I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around by Ann Garvin: Review and GIVEAWAY!

June 7, 2016 Contemporary Fiction, Lady Fiction 13

Happy Tuesday Bookworms,

Whew! Summer, man! I’ve been reading plenty of books but I’ve been terrible about getting reviews written. It’s tough to buckle down and computer it up when the sun stays out so late and the weather is so delicious. I’m full of excuses. The point to all of this is that YES! Today I’m talking about a book! I was recently contacted by Ann Garvin and offered a complimentary copy of her latest book, I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around for review consideration. As per usual, I shall remind you that my integrity shan’t be compromised by the free book because I have truly terrible manners.

ilikeyoujustfinewhenyourenotaroundTig Monahan is has always been the steady, responsible type who helps everyone else out with their problems. She’s been taking care of her mother, who has been suffering from dementia. She’s always provided a soft landing for her flighty older sister. She’s a therapist, for heaven’s sake! Tig’s refusal to put herself (or more aptly, her boyfriend) first has caused immeasurable friction within her relationship. And all the glorious stability that Tig has worked so hard to build? It crashes down around her piece by piece. In the aftermath, Tig is forced into a new job, a new outlook on life, new roles, and unexpected challenges.

Dang. That little synopsis I just wrote doesn’t do it justice. This book was such a great exploration of messy feelings and complicated emotion. I love a feel-good novel, but I often find that they’re kind of one dimensional and obvious, you know? When I read a book in the self discovery vein, it often feels like there’s a sign blinking with “THIS IS THE CORRECT OPTION” when it comes to what choices the protagonist should be making, particularly in terms of her romantic life. I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around took a much more realistic approach to a set of improbable circumstances. It’s a hopeful book, on the whole, but it’s not one of those “follow your dreams and it’ll all work out perfectly” or “find your one true SOUL MATE and everything will fall into place” sort of narratives. It’s a little sad. A bit of a bumpy road. The choices aren’t always clear. Just like actual life. And you know what? I LOVED IT.

Want to know if you’ll love it too? Ann Garvin was generous enough to offer a GIVEAWAY of the novel (US entrants only, please.) Enter below, my little Bookworms!

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13 Responses to “I Like You Just Fine When You’re Not Around by Ann Garvin: Review and GIVEAWAY!”

  1. Megan M.

    This sounds good. I don’t believe in the idea of having “one true soulmate” and I like seeing that reflected in books.

    • Words For Worms

      I know it sounds horribly un-romantic, but I think that whole soul mate concept leads a lot of people to leave excellent relationships because there aren’t constant fireworks. Like, dude. You marry anyone and at some point they’ll fart and try to make you smell it. That’s just life.

      • Jenny @ Reading the End

        Ahahaha, maybe I am just extremely immature, but this cracked me up. I also agree with it SO MUCH. I think it’s a garbage and unromantic concept frankly. You don’t just want fireworks, you want familiarity as well (at least I do), cause that’s where you get actual intimacy.

        Also, this book sounds really fun!

        • Words For Worms

          I miiiiight have revealed a little too much about my marriage right there, LOL. Seriously though, the familiarity and finding joy in the weird quirks of your partner? That’s the good stuff.

  2. Lindsay

    This sounds like an interesting read! I like that it doesn’t fall into those narrative traps you mentioned, like finding the right mate solves all your problems. And I love the cover!

  3. Leah

    I’m pretty excited that this book sounds like it’s on the light, fun side, but also has the ambiguity and messiness of real life. Sounds like a great summer read!

  4. lostinliterature108

    Even though I do feel strongly about maintaining fidelity in a marriage, I don’t AT ALL believe that our “soulmates” are capable of being the end-all/be-all of everything we need in life. There is just no way that one human can meet every need that we have. That’s a lot of pressure on either person.

    Thank you, again ma’dear, for giving me another book to list. This one looks great!

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