Wilkie in Winter: The Woman in White Epoch 2

February 13, 2014 Classics 10

Greetings Bookworms,

It’s time to talk about The Woman in White again! MORE WILKIE. Epoch 2 was, uh, EPIC. Before I get started, I’m gonna hit you with a SPOILER ALERT. It’s basically impossible for me to talk about the midsection of a book without spoiling something or another. If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Now. Before we start, I have some random thoughts for you…

wilkieinwinter-1024x1024 (1)Fosco! What the deuce? Best villain ever. Though he’s never described as twirling his mustache, that’s what I see. He’s also a weird dude who likes birds and mice. Puppet master.

Mr. Fairlie! His entries made me laugh so hard. I don’t know what it is about someone so unyielding and neurotic that is so utterly amusing. Snobby, self important, insufferable… I want to show up at his house for the express purpose of annoying him. WITH TAP SHOES!

POWER OF THE DOPPELGANGERS! Laura and Anne pull the old switcheroo, classic to every sitcom starring twins ever. If I were to ever pull such a thing off, I’d have to get Danielle Fishel on board (you know, Topanga from Boy Meets World?!) I’m not even kidding, it’s kind of creepy.

Imagine me with professional hair and makeup, or her in a penguin hat.

Imagine me with professional hair and makeup, or her in a penguin hat. You can see it right? Just let me have this delusion.

1. Was the second epoch more successful for you than the first?

Yes, it was! I found this epoch moved faster. Exposition is all well and good, but I like a little meat to my story. This epoch was a veritable meat lover’s pizza. So good.

2. What do you think of ole Fosco? There were DEVELOPMENTS in this section that gave oodles more insight into his character, and things aren’t pretty.

FOSCO! I was warned that he was downright dastardly, but I underestimated him. How did he manage to make his wife into his minion? What is with the obsession with tiny animals? What is he hiding?! Secrets and scandal, no doubt!

3. What do you think of the relationship between Sir Percival and Fosco?

Oh that Fosco has some sort of dirt on Sir Percival, I just don’t know WHAT yet. If Fosco were in the now, he’d be running a ponzi scheme… But he’d somehow manage to pin it on Percival. Just as evil, less likable. Fosco would get off with probation.

4. We touched on the literary ladies in the first Epoch. How do you feel about the developments in Marian’s and Laura’s character?

I still love Marian. She’s amazing. She’s smart and brave and willing to send secret letters and spy in the dark of night. Laura is still kind of a damsel in distress… Or at least she was until the end. EEEEP!

5. Go nuts! It’s a free-for-all! Tell us what’s on your mind.

Is it weird that I’m really happy that Anne was buried exactly where she wished to be? I’ve got a soft spot for mentally disturbed characters getting their heart’s desire.

Who is excited for Epoch 3?! This girl!

10 Responses to “Wilkie in Winter: The Woman in White Epoch 2”

  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    THE SWITCHEROO! I obviously loved that, great fan as I am of (particularly evil) twins in melodramatic fiction. It’s one of the reasons I love The Vampire Diaries so much — they don’t overuse the evil twin, but it’s fantastic when she’s around.

    I laughed out loud when you said WITH TAP SHOES. Ahahahahaha, he would hate it so much.

  2. Megan M.

    This sounds like a crazy book! In a good way. And you and Topanga – I totally see it. You should send her a penguin hat.

    • Megan M.

      I just put a picture of me on a “celebrity lookalike generator” and my results were that I’m a 73% match to Angelina Jolie. A lousy 27% is keeping me from millions of dollars and Brad Pitt! Oh, the injustice! LOL

  3. Heather

    Tap shoes and a cane, so you can tap really hard on the floor and the ceiling. Don’t forget the top hat just because.

    So deLIGHTed you think Fosco is the best villain ever. So nefarious! So devious! So delightful! And creepy with the creepy little animals.

  4. Jayne

    I totally see the Topanga thing! I’ve always wanted a celebrity doppelganger but I’ve never come up with one that works.

  5. Lillian

    I couldn’t read your post because SPOILERS, but I had to see your doppelganger because I love that word and your picture. I totally see the resemblance, except you are prettier and she could never pull of a penguin hat with that kind of coolness.

    • Words For Worms

      LOL, thanks Lil! Oh my goodness, I would never say I was prettier than Topanga, she’s got a lot of panache, and is probably like 40 pounds lighter than me. Still. I probably win in the penguin hat department. I will accept that compliment with no reservations :).

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