Confession Friday: I'm a Terrible Singer

September 20, 2013 Confession Friday, Personal 33

Howdy Bookworms!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that I randomly work song lyrics into titles and/or posts pretty regularly. I can’t help it, my brain is the victim of catchy tunes. The unfortunate part? I can’t actually carry a tune.

People often use “tone deaf” as a description for a terrible singer. I’m not tone deaf. Not even a little bit. “Tone deaf” implies that one literally cannot hear tones… Like Jamie in Outlander after his head injury (thanks a LOT, DOUGAL. Jerk.) Jamie could hear no differentiation of notes. If he sang horribly, he had no idea he did so, because he couldn’t hear the difference. I’m not that deluded and/or handicapped. I can hear what sounds good and what doesn’t. What I can’t do is make my throat cooperate and produce melodic sounds. What comes out is typically rather screechy, though it sometimes sounds a little goat-like.

Actually, I think these goats were better singers than I was.

Actually, I think these goats were better singers than I was.

Sometimes I’ll watch American Idol and cringe at the terrible singers in the audition rounds. They typically seem blissfully unaware that they’re awful. I suppose there’s some benefit in being cognisant of the fact that I’m a yowler, but being self aware is EXHAUSTING sometimes. Oh well. The knowledge of my pitiful singing voice doesn’t stop me from belting out Bohemian Rhapsody in the car with my BFF and her 5 year old son (who is being raised RIGHT and knows the lyrics. That child is magnificent.)

It also doesn’t stop me from enjoying music and singing done by people who are NOT me. In fact, I feel my musical disability gives me a special appreciation for the art. I know just how hard it is. Kudos to YOU, people who can sing. Way to be awesome.

Anybody else have a confession they’d like to make? Are you secretly an excellent singer? Do you car dance to Barry Manilow? Let it out!

33 Responses to “Confession Friday: I'm a Terrible Singer”

  1. Jayne

    Sadly I too am a horrible singer. I love music as well and one of my greatest wishes is to be a decent singer. I don’t need to win any awards, I’d just rather cats didn’t start yowling and dogs howling when I sing (ok maybe I’m not THAT bad, but it isn’t pretty). It’s odd though, when I’m alone in my car, somehow my singing suddenly gets much better. Too bad no one else will never hear it 😉 !

  2. Ashley F

    My mom and I both have a Choir/musical background so when we belt it out, we belt it out. Dad’s tone deaf and couldn’t care less. He even makes up his own lyrics. I figure as long as you’re having fun who cares how you sound? I think the only thing that keeps me going through insane traffic is singing along to the various mix CD’s I have in the car. Yes I still make mix CD’s. They make me happy!

  3. kristinshafel

    Cute post! I’m an all right singer… not the greatest ever but I have a pretty little folksy voice. Basically I sing for myself in the car sometimes, and then every year at my family reunion I bring my guitar and sing a tune or two. I’m much more of a classical double bassist 🙂

  4. Megan M.

    I was heavy into Choir from 3rd grade through high school so I can definitely carry a tune. I’m super shy though and could never really sing solo in public (not without my hands shaking and my face turning redder than a strawberry, anyway) so I often tell people that I have a “voice made for blending.” LOL But I love to sing along to the radio and there’s nothing that annoys me more than having a new song I LOVE but haven’t learned all the lyrics to yet and so cannot properly get my sing-along groove on. I hope my girls will be in Chorus (or band, even) because music is so much fun.

    • Words for Worms

      A voice made for blending. That’s a lovely way to think of it. I did a few musicals in high school and I lip synced. I didn’t want to ruin the pretty sound! (They gave me the dance parts, which I was pretty decent at, by high school theater standards.)

  5. Sarah Says Read

    Dougal is such an ass.

    Car singing is the best! Whether you suck at singing or not, EVERYONE’S good when they car sing 🙂 Although when I do it, I’m mildly paranoid that I’m going to be put on that old MTV show where they put cameras in a person’s car to catch them singing like crazy. How embarassing that would be! *blushes*

  6. Elena

    I am a terrible singer too but that doesn’t stop me (except in public). But really, who cares? I enjoy singing and love music, so it doesn’t matter if I can’t do it professionally or even amauterish, right? Having said that, I dreamed all my teenage yearsof being a singer and a musician…

  7. Rory

    I’m somewhere in the middle, I’m not truly terrible, but there is a little something to be desired. I like confession Friday.

    I confess to liking “angry” music when I workout. I do a much better job (I may or may not pretend that I could actually kick someone’s ass). In fact, I just finished up my workout and both Halestorm and Garbage were on the playlist.

  8. Wayne

    I ain’t bad. Did some pop singing classes earlier in my life. No Justin Beiber am I. But that’s ok. More like The Reverend Horton Heat.

  9. Allison @ The Book Wheel

    I’m with you – I’m a terrible singer and it’s not because I’m tone-deaf. When I quit smoking and was able to make the transition from low to high notes my husband commented that I was “almost karaoke good” now…. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for my vocal skills.

  10. Jenny @ Reading the End (formerly Jenny's Books)

    I am an aggressively average singer but here is my confession: I sing out loud without noticing. Like, a lot. I have to concentrate on not singing if I’m in a place where it would not be appropriate to sing. When I saw About a Boy and there was a character in it who had this same habit, it was a tremendous relief to my mind to know I’m not the only person this happens to. :p

  11. Elizabeth

    I, too, am a terrible singer. Unfortunately I’m also a musician which requires a lot more singing than one would expect if you play the oboe and are not in fact a singer. But, alas, there you are. And it’s horribly embarrassing, because as a musician you are generally expected to be able to carry a tune haha

  12. Don Royster

    I never can understand why I sound so unbelievably great in the shower. Yet I puke when I sing for somebody else. But I do play a mean air guitar. So that is some compensation.

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