay tutoring underprivileged kids. The book takes place in the early 90s, a fact I can corroborate based on a handful of references. Nancy Reagan and Marilyn Quayle’s fashion sense comes up (and for anyone international and/or who doesn’t give a fig about the wives of US politicians, that means a lot of shoulder pads) and the classic Julia Roberts film Pretty Woman is alluded to on a number of occasions… Particularly the scandalous scene with the piano. Bow-chicka-bow-wow.

That sound means that this book most certainly contains some sexy-times, so if you’re offended by that sort of thing I wouldn’t recommend this book. Of course, in the grand scheme of love scenes, I found these pretty to be pretty tasteful. My eye rolling was very minimal. I am really digging Jennifer Crusie. Her heroines are always spunky and typically not damsels in distress. Her books read like rom-coms. They’ll never win Nobel prizes, but most romantic comedies aren’t Oscar contenders either. Crusie managed to bring to life one of the most God-awful awkward dinner parties I’ve ever witnessed in all its cringe-inducing glory. To that, I award her a slow clap… And I snap a jewelry box in her general direction.

Since this book was so delightfully rom-com, what are some of your faves? You KNOW you’ve a guilty pleasure movie, own up to it, Bookworms!

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22 Responses to “Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie: Every Bit as Saucy as it Sounds”

  1. Melinda

    I think I’m one of those that don’t appreciate the “sexy scenes” in a book, but if it’s tastefully done, then I do like to read about it 😀

    • Words For Worms

      I totally get that it’s not exactly comfortable to read sex scenes. I’ve read some that bother me. If you generally don’t like those scenes, this might not be the book for you. Luckily, there’s tons of romance to be had that doesn’t get graphic with the love scenes. There’s truly something out there for everyone.

  2. Allison @ The Book Wheel

    Oh, I’m a sucker for the old time Lifetime movies. You know, man beats/leaves woman and woman gets revenge. Oh, and also ABC Family movies. I won’t lie. Okay, an also some of the Disney movies.

    But that’s enough for now.

  3. Sarah Says Read

    I haven’t read this Crusie yet. I’m really looking forward to reading all her shorter Harlequin books though… maybe I’ll save this one for readathon or something 🙂

  4. Jennine G.

    The Cruise I have is Faking It. I can’t recall if I’ve read other stuff. Mary Kay Andrews is another one that is just easy, palate cleansing reading.

    • Words For Worms

      I think I have some Mary Kay Andrews on my shelf somewhere, I’ll have to bring that out sometime. It’s a nice change of pace to read something that takes no time to finish, you know?

  5. Megan M.

    I haven’t read any Crusie. I’ve considered her books often, but something always makes me choose something else instead. Guilty pleasure movies, I’ve got plenty! Mad Love, Addicted to Love, French Kiss, The First Wives Club, Center Stage, Death Becomes Her, Kissing Jessica Stein, et cetera ad finitum.

    • Words For Worms

      I have a whole list of rom-coms I used to watch in college! There’s this awful movie where Sarah Michelle Gellar magically learns to cook… And yet, I watched it a zillion times. I love The First Wives Club, too! I think you should try a Crusie next time you need a little romance or chick lit. Bet Me is where I’d recommend you start. 🙂

  6. Andi (@estellasrevenge)

    Whee! I actually started reading this one as a palate cleanser earlier in the year. Unfortunately I didn’t finish it (wasn’t in love with the dialogue), but I may go back to it. I really enjoyed Bet Me and lots of other Crusie books. Charlie All Night comes to mind, too. Fun!

    • Words For Worms

      The dialogue was pretty cheesy, I’ll admit that, but you might like it if you revisit. The dinner party was hysterical… Do it for the dinner party, Andi.

  7. Ashley F

    This is actually one of her’s I haven’t read.

    Btw…similar in style, short, funny and not TOO cheesy are the Janet Evanovitch romance novels that she wrote back in the day for Harlequin, she revamped them and re-released them. Manhunt is adorable. Think Alaska and a prissy New York exec who wants to try roughing it in $1000 shoes.

  8. RebeccaScaglione - Love at First Book

    Ok, so this is soooooo not for me! And to be honest, I am not a fan of anything romance, although I will watch rom coms, but only when “forced” by a group of girls. I will say that one of the funniest movies ever, which is like mostly com with a teeeeeeeeeensy bit of rom, was The House Bunny. It could be funnier to me because I was in a sorority and lived in the sorority house, too, but seriously, it’s hilarious, and it’s about as rom com as I like to get!

  9. Megan

    Two wonderfully, enjoyable romantic comedies:

    1. The Thing About Jane Spring by Sharon Krum

    2. The Handyman by Linda Nicholas (I am fairly certain this book is no longer in print, but it is super easy to get used copies on Amazon.)

    Hey! There’s a blog idea: books that are no longer in print but SHOULD BE! The Handyman and MY BROTHER’S KEEPER by Marcia Davenport (one of the most gripping, best books EVER – based on a true story)

  10. PinotNinja

    What a perfect break from the more serious books I’ve been reading lately. This is just the lightly fluffy thing to put a goofy smile on my face when I curl up with it on a chilly and dark late Sunday afternoon. If only Channing Tatum would come over and read it aloud to me…

    • Words For Worms

      Dude, yes! You will love it. It’s perfect fodder for curling up… And Channing Tatum daydreams. I could totally see him playing the lead in this book. Imagine Nick as Channing Tatum and you will have a spectacular afternoon!

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