Wishes from a Book Genie: Top Ten Tuesday

October 20, 2015 Top Ten Tuesday 19

Happy Tuesday, Bookworms!

I had planned on putting together a lovely post for you last night buuuut I had some technical difficulties with website-y things and you know the old addage. The best laid plans of mice and Katies, yadda yadda, yadda. But I’m here today and we’re going to play the imagination game. (It’s really the best game, isn’t it?) The folks at The Broke and the Bookish have posed a doozy of a question. What are the top ten things you’d wish for if you had a Book Genie at your disposal?

  1. More Wishes! I realize this is cliche, but I’d start the proceedings by asking if I could wish for more wishes. It’s probably against the rules, but I’m a greedy Gus and I’d always wonder if I didn’t ask.
  2. A Way to Get More Books Into My Brain! It’s depressing to realize that even if I quit my job and did nothing else ever, I would never ever be able to get through all the books I’d like to read in my lifetime. If books could be like, injected into my brain, I’d be pretty stoked.
  3. A Way to Jump Into my Favorite Scenes Temporarily! There’s an element in The Eyre Affair (review) that has literary tourism going on. I wouldn’t mind giving that a whirl. Mostly so I could ogle Jamie Fraser in the flesh. I mean… Who am I kidding? That’s exactly what I mean.
  4. More Harry Potter Books! They don’t have to be Harry’s adventures, necessarily, but I need more time in the magical world. I just do.
  5. The Ability to Read an Entire Series Even When It Hasn’t Been Released And/Or Written! There is little that is more frustrating than being super into a series and having to wait for the next installment. It’s AGONY. My Genie would save me from that fate. It would probably involve time travel, but hey. Genie. Right?!
  6. The World’s Coziest Reading Nook! Wouldn’t it be loverly? I mean, I’ve got some delightful places to read, but the WORLD’S COZIEST READING NOOK? How could that not be amazing? (If you don’t have show tunes stuck in your head right now, you should go watch My Fair Lady. For educational purposes.)
  7. A Home Library Complete With Sliding Ladders! THIS. IS. THE. DREAM.
  8. The Ability To Judge A Book’s Awesomeness Before Investing In It! Precognition of a sort. I’m not demanding to know what is in each and every book, but it would be so awesome to know that every single book I picked up would seem like the most amazing thing I’d ever read.
  9. The Ability To Function Without Sleep! Think of how much more reading I could get done! I really do like sleeping, but it would be nice if it were optional as opposed to necessary.
  10. Oodles of Cash! I’d settle for one oodle, really, but the idea that I could acquire any book I’d like at any time and/or purchase said books for anyone ever would be delicious. Plus I wouldn’t have to work because that oodle would pay my mortgage so it would truly be a win-win.

What would you wish for, Bookworms?! Tell me your hopes and dreams and Genie things!

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19 Responses to “Wishes from a Book Genie: Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Rhian

    I second More Books in my Brain and Awesomeness Prejudgement. In fact if you had the latter it would be like getting the former as well because you wouldn’t be wasting precious reading time on average or bad books. Two birds, one wish!

  2. Megan M.

    I was going to list the numbers I would also ask for, but then I realized it would be all ten.

  3. lissa

    # 3, 7, 8 – definitely!

    my other wish would be to be able to understand words I don’t know the meaning of just by reading them – looking up words is just too slow & also having my own library where new books just appear on the shelf without me having to go buy them.

    hope you have a lovely day.

    • Words For Worms

      That would be nice. I’d also magically like to speak other languages, though I don’t suppose the book genie could handle that. Maybe though? Be like “I want to be able to read Les Mis in French.” That could happen right?

  4. Joules (from Pocketful of Joules)

    The ability to walk into a bookstore (like a REAL one in person, not online) and pick out whatever I want and take it with me with a magical credit card that I don’t ever have to pay. And yes, I know there are libraries…

  5. Jessica

    We have a lot of similar wishes! I wished that, short of getting a new Harry Potter book, I could have the experience of reading the series for the first time again.

  6. Jennine G.

    Oh, love this topic. My one wish would be to be rich for a year so I didn’t have to work and I could spend the entire year reading through all of the books I own. I’ve told my husband the year he hits the right salary, I’m taking a sabbatical to do just that – I’m dead serious!

  7. Lindsay

    Awesome list! More books set in the Harry Potter universe was on my list too. I love your idea about being able to jump into book scenes! (Have you seen the “Outlander” show? That’s a sorta-kinda substitute for your wish!)

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