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Jan 12

Raaw-Oooh-Ugh-Blurgh (That’s Zombie for THE WALKING DEAD!)

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Raaw-Oooh-Ugh-Blurgh Bookworms!

Y’all know I love me some zombie lit. You may not know that AMC’s The Walking Dead was my gateway drug into zombie lore. Thus, it might come as a surprise that until recently I’d never read the comics. I KNOW! Thankfully, I remedied the situation (with the help of my indulgent Mother-in-Law who didn’t blink when I put The Walking Dead: Compendium One on my Christmas list.)

twdcomponeI’ve never read any comics or graphic novels prior to this book. They’re all the rage these days, and I knew that I was missing out. I figured the best place to start was with a story I already loved, and I was RIGHT. I chewed through all 1100 some pages of this bad boy in record time. Granted, most of those pages were pictures with minimal text, but it makes me feel accomplished nonetheless.

If you’ve been living under a rock, The Walking Dead takes place in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Where did it come from? Nobody knows. All anybody knows is that zombies want to eat people, and that they can only be killed by destruction of the brain. Seriously. Dismembered heads are still pretty chompy, you’ve got to make sure you do damage to the gray matter. You’ve got the monster element plus the “holy crap there’s no electricity” element which all adds up to awesomeness.

I’m typically a “the book is better than the movie/tv show” sort of gal, but I am seriously digging what they did with The Walking DeadThe show and the comics diverge significantly, which means that just when I think I know what’s about to happen, I’m surprised! Sometimes I liked a character on the show much better than in the comics (Carol, anyone?) or liked a character better in the comic than in the show (Comic Lori was way less obnoxious.) There are characters in the show that aren’t in the comics and vice versa. All in all, it’s just a good crazy zombie-tastic time. I know Compendium Two is going on my birthday list!

Talk to me, Bookworms! Do you prefer book to screen adaptations to be perfectly faithful or are you okay with a a good amount of divergence? 

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Apr 29

If you like The Walking Dead, Read This! (Top Ten Tuesday)

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Howdy Bookworms!

It’s Tuesday again, which is mind boggling, because seriously, where does the time go? This week the ladies of The Broke and the Bookish have challenged us to make a list “for fans of.” IE, if you like a certain TV show, here’s a bunch of books you might dig… So OF COURSE I went with one of my favorite shows EVER, The Walking Dead. Because ZOMBIES!


1. The Walking Dead Comics by Robert Kirkman: It is 100 percent hypocritical of me to list this as I’ve not read them myself. BUT. I want to. And I hope to. And you should join me.

2. The Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant:  I loved these sooooo much! Feed (review), Blackout (review), and Deadline (review) presented such a creative take on the whole zombie genre that I was hooked from the very beginning. Plus, all the internet and bloggy goodness made it extra super appealing. And science. SCIENCE. Just read them, okay?

3. Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion: I may have spoken too soon when I talked about a unique take on zombie lore, because Warm Bodies (review) is definitely off the zombie shuffled path. It’s a light-hearted, quirky little romance starring a dead guy. Seriously so much fun. Check it out!


4. World War Z by Max Brooks: I read this when I was going through my first round of withdrawal while  The Walking Dead was on hiatus, and it did not disappoint. I had a lot of nightmares while reading this, but it was totally worth it. I make nightmare exceptions when it comes to zombies. (review)

5. The Road by Cormac McCarthy: There are no zombies to be had in this book, but the humans are bad enough to make up for the lack of supernatural monsters. The bleakest post-apocalyptic view of the world I’ve ever read. If this doesn’t creep you out, I don’t know what will. It’s pretty fantastic. (review)

6. Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank: Aside from the gore and special effects elements on The Walking Deadwhat’s always really pulled me in is the way it looks at humanity once the thin veneer of civility is rubbed away. Any disaster scenario would suffice for that sort of insight, and nuclear war is certainly one way to destroy civilization. I really enjoyed Pat Frank’s vision of nuclear war’s aftermath in Alas, Babylon. (review)


7. The Stand by Stephen King: Again, no zombies here, but there’s contagion for sure! Captain Tripps the super flu has successfully killed off most of the world’s population leaving the survivors to fend for themselves. No modern conveniences and a mysterious supernatural undertone makes this book something amazing. (review)

8. The Passage by Justin Cronin: This book created a whole new breed of monster. Sort of vamire-ish, sort of zombie-ish, this government experiment gone wrong successfully brought about an apocalypse. Watching the survivors fight to maintain something approaching a “normal” way of life is haunting and awesome. (review)

9. I Am Legend  by Richard Matheson: Similar to The Passagethough much older, I Am Legend  twists zombie and vampire lore into a new breed of terror. The last man on earth tries to take a stand against the encroaching new race of vampires- it’s epic. (review)

10. The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonasinga: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the creators of The Walking Dead  comics have written some novels that dovetail with the comics (for those of us who don’t typically go in for comic books, presumably.) I read the first in this trilogy and found it to be a great companion read for anyone in the fandom. (review)


There you have it. ZOMBIES a la Katie. Do any of you Bookworms like The Walking Deadand how much do you hate the long hiatus?!

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Oct 07

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

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Muahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa Dear Bookworms!

I’m busting out my evil laugh to celebrate the fact that it’s October and I’m reading some scary books. Remember this summer when I went to BlogHer? One of the keynote speakers was Gale Ann Hurd- the executive producer of the greatest show currently on television, The Walking DeadSt. Martin’s Press was another of the BlogHer sponsors and they hooked up the attendees with a copy of The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga. FULL DISCLOSURE: I got this book for free. At BlogHer. Like I already told you. FULLER DISCLOSURE: I saw a Rick Grimes costume at a Halloween store today. I was sorely tempted.  


If you’re not into zombies, you probably wouldn’t like The Walking Dead in any permutation: the comics, show, or novelization. If you do happen to be into zombies, you probably already watch The Walking Dead and YOU, my friends, are in for a treat. (New season starts October 13. Holla!) I’ve been holding onto this book since July because I wanted to read it in an appropriately spooky season. Now is the time!

Alright Walking Dead-heads. You know how The Governor was a super crazy bad guy? Ever wonder how he got that way? This book! It TELLS YOU! It starts at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse with Phillip Blake, his daughter Penny, his two high school chums, and his younger brother Brian. Their ragtag band is sweeping across Georgia, bashing zombie heads, and searching for a safe haven. Bashing zombie heads is not a clean business, so I’ll warn you that the language gets pretty gruesome. Blood and guts and gore. You know the drill. As we all know, it doesn’t take long after the dead begin to rise for the living to turn on one another. Plus, you know, living under the extreme stress of watching one’s friends and neighbors turn into blood thirsty un-dead monsters takes a toll on one’s psyche.

All in all, I found this book enjoyable. However. It’s clearly meant to be a companion to the show. From a narrative standpoint it could certainly stand alone, but I don’t think I’d have liked it as much if I weren’t already a fan of the show. I recommend this for all Walking Dead-heads for while the show is on hiatus. There’s a trilogy afoot, I might have to grab the next novel when I’m having my mid-winter withdrawals.

So Bookworms, tell me. Do you do anything to get yourself in the Halloween spirit? We haven’t yet watched Hocus Pocus or any of our Roseanne Halloween collection this year, but we DID watch Warm Bodies this weekend (which was oddly charming.) Scary movies, scary shows, zombies, witches, goblins! Let’s talk about them!