I Went to BlogHer and it was AWESOME

July 29, 2013 Blogging 48

Hey There Bookworms!

You probably noticed my lack of responsiveness the past few days. That’s because I was at my very first blogging conference. That’s right folks. I went to BlogHer 2013 and I had a blast. I thought about making this into a full week’s worth of posts (I have THAT MUCH to say) but then I figured you probably only want the highlights. Are you ready for this?

1. The People! BlogHer’s biggest draw (at least for me) was getting to meet other bloggers and network. I had SO MUCH FUN! I got to meet some of the ladies I talk to online regularly IN THE FLESH. (In case you were interested, Joules from Pocketful of Joules says “worsh” instead of “wash” because she’s got a Maryland accent. It’s so freaking CUTE!) I posted quite a few photos to my Facebook page, but here’s a fave:


Front row, my main squeezes, Joules from Pocketful of Joules, Moi, Lauren from Filing Jointly… Finally, and Chrissy from Quirky Chrissy. Our photobombers are Kari from A GraceFull Life and two other amazing ladies whose blogs I can’t link to because I am disorganized and bad at getting cards. Anybody want to fill in the blanks for me?

2. BlogHer Programming: BlogHer is not all parties and ridiculousness (although that part is delightful.) There were also classes you could take, and thank goodness! They had an entire track of programming dedicated to the technically challenged, which was great for me. I took a class on migrating blogs to self hosting, a class on what in the sam heck SEO is and how to use it, and a class on marketing and monetization of blogs for dummies beginners. Personally, I feel I got something out of the classes, and the speakers they had for the keynotes were pretty amazing.

This is me with Kelly Phillips, who taught the self hosting session. She was so nice and made tech things sound like normal people could do them. Love!

This is me with Kelly Phillips from Boost Interactive Media, who taught the self hosting session. She was so nice and made tech things sound like normal people could do them. Love!

Can I just tell you something? Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, is freaking adorable. I knew who she was, but kind of avoided her site because I am not much of a cook. Then she sang “Endless Love” to a slideshow of photos of her basset hound. I shall now love her forever and ever. Also, in case you were wondering, Queen Latifah looks just as fabulous in person, Sheryl Sandberg really cares about you leaning in, and Gale Anne Hurd is a complete BADASS who would absolutely wield a samurai sword in case of zombie apocalypse. Or even a stiletto heel. She’s that awesome.

3. Parties. There were so many parties to attend! I was absolutely exhausted because everything was back to back to back, but it was so much fun! I was invited to attend a really fun party put on by Yappem and an event for Walgreens and their new Up Fresh Bus. At the Walgreens event, I got to meet Danni Allen, who was on The Biggest Loser. That girl is a ball of energy, and while she takes her fitness to places I might not (because there’s no way I’m going to start making my own almond flour) she had lots of practical advice too. Plus, Walgreens now has all kinds of fresh produce and stuff available. And? The little food truck type buses they’re going to be rolling out? That fro-yo is LEGIT. No exaggeration. I wouldn’t lie about ice cream.

This is me, looking sheepish and asking for sprinkles on my triple chocolate fro-yo.

This is me, looking sheepish and asking for sprinkles on my triple chocolate fro-yo.

4. Show me the BOOKS! I must admit, I felt like I probably wasn’t your average attendee given my super niche blog. However. St. Martin’s Press was a vendor at the expo hall. I was able to snag a copy of Rainbow Rowell’s new novel Fangirl, for which I shall be eternally grateful. I also met Karen Ballum, who is in charge of the book section of BlogHer (and sooo nice, even when I tackled her awkwardly with a tipsy hug.) She mentioned a couple of attendees from Random House Canada were wandering around, so I was able to connect with them too. (One of the girls said “eh” *which sounds to my Midwestern ears like “ay” but is apparently not spelled this way*  inadvertently and it was the MOST adorable! Hi Ainsley!) If quality of connections is more important than quantity, I clearly came away a networking WINNER.

Don't think I forgot y'all. Here's a preview of some BlogHer swag I'll be including in an upcoming giveaway!

Don’t think I forgot y’all. Here’s a preview of some BlogHer swag I’ll be including in an upcoming giveaway! Actually, thank Joules too. She hates zombies so she gave me her copy! 🙂

Anything I didn’t mention that you’d like to know about BlogHer? Ask away!

48 Responses to “I Went to BlogHer and it was AWESOME”

  1. Teri

    In #1, I believe that’s Kerry from HouseTalkN and Alyson from TheShitastrophy who photobombed your pic!!

  2. JoulesDellinger

    First off, I had the BEST TIME EVER with you… even if you do make fun of my accent and attack me with flying hugs before I can even register that it’s you. 😉 And of course, great minds think alike because I’m about to post about BlogHer and my version of the picture is almost exactly like yours except our photobombing ladies are in a different pose and Chrissy somehow didn’t make it in!

    • Words for Worms

      Ha! I’m a hugging ninja! You won’t know it’s coming, but you’ll be glad it did. <3 Love me some Joules. Now I'm like in withdrawl and I want to come up with excuses to go to Maryland. Maybe they'll have BlogHer in Baltimore next year?

      • JoulesDellinger

        That would be fun, but I really like being able to get AWAY for BlogHer! How about Hawaii? =)

        • Words for Worms

          Some of us don’t have jobs that are remotely blogging related and would have to pay for plane tickets to Hawaii out of pocket…So… Maybe Orlando instead? Or Vegas. Oh lord, setting BlogHer on Vegas would be INSANE.

          • JoulesDellinger

            YES!!! VEGAS!!!!!! or DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

            (did I include enough exclamation points to show my excitement?)

  3. Books, Tea & Me

    It’s funny — people always say how us Canadians say “eh” but I’ve never heard it! It sounds like you had a fabulous time though, and I’m uber jealous that I missed out. It would have been a great way to connect with people and learn things too.
    I definitely missed you while you were away! I even remembered you on Saturday when I posted my very first Week in Review (you’ll think it’s cute, promise).

  4. Kari

    Ok so the photobombers were Marianne from We Band of Mothers and Danielle from Red Devil and Assoc. she isn’t a blogger. Just an amazing human being. It was so good to meet you! And party hard with you. Did you take the British flag home with you? Hugs. 🙂

    • Words for Worms

      No! I left my beloved flag in the hotel room by accident. I should only ever party with waveable accessories. Ribbon dancers! Are those still a thing?!

      • JoulesDellinger

        Or a penis on a stick. Because drunk Joules apparently thinks it’s an awesome idea to dance while waving a penis on a stick…

  5. Megan M.

    I’m super jelly right now! Especially the book swag. Fangirl! I wants! That’s probably not for giveaway, but I WILL be interesting in that Walking Dead novel.

    Oh my gosh, these cons sound like SO much fun. You could do a whole week if you wanted! I’ll read it.

    • Words for Worms

      The giveaway stuff is good, I promise. Ha! I didn’t want to annoy anyone with a whole week of posts, but maybe next time I will. Because Megan said so!

  6. Kelly

    Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself! Can you believe I registered for BEA 2013 and didn’t go?? Nursing mother syndrome. But next year I’m there. (I don’t live in NY for nothing!)

    • Words for Worms

      You didn’t go to BEA when you’d registered? I suppose I can’t blame you, what with the leaking bosoms and all, but still. I’d love to go to BEA, but I’ve never been to NYC and it seems so big and scary! Maybe if you’re there and you don’t mind having a shadow I’d consider going LOL.

    • Words for Worms

      I heard some Australian accents this weekend that made me think of you. They were not people I was conversing with, just eavesdropping. But still.

  7. Jennifer @ The Relentless Reader

    How fun! And the new Rowell? You lucky little duck!!

  8. Sarah Says Read

    I am so jealous of all these good times! I will have them, one day.

    And you got to meet the Pioneer Woman?! I heart her cooking so much. I’m pretty sure that the honeyman stays with me purely because I make her turkey pot pie (except I make it with chicken…) and it’s amazing.

  9. Leah

    Sounds like you had a great time! I NEED to go to a blogger conference sometime — thinking BEA next year!

    • Words for Worms

      I would love to go to BEA, but I’m so intimidated by NYC! BEA will be in Chicago in 2016… I feel like a weenie for waiting, but it’s expensive to fly… And did I mention I’m scared of NYC?

      • Leah

        NYC is not scary! (Okay, maybe a little.) But having that many bookish people in one place has got to be amazing! But yes, flying = expensive. I live close enough that I can drive or take a bus/train (by close I mean 7 hours away, so it’s relative), so that’s not so much of an issue for me.

  10. Kelly

    Sounds AMAZING!! Glad you loved it. I continue to be jealous. 🙂
    Saw your comment above about NYC…don’t be scurred…us New Yorkers and our subways and such are not all bad!! Haha. I want to do BEA so bad. I’m guessing maybe 2015. Perhaps you’ll be over your anxiety by then?? 🙂

  11. 1WriteWay

    Thanks for this post. I had joined BlogHer a ling time ago and then dropped out when I quit blogging. Sounds like BlogHer has really grown in the meantime. I guess I should have another look 🙂

    • Words for Worms

      The site itself is pretty cool- it features posts on a little bit of everything. The conferences are really their bread and butter, I suspect. The opportunity to meet up with your blog friends is just too delightful!

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