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March 31, 2015 Giveaways 33

Howdy Bookworms!

As you know, I’m a sucker for bookish swag. I work nerdy bookish accessories into my life and wardrobe like it’s my job, y’all. Lucky for me, there are some amazingly cool sites out there like Gone Reading. I LOVE  Gone Reading, you guys. They have a ton of cool stuff AND they donate all their profits to charities that promote literacy initiatives in the developing world. There goes all your guilt about “wasting” money on “non-essential” items. IT’S FOR CHARITY!

Brad at Gone Reading contacted me recently to see if I’d like to host a giveaway for my readers and/or review a product. Because they are AMAZING, I am now the proud owner of five literary finger puppets (a video puppet show is in the works, my pretties. I wanted to have it done by now, but you simply cannot rush the creative process… Or the husband who happens to double as your camera man.) In any case, I’ve for a $40 gift certificate to give away to one of YOU to shop at Gone Reading and buy yourself some sweet bookish stuff. Enter below!


Emily Dickinson, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, and my man Willy Shakes. He asked me to call him that.

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33 Responses to “Gone Reading Giveaway!”

  1. Heather

    I kind of want to buy everything on this website… but I feel like I really need the Shakespeare chapstick (because I have a chapstick obsession and feeding my addiction is important to me!), and then the Magnetic Dress Up Shakespeare. The dress up Shakespeare will go well with the Shakespeare Magnetic Poetry I already have at my house…. although those book shaped platters are pretty awesome too….

  2. Beth @ Beta Librarian

    I love all the lovely things on this website. In fact, I’ve already gotten some use out of those bookmarks. So helpful when I am not close to a computer but just have to jot down an author’s incredible phrasing.

  3. Carl

    If I won I’d give it to my wife for her birthday in April. She reads even more than I do and loves to shop at online stores like Gone Reading. Thanks

  4. Loralie

    What a cool website! I have to say that I am drawn to the Edgar Allan Poe bobblehead……

  5. Michelle B

    I love their journals – would definitely have to pick one out. Also, I would have to get the LitWit Trivia Deck. Great site!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. guiltless reading

    I double checked that they send to Canada. I have my eye on quite a few things — I like their journals but may just spring for the Bamboo Bathtub Caddy just because it’s “practical” 😉

  7. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Ahahahaha, that’s an amazing site! And I support your selection of the Oscar Wilde finger puppet. Not that I am obsessed with Oscar Wilde, but I do own an Oscar Wilde finger puppet, an Oscar Wilde action figure, and a stuffed plush Oscar Wilde doll. Those are all things I currently own. People GAVE them to me. I did not BUY them.

  8. Ashley

    Oooh…I used to play library when I was kid (and still love lending out books to friends) so the personal library kit is really appealing to me!

  9. Heather B

    Ahhh I can’t even choose! I think I would have to choose something for my dear friend that is hosting a book themed wedding this summer!

  10. Elizabeth

    The book text posters are amazing! I have the perfect spot for the Pride and Prejudice one in my office. The Library Candles are cool, and the Jane Austen temporary tattoos are hilarious…I want everything.

  11. Darlene R.

    So many things! I would pick the Evolution of Reading shirt! Sop cool!

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