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September 9, 2013 Coming of Age, Dystopian, Young Adult Fiction 28

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Last week I talked about how much I enjoyed Divergent by Veronica Roth, and in true Katie fashion, I began the second book IMMEDIATELY after finishing the first. I’ve been completely sucked into this world, so Insurgent and I got along juuuuuust fine.

insurgentI said the other day that the second book in a trilogy is often sacrificed as the Jan Brady of books. (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!) There were quite a few of you Bookworms who mentioned that Insurgent was a disappointment to you, but I didn’t have any problems with it. Since it’s downright impossible to discuss the second book in the triology without spoiling the first, I’m going to go ahead and issue a big fat SPOILER ALERT!

When we left Chicago, the wicked Jeanine, leader of Erudite, had turned Dauntless into a faction of zombie mind controlled soldiers. She had them attack Abnegation and murder a bunch of important government leaders. Because Tris is Divergent, she wasn’t susceptible to the computer chip implant and… Neither was her new boyfriend Four! A little convenient perhaps, but I love their little romance so I’m cool with the dual Divergence.

After a whole lot of heartbreak, the deaths of Tris’s parents, and the reappearance of Tobias’s (AKA Four) abusive jerkface father, Marcus, our small band of refugees hops a train out of town to Amity’s compound. Amity! We haven’t heard much from them yet, so getting to see their compound and some of the questionable tactics they employ to keep the peace was pretty sweet. Eventually they head out of Amity to discover that once the Dauntless army came out of their trance, they split in half: one half bunking with the Candor crew and the other sticking with their Erudite brain masters. Families are torn apart. And in between all of this? Tris keeps taking stupid risks and putting herself in danger, which TOTALLY pisses off Tobias. Trouble in paradise, but at least, thank HEAVEN, NO LOVE TRIANGLE!

So there’s a big fat WAR going on. A war of the factions, a war in the city. The freaking FACTIONLESS threaten to rise from the ashes! People return from the dead. I mean, all bets are off. It’s insanity. We’re left with a ginormous cliffhanger at the end of this book. And I’m all…

Needless to say, I have SUPER high expectations for Allegiant which is due out October 22. I wish I’d waited a bit longer to start the series so I didn’t have to SUFFER in ANTICIPATION like this! Gah! Anybody out there in this boat with me?!

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  1. Ashley Z

    I loved Insurgent! I saw all the comments about people being torn about it but I actually liked it better than Divergent! I am ever so patiently waiting Allegiant! I’m going to have to re-read the first two for a refresh so I can dive into the third. I actually think (so far) this is the best series I’ve read!

  2. bookgeeking

    I loved both of the books, I do not think the second one was a let down at all. It was a little bit different but just as good as the first. Cannot wait for the third one to come out 🙂

  3. Cindy W

    I loved Insurgent as much as I love Divergent! I read some comments where people were upset by Tris’ actions and her working with Four’s father, but I didn’t have issues with that. I felt like she didn’t really trust him, but she needed to use him to find out the truth about what was happening and why. What upset me was her brother’s actions. I’m hoping there is some reason for them that we find out in the next book.

    And I am dying for book 3! When I finished Insurgent, I was looking for the next chapter, like maybe my Kindle hadn’t downloaded it. How could she drop that bombshell and then make me wait a year! I was not happy. Thank goodness Allegiant comes out next month.

  4. Andi (@estellasrevenge)

    I haven’t started this series yet, so I just sort of skimmed your review, but I’m RIGHT THERE with you when it comes to middle books. They are often that sad Jan Brady, but I’m really glad to say that I just finished the middle book in the Chaos Walking trilogy and it’s amazing!!! No middle child syndrome there either.

  5. Ashley F

    I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think my disappointment was that I had to wait the year and whatever between books so my brain had hyped it up so much that it had nowhere to go but down. And now in comparison, book 3 will be epic because to me it can only get better than 2!!

      • Ashley F

        Exactly. Unless you’re Diana Gabaldon and then I’m just so glad that there even is a new book that I’m thrilled. March 2014 is still sooooooooo far away. I mean it’s only been 4 YEARS since the last one.

        • Words for Worms

          YEEEEEEEEEEES! I wonder if our rabid fandom creeps out Diana Gabaldon. I’d probably be creeped out by me if I were her, because I wouldn’t know that despite my unbridled enthusiasm for her books, I’m essentially harmless.

      • Ashley F

        We may be rabid fans but we’re not creepy. I mean it’s not like we mail her hand sketched images of Jamie or anything. That would be creepy.

  6. Rosie Baillie

    I read Divergent at the start of the year and I intended to wait until about a week before Allegiant comes out to read Insurgent but couldn’t wait and have spent the last 4 months looking forward to it!

  7. Quirky Chrissy

    So, unlike you, I was able to read 2 & 3 in the same day. Yay for waiting! And they’ve kinda merged together in my mind…but I started getting pissed at Tobias and Tris for their idiocy and love story. She was a little too Bella (without being quite as much of a klutz) and he was a little too Edward. But whatevs. I still enjoyed it.

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