Santa Baby: Bookworms Be Shopping

December 12, 2014 Bookish Accoutrements 15

Ho ho ho, Bookworms!

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping! If your loved ones are stumped on what to give your glorious bookish self, I’ve made them a handy dandy guide including some fun things on my own personal wish list. Ready?!


1. Awesome Alice in Wonderland necklace from ModCloth. It’s the perfect addition to your bookish accessory stash. (I know I’m not the only one with a bookish accessory stash, so y’all just own up to it!)


2. Long Sleeve Jane Eyre T-Shirt from Out of Print Clothing- It comes in short sleeves, too, but it’s cold outside! It’s a great way to represent my girl Jane and the best of the Brontës!


3. Ravenclaw T-Shirt from Harry Potter Shop- You’ve got to represent your Hogwarts house, you know what I’m saying?!


4. Outlander Christmas Ornaments from The Author’s Attic- Remember that time I wrote about my obsession with Christmas ornaments? I lurve them. And these would be a brilliant addition to my collection. I see a bookish tree in my future…


5. Austen is Elemental T-Shirt from Zazzle. For the love of Jane Austen. And SCIENCE!!!

austentshirt austentshirt

 I hope this helps ease the stress of your holiday shopping! Tell me, Bookworms. Is there anything special on your wish list this holiday season?

15 Responses to “Santa Baby: Bookworms Be Shopping”

  1. Jancee

    That Ravenclaw tshirt? The best! I’m surrounded by Hufflepuffs here in my apartment, glad to find another Ravenclaw out there.

  2. AMB

    I am definitely getting that Austen is Elemental design for my husband!!!! He’s the one who, while arguing that Austen’s Persuasion is more than a love story, talked about how she describes the limits of “proof.” [On June 27, 2014, I blogged about I stupidly cut this paragraph from his post!]. Anyway, he loves both Austen and science. Unfortunately, though, those T-shirt sizes are probably for women (and he’s a 6’5 guy). So, I’ll probably go with a mug for him and a tote bag for me. 🙂

  3. Sarah Says Read

    I have the Outlander ornament on my list this year 🙂 I freaking love that website.

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