Three Year Blogiversary Giveaway!

August 12, 2015 Blogging, Giveaways 43

Holy Smokes, Bookworms!

It’s been THREE YEARS since I started Words for Worms. THREE YEARS! They’ve been years full of books, reviews, and zillions of weird lists. Also penguins. Oh my gosh I love this corner of the internet so so so so so much! To thank all of you awesome readers I’m going to do a giveaway so you can win cool stuff. I thought about compiling a box of weird fun things (socks with donuts on them, random excellent books, miscellaneous weirdness) but I realized that would discourage international readers because shipping miscellaneous weirdness overseas is very expensive. So. I’m going to give the winner an option. They can choose $25 to spend at Amazon (or other book retailer of winner’s choice because I am sensitive to the fact that not everyone is on board with Amazon) OR if the winner is a US resident and decides they want a box of crazy, I will compile something exceptionally fun and SURPRISE-Y for the winner worth at least $25. (I tend to go overboard with oddball merch if that influences your decision.) So, enter below. And thank you for three fun and fabulous years. High five!


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43 Responses to “Three Year Blogiversary Giveaway!”

  1. Erin

    There’s nothing I love more than a surprise box of awesome! Congratulations on three great years. And as for the comment question, I think Miss Havisham could definitely have used a date night.

  2. Megan M.

    Yay! Congratulations! Three years is an amazing accomplishment. Who should be set up… I’m terrible at this. Beth March?

  3. Ashley Z

    Yay! 3 years! I was Just commenting on some responses to Diana Gabladons book 9 teaser that I want poor William to find a nice girl. He needs to go on a date with a nice farm girl perhaps. Settle down, have some gorgeous babies!

  4. Loralie

    Congrats on your three year blogaversary!! I am not super creative so it is hard to think of someone to get set up, but I think I will go with Mrs. Hudson from the Sherlock Holmes series. She needs a good support system with all of the craziness from her lodgers!

  5. Linda Trinklein

    Oh my goodness- I have read so many books and I have no idea who I would set up on a date!!! Ekk
    Congrats on the blogaversary!!!
    Thank you

  6. Rhian

    Happy blogiversary! Thank you for providing one of my favourite places on the Internet, and also for the fabulous book recommendations.

    The lonely character I would nominate for a date is Roland of Gilead from Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. Or Frankenstein’s monster.

  7. Bridgette

    I’m super excited your friend Chrissy posted about your blog. I love reading at night when I can’t sleep and have been in need of suggestions. I’m thrilled that I have found an outlet for ideas! Congrats on your anniversary.

  8. Samantha Wallace

    Happy Blogoversary and I don’t know what literary character I would set up on a date. Also, thanks for the great giveaway!! 😀

  9. Trish

    Double high five!! Though I have a really hard time believing that you’ve only been around 3 years. Surely it’s been longer than that!! (I mean that as a totally good thing).

  10. Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf

    Happy 3 year blogiversary, yay!!
    Hmmm a lonely literary character to set up on a date… I’m thinking Tsukuru from Colorless Tsukuru, let’s set him up with someone who can cheer him up a bit!

  11. Charleen

    I always click the entry for leaving a comment before I scroll down and actually leave the comment (because I’m a rebel like that) and now I’m sitting here all, “I DON’T KNOW I CAN’T THINK OF ANYONE I’M GOING TO GET KICKED OUT OF THE GIVEAWAY FOR FRAUD!!!”

    But had I come and left a comment before opening the entry I wouldn’t have even seen there were instructions, so… just pretend I did that, I guess.

    Happy blogiversary!

  12. Heather Frase

    Yay for your blogiversary. Honestly, there are so many people that I want to set up… William the Duke of Elsemere being one of them… ooh, and I also want Murtaugh to find a nice woman while we’re at it… I mean, being in love with a ghost has to be a bit exhausting…. and since I am in the middle of reading all of the Lunar Chronicles, I have to say that I really do want Levana to find someone.

  13. Samantha

    Happy blogiversary! I’m currently reading 11/22/63 and I think that Miz Ellie from that book needs to be set up on a date. Just because she’s super nice and well-meaning to the other people in her life, and she’s cool.

  14. Michelle B

    There are so many lonely characters! I’ll pick one from a book I have recently read: Atticus from To Kill a Mockingbird. I can’t believe I hadn’t read this book ages ago, and with Harper Lee so much in the news recently, I had to finally just do it! I think Atticus deserves a kind woman 🙂

  15. Jennine G.

    Hmmm…I don’t know. The only one who comes to mind is Miss Havisham from Great Expectations. She’s obvious, I guess. Lol. Congrats on three years, I absolutely love your blog.

  16. Lost in Literature

    Max from The Book Thief.
    Some of my group presumed that he wound up with Leisel, but I never thought so.
    Happy Blogiversary, you’re one of the funnest places I visit on the internet.
    (I totally was in New Orleans on my 2 yr blog birthday so be looking for my belated celebration!)

  17. lissa

    three years is a good amount of time on the web though blogging sometimes make it seem time flies mouch too quickly.

    congratulation! I hope you many more wonderful, fun, lovely, happy years.

    • Jenny @ Reading the End

      Oh, and as to literary characters I’d set up on a date: Hmm. I was just reading Patrick Ness’s book More Than This, so I’m going to say I’d set up Regine from More Than This on a date with someone who recognizes how great she is.

  18. kjax

    I hope it’s not too late to enter! I kind of lost track of you (couldn’t remember name) when Lauren stopped posting. I was looking at adorable baby pics when I saw your name again and thought “that’s her!!” Now to go catch up.

    Who would I set up? I have no idea. I have apparently never read a book in my life. I can’t come up with a character that isn’t already living happily ever after. Dang.

  19. Kimberly

    I have no idea which literary character I would like to see set up on a date. Any and all perhaps.

  20. Guiltless Reading

    Happy happy birthday! Congrats of three wonderful bloggy years!
    Hmmm .. lonely character? How about a date with the Little Prince? Surely there must be some lonely princess (or otherwise) out there!

  21. Somer

    So glad you’ve kept up on the blog for 3 years! I love reading other people’s reviews on books I’ve read, or want to read. As far as a lonely character, I just finished reading We Have Always Lived in the Castle. So I think Constance Blackwood deserves a date!

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