Confession Friday: I Eat Kiddie Cereal

October 25, 2013 Blogging, Confession Friday 32

Confession time, Bookworms!

I think there’s a law of the universe that says once you’ve reached a certain age you’re supposed to develop a taste for boring grown-up cereals. It would seem I fail at being an adult. Keep your bran flakes! Anything with chocolate and/or marshmallows is what strikes my fancy. The thing is, I don’t normally eat cereal for breakfast. I’m bad at mornings, so I pretty much just want coffee and for nobody to talk to me for a couple of hours. Mid morning I’ll have a snack, and then lunchtime is when I’ll indulge in a big old bowl of cereal. Sadly, kids aren’t technically supposed to eat this stuff because it’s full of sugar and processed-ness and it’s HORRIBLE for you. Ah the joys of being an adult. I can make all the bad decisions I want with nobody but the entire internet telling me that I shouldn’t.

I love you, Count Chocula.

I love you, Count Chocula.

In other news, this weekend Words for Worms will be making the switch to being a self hosted blog. What does that mean?! From your perspective, very little. Same blog, same content, still It’s just a back-end change that allows me more freedom to play around with some snazzy tools and maybe bring in a teeny bit of cash on the side. I am a filthy, money-grubbing weasel. Confession #2. Now. Wish me (and the super smart techie guy I hired to do the hard work) luck. See you Monday!

32 Responses to “Confession Friday: I Eat Kiddie Cereal”

  1. Amanda

    I LOVE Count Chocula! I still make my mother buy it for my sometimes if I’m staying at her house, haha. Good luck with your big switch!! πŸ™‚

  2. Teri

    Give me a box of Corn Pops and a gallon of milk and I’m the happiest Snarkmeister in the world. LOVE sugary cereals a bunch.

    • Words for Worms

      I have chocolate Lucky Charms in my office right now. Oh yeah, it’s a thing. The year I got married I couldn’t find any Count Chocula for some reason, and since my bridal shower was around Halloween, some cousins gave me a couple boxes as a wedding gift. It was awesome. (Said cousins were 8 and 10 at the time, so it was extra cute.)

  3. nerdinthebrain

    I had the opposite problem…I didn’t like kid cereal even when I was a kid. I liked Rice Chex and Bran Flakes and things. Made life a bit hard when I was out in the world and everyone assumed kids liked Cap’n Crunch and things. Not so much a problem anymore. πŸ˜‰ You keep rocking your Count Chocula…don’t let the Internet bully you! πŸ˜€

  4. Daddio

    I tried! Oatmeal with honey, oatmeal with ice cream, Cheerios. Well Cheerios kinda worked. Now that’s the only cereal her mother will eat.

  5. Hardly Obsessed

    Personally, I believe that breakfast foods can be eaten any time. Especially times other than breakfast because I can’t get it together in the mornings to make anything before leaving the house for work.

    Good luck on the switch!

  6. Cheryl

    Lucky Charms on top of vanilla ice cream ROCKS!!.. and yeah, I sometimes keep a box of Honeycomb cereal in my desk for an afternoon pick me up!

  7. Megan M.

    I loved Lucky Charms as a kid. Now it hurts my teeth to eat it. But I’m not a big cereal person. I’d rather eat an egg sandwich.

  8. Rosie Baillie

    I eat Ready Brek every morning, I refuse to eat porridge because 1) it feels grown up 2) it takes too long to make when I’m running late.
    I used to love Lucky Charms when I was a kid but they seemed to have stopped selling it here in the UK, otherwise I’d still be living off that.

  9. tinykitchenstories

    Congrats on going fully hosted! And I was never allowed sugary cereal as a kidβ€”Wheaties, Cheerios and GrapeNuts (i.e. gravel in a box) was all we had. When our parents would go out of town, my older sisters would immediately grab the grocery money as our parents’ car drove away and we’d go to the store and buy a box of Lucky Charms. It was a feeding frenzy….

    Now I’m addicted to my friend’s homemade granola. It’s SO GOOD.

  10. Bonnie @ For the Love of Words

    When I grew up my mom NEVER bought cereal like that but when I moved away to college and bought the food package at the cafeteria I discovered Lucky Charms. <3

    • Words For Worms

      I know! My mom was not a fan of sugar cereal- we usually had plain cheerios… If we were lucky, honey-nut cheerios. Now I eat sugar cereal as an extremely belated rebellion. (Actually, by high school she gave up trying to police my cereal and was just grateful I wasn’t on drugs, so I got sugary cereal then.)

  11. Helen @ My Novel Opinion

    I love Count Chocula too. My cereal of choice is normally cocoa pebbles, Lucky Charms are another fave. You are never too old for “kid” cereals πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the blog changeover!

  12. Catherine

    We’re soul sisters. I eat kiddie cereal as dessert sometimes! Froot Loops, Cap’n Crunch, Sugar Pops- bring it on. I think it’s bc my mother was a health nut when we were growing up so all I ever got was Shredded Wheat, Wheaties and Cheerios. Gag!

  13. Elena

    Me too! Some honey cereals filled with nuts cream. I love them! And I don’t know why they’re supposed to be only for kids, I mean… WHY?

  14. It's A Dome Life

    I hope you never stop failing at being an adult. I have a weakness for cereals with marshmallows in them. Or fruity things that turn the milk into rainbow colors. I don’t buy them anymore because now I have a kid and have to be parental.

    • Words For Worms

      LOL- that’s what scares me. When I have a kid I’m just going to have to keep all my cereal at work so they don’t know how badly I eat while I subject them to Cheerios.

  15. Charleen

    Seriously, the cereal that’s supposed to be “for kids” is all TERRIBLE!!! Much better that we adults be the ones to eat it; at least we know what we’re putting in our systems is crap.

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