Bookworm Problems: Top Ten Tuesday

February 17, 2015 Top Ten Tuesday 62

Darling Bookworms,

It’s Tuesday again, and you know we gotta celebrate THAT, right? What better way to get our Tuesday on than creating a list with The Broke and the Bookish? I’m excited about this week’s prompt, “top ten book related problems.” Bust out the hashtags, y’all, it’s time to talk about #BookwormProblems.


1. Most of my conversations begin with “I read a book once where…”

2. I’ve already read most of what my book club chooses.

3. I mispronounce words because I’ve only read them, not necessarily heard them in conversation. (Like so.)

4. My books seem to spontaneously multiply. It’s like the classics are hooking up with the historical fiction and having beautiful book offspring.

5. Few people in my day-to-day life appreciate my (often obscure) literary references.

6. I feel like an evil mad scientist when I convince people to read Outlander and they get hooked on it. It’s like I’m spreading the greatest virus EVER.

7. The fashion industry has yet to accept my time-turner-as-statement-necklace campaign.

8. The fact that Hogwarts isn’t real has caused me anguish on a number of occasions. (Ravenclaw, REPRESENT!)

9. My dream home includes a library with a sliding ladder. If I owned a million dollar house it still wouldn’t be dreamy enough without the sliding ladder.

10. I become irrationally attached to fictional characters.

Alright Bookworms, I know you’ve got them. What are some of YOUR #BookwormProblems?!

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62 Responses to “Bookworm Problems: Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Jancee @ Jancee Reads

    When I pick up a book, get halfway through, and think “Hmm, this seems familiar”. Turns out I’ve read it before.

    Or when I start a series, get distracted by ALL the other books, and have to reread before I can catch up.

    • Words For Worms

      My inner 11 year old wishes HP had been a thing when I was a child. As it is, I didn’t read about potential Hogwarts letters until college by which time it was TOO LATE to even hope. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

  2. Heather

    #6!!! YES!!!! I spread that around like the plague 🙂

    My personal #bookwormproblem – I get distracted by my books. My TBR pile is huge (like and entire bookcase worth of books I haven’t read yet) and I still get distracted by shiny new books that come out…

    Oh, and I’m a proud Ravenclaw over here… I’m starting to sense a theme…

  3. Loralie

    I, ummmmm, feel VERY STRONGLY about reading a book series in order. I know that there are some where it doesn’t matter, but I have to read them in order or else I feel like I might be missing something. I am also the big reader in my group of friends, so if I read a book where I have ALL the feelings, very often I don’t have anyone to talk about them with. Thank goodness for book bloggers! 🙂

  4. Jayne

    Yes, I’ve always desperately wanted a sliding ladder! I looked into it, but those things are CRAZY EXPENSIVE. Even the DIY kits are over $1000! I couldn’t justify it.

  5. ThatAshGirl

    OMG yes to all of this. My biggest two are…

    – I sacrifice sleep to read just ONE MORE PAGE
    – I talk about things that happen in books as if they happened in real life and to non-book nerds, it’s strange

  6. Rhian

    Ink smudges on my thumbs as a result of a marathon session (obviously only applies to physical books).

    Accidentally buying books. This occurs when I don’t go out with the intention of book shopping but get sucked into the bookstore(s). I’m sure there must be some sort of book magnetism that science hasn’t worked out how to measure yet. Like gravity but stronger.

    Not having enough time to READ ALL THE BOOKS.

  7. Megan M.

    I endorse all of these. I actually feel anxious when I think about all of the books I want to read and how I will keep discovering more and more and I can’t possibly read them all. I want to have nine lives and use 8 of them for reading.

  8. AMB

    I can identify with several of these! I also get irrationally attached to fictional characters. Then I get angry at the author for killing them off or harming them in some other way.

  9. Lindsay

    I am totally with you on almost all of these, especially the one about mispronouncing words — or even authors’ names — you’ve only read and never heard aloud. If it makes you feel any better, I recently learned I had been reading “cacophony” wrong too. And the time turner necklaces and the library with a sliding ladder…

  10. Dana

    Hello, my name is Dana, and I hate Outlander. Hate is a very strong word, but I’m 640 pages in to book one, it’s taken me 6 months to get to this point, and I’m hate reading at this point just to be able to say I finished it. I can’t decide if I’m ashamed because I obviously just don’t get it, or if I’m proud that I don’t just automatically like the current popular trend.

    • Words For Worms

      LOL, oh Dana. It’s okay to not like Outlander. I’ve recommended it to people who just don’t get into it at all. I will say, in my virus spreading defense, that I’ve been shilling Outlander to people for a good 10 years or so, so the show being super popular isn’t my motivation. Although, it DOES fill my Saturday nights with joy when it’s on.

      • Dana

        I have the entire season saved on my dvr, but I wanted to read the book first. So I started reading book one about a month before the show aired. However much time later….page 644. SOOO many people whose opinion I trust have raved about this series and anxiously await the next book and then compare consumption times. I can’t even put my finger on what it is I don’t like. It just hasn’t grabbed me. I did consider that maybe book one is less exciting because it has so much work to do to introduce the story and setting and characters, and maybe book two will be more exciting. Maybe?

      • Dana

        I forgot to add: Everyone I know who is in love with this series has been on board for years. I didn’t mean to imply that you or any of the other fans are chasing the trend, I meant that I totally am doing that.

        • Words For Worms

          Ooooh your poor thing you are just a riot of conflicted feelings. I want to hug you! And then give you a book you’ll actually like! In fact, I feel like it’s my duty to do so. What are you in the mood to read? We can steer clear of romance, time travel, and/or historical fiction if you like.

          • Dana

            There’s no predicting what pleases me. If I uniformly avoided those things, I’d never have read Time Traveler’s Wife, which is easily in my top five books of all time. I do read this blog religiously, and I jot down all the books that sound good (which is most of them) so I can add them to my ‘to be read’ pile. And by ‘pile’, I mean bookcase, with the overflow spilling into boxes in the bedroom closet, and bags in the trunk of my car, and piles on my bedside table.

            Also, if you want to see a truly majestic library…sliding ladders and all, visit (or at least google) the Biltmore House in Asheville, NC. It is central to the house and has hidden doors in the upper level so you can access the library almost immediately from anywhere in the house. Every time I go, I get left there by my companions because I turn into an embarrassing drool monster.

          • Words For Worms

            Well my dear, I wish you luck on your reading adventures! It’s only a matter of time before you stumble across something you love (but have you read Tell the Wolves I’m Home? I might be a little obsessed.) I’ve hear of how awesome the Biltmore House is but I’ve never been to NC to see it.

  11. Lillian Connelly

    When I was younger I wouldn’t say, “That happened to a character in a book I read.” Instead I would say, “That happened to my friend once.” I didn’t want people to think I was weird because I referred to books so much.

    I am with Ash, I will sacrifice sleep to read. I will read until I am falling asleep on my book.

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