Ruth Reichl’s Debut Novel is Delicious!

February 23, 2015 Chick Lit, Contemporary Fiction 23

Bon Appetit, Bookworms!

I’ve never considered myself a foodie, but I sure do like to eat. My aunt-in-law (is that a thing? It is now. Howdy, Barb!) recommended Delicious! to me recently and it it totally made me want to eat all the fancy cheese in the land. Because I’m not a foodie, I had no idea until after reading this book that the author, Ruth Reichl, is a noted restaurant critic and food writer. It now makes ALL THE SENSE that she’d wax philosphical about seasonal parmesan cheeses in her novel, but I digress.

deliciousBillie Breslin is at a crossroads. She’s just uprooted her life from California and moved cross country to New York City. She soon lands a job at iconic food magazine Delicious, which she owes in part to her perfect palate (which is like perfect pitch but for food.) To the entire food world’s utter consternation, though, she refuses to cook. Because REASONS. When Delicious closes its doors, Billie is forced to confront her past, her reticence toward cooking, and, you know, luuuurve.

I found Delicious! charming, if a bit predictable. I immediately knew Billie’s REASONS even though they weren’t officially revealed until midway through the novel, and it included a lot of your standard rom-com tropes. That said, it also had a host of fun colorful characters and incredible food descriptions. After reading this book, I wanted to eat my weight in fancy cheese and gingerbread. If you’re a foodie or you just like fun, give Delicious! a taste.

Yeah, I’m going to talk about cheese now. What’s your favorite cheese, Bookworms? And can you tell the difference between parmesan that’s made in the spring versus the fall?

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23 Responses to “Ruth Reichl’s Debut Novel is Delicious!”

  1. Andi

    I looooove Reichl! I read her memoir, Tender at the Bone, and year or two ago, and it was the bestest. I have this one, too, and I’m excited to try it! As for cheese, I love baked brie drizzled with honey, golden raisins, and green onions. Sounds weird, but it’s that awesome sweet salty thing.

    • Words For Worms

      Oh man, I LOVE goat cheese. I used to steal all the feta off my dad’s Greek salads at our local family restaurant. Dang. Now I want Family Square AND Feta.

  2. Lost in Literature 108

    No, I couldn’t tell the difference between spring and fall parmesan but I know that a wedge of it is better than the kind we shake on our spaghetti.

    Once at a Christmas Dessert gathering, a friend of mine had a block of stilton, (blue cheese), along side some ginger thins and I thought that was ridiculous until I tried it. Oh my gosh. I was hooked and served it at my own neighborhood Christmas party. Yum!

  3. Rhian

    I never really think of myself as a cheese person, except: deep fried, crumbed Camembert with cranberry sauce; triple cream Brie with quince paste on a wafer-thin cracker; a smoked cheddar with crisp, sweet apple; a salad with baby spinach, walnuts, beetroot and Danish feta. I’m going to stop now as I’m making myself hungry!

    A friend of mine is such a nut for cheese, instead of a wedding cake she had a graduated stack of cheese (which looked like a tiered wedding cake). I’m finding it hard to imagine a scenario where I would choose cheese over cake. Maybe if the cake was coffee flavoured, or pineapple.

    • Words For Worms

      I’m with you, Rhian. I love cheese, I truly do, but cake wins every time. Especially good wedding cake. There’s something magical about wedding frosting when it’s done well.

  4. Jancee @ Jancee Reads

    I read at least one of her other books, so I’m thinking I’ll really like this one. I don’t really consider myself a foodie either, but my roommates and I do have bread and cheese dinner nights, where we choose a cheese from the cheese counter, pair it with a nice crusty bread, and chow down. It’s one of our favorite meals!

  5. Joules (from Pocketful of Joules)

    Oh my gosh, I am the WORST with books with delicious food described. I just want to eat and eat and eat my way through the book (thank god I’m a speed reader). The one I’m reading now mentioned a brie concoction with sweet/salty and now I’m dying for it. OH, and I just watched Wreck it, Ralph over the weekend and have been craving sweet candy non-stop!

  6. Quirky Chrissy

    You read a book about cheese and didn’t tell me?

    Also I call BS on this spring/fall nonsense. 😉

    Telling the difference between brands, on the other hand…like a boss.

  7. Megan M.

    I’m neutral on cheese. It’s essential for some things, like a pizza or quesadilla or grilled cheese, but on sandwiches or burgers or anything else? I don’t really care. I’ve never really tasted any fancy cheeses, but I’m pretty sure that I’m revolted by feta. I once took a bite of some kind of Greek pasta salad my sister bought and nearly instantaneously vomited when the cheese hit my tongue.

    • Words For Worms

      I was actually a little nervous about reading this one because I was afraid I just wouldn’t get it being a non-foodie. It was a tasty morsel. And cheese. Yum. Now I’m thinking about Mac and Cheese and feeling guilty about it because noodles = gluten. I’m an insensitive old broad, Ethel.

  8. AMB

    I love food, and I love books about food. They’re bad for my waistline, though! It doesn’t take much to convince me to eat an entire plate of fancy cheese.

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