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August 21, 2015 Q&A, Questioning Katie 9

Hidey Ho Bookworms!

Aren’t discussions fun? I realize I’ve been abysmal at replying to comments lately, but I am SO loving reading all your thoughts on these crowd sourced interview questions. Let’s continue, shall we? Today’s question comes from Jancee at Jancee’s Reading Journal (thank you darling!) If you had to live in the universe of one book or series, but it was a permanent move, which universe would you choose? 



My answer to this question is super obvious and cliche. It’s also honest because if the Harry Potter universe actually existed, I would want to go to there. I’m not entirely sure how this whole transfer thing would work, but I’m going to operate under the assumption that I would have magical powers if I were to enter this universe. I don’t know if Hogwarts offers classes for recently discovered 32 year old witches, but if they did, I’d be sorted into Ravenclaw and suffer the shame. This is MAGIC we’re talking about, guys! Any sacrifices would be worth it. On the off chance I got no powers, I’d hop into the HP universe anyway. As long as I could get a job at the Ministry in muggle relations I’d be cool. I think Arthur Weasley and I would get along like a house on fire. It would be a little awkward explaining to him that I named my car after his wife, but I’m sure he’d be okay with it once I showed him all the buttons and things. At least my house could get hooked up to the floo network for my commute. How amazing would that be? Free travel to London any time I felt like it? Access to wizard sweets and pranks? The chance to meet Hermione?! Yes indeedy, I am so in.

What’s your book universe of choice, Bookworms? Inquiring minds want to know!

9 Responses to “Questioning Katie: Book Universe”

    • Words For Worms

      That’s a really good plan! I bet there would be plenty of muggle teens willing to supply me with hair. Shoot, one haircut could keep me supplied for a good long while.

  1. Michelle

    Count me in! I’d be happy with Slytherin if it meant getting a wand and learning spells that would eliminate housework with the flick of a wrist!

  2. Rhian

    If I gave this more thought I might come up with a different answer, but my immediate response is the universe of Sean William’s Twinmaker series because it has matter transporters. So cool.

  3. Jenny @ Reading the End

    NONE THANKS! If I lived in the Harry Potter universe as a Muggle, they’d just keep Obliviating me any time I found out about magic. I like to THINK about living in alternate universes, but ultimately I’m pretty happy with the actual universe we live in. The internet is so great! Nobody is ever trying to kill me!

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