The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

Muahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dear Bookworms!

I’m busting out my evil laugh to celebrate the fact that it’s October and I’m reading some scary books. Remember this summer when I went to BlogHer? One of the keynote speakers was Gale Ann Hurd- the executive producer of the greatest show currently on television, The Walking DeadSt. Martin’s Press was another of the BlogHer sponsors and they hooked up the attendees with a copy of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. FULL DISCLOSURE: I got this book for free. At BlogHer. Like I already told you. FULLER DISCLOSURE: I saw a Rick Grimes costume at a Halloween store today. I was sorely tempted.  


If you’re not into zombies, you probably wouldn’t like The Walking Dead in any permutation: the comics, show, or novelization. If you do happen to be into zombies, you probably already watch The Walking Dead and YOU, my friends, are in for a treat. (New season starts October 13. Holla!) I’ve been holding onto this book since July because I wanted to read it in an appropriately spooky season. Now is the time!

Alright Walking Dead-heads. You know how The Governor was a super crazy bad guy? Ever wonder how he got that way? This book! It TELLS YOU! It starts at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse with Phillip Blake, his daughter Penny, his two high school chums, and his younger brother Brian. Their ragtag band is sweeping across Georgia, bashing zombie heads, and searching for a safe haven. Bashing zombie heads is not a clean business, so I’ll warn you that the language gets pretty gruesome. Blood and guts and gore. You know the drill. As we all know, it doesn’t take long after the dead begin to rise for the living to turn on one another. Plus, you know, living under the extreme stress of watching one’s friends and neighbors turn into blood thirsty un-dead monsters takes a toll on one’s psyche.

All in all, I found this book enjoyable. However. It’s clearly meant to be a companion to the show. From a narrative standpoint it could certainly stand alone, but I don’t think I’d have liked it as much if I weren’t already a fan of the show. I recommend this for all Walking Dead-heads for while the show is on hiatus. There’s a trilogy afoot, I might have to grab the next novel when I’m having my mid-winter withdrawals.

So Bookworms, tell me. Do you do anything to get yourself in the Halloween spirit? We haven’t yet watched Hocus Pocus or any of our Roseanne Halloween collection this year, but we DID watch Warm Bodies this weekend (which was oddly charming.) Scary movies, scary shows, zombies, witches, goblins! Let’s talk about them!

24 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

  1. I do want to read this, but my husband reads the comics and keeps me apprised of things that inform the show or deviate from the show, so I have a feeling I know what the twist is already. But I would still love to read the books. Show-wise, I was pretty disappointed in last season’s finale, so I hope they get on the right track this season!

    I have already watched Hocus Pocus and my girls already have their costumes – my 6 year old wanted to be a witch and my 3 year old is Hello Kitty (really it’s just a cute dress with HK’s face on it and some cat ears, but whatever.) I haven’t dressed up since I was in college, though.

  2. Sweet! I’m sure I’d enjoy this one. (Can’t wait for season 3 to start!) I’m participating in R.I.P. VIII this year, so I’m reading/watching scary stuff as well. I already read Kendare Blake’s Girl of Nighmares, which was fabulous, and I’m doing Dance of the Red Death this week. I’m also trying to get through a book of E.A.Poe’s selected works. Haven’t watched any horror flicks yet, but I have big plans! :D

    My R.I.P. Update post, if you’re interested. :D Happy Monday!

  3. fa la la laaaaa I’m not really reading this post because I’m catching up on season 3 right now on Netflix and don’t know if there are spoilers here (and holy cow did season 3 ever start out intense!) Love Walking Dead!

    • I haven’t read the comics, just this novel, but I looooove the show. I had an in depth conversation with some coworkers about samurai swords recently. Apparently, though Michonne is the baddest of all the asses, a katana is actually a pretty crappy zombie fighting weapon. So. In case of apocalypse? I’m sticking to baseball bats. Too bad I don’t do sports and don’t actually own a baseball bat…

  4. Maybe you should read Prince of Mist ;)
    I watch The Conjuring at the cinema, and 2 weeks later I’m still freaked out, so I don’t think I will be reading scary books anytime soon :)

  5. The second book is also good- The Road to Woodbury. Then they have finally just released the third book this month called Fall of the Governor. I’ve read the first two – awesome! Can’t wait to start the third.

    And TWD starts again this week!!

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