Holly Daze: Underachiever Extraordinaire (Life Well Blogged)

January 15, 2013 E-Readers, Humor 20

Hidey Ho Bookworms!

So. Here’s the thing. I’m about to review this book, right? But I’ve got to give you about a mountain of full disclosure here… One of my blog posts is FEATURED in the book! I’M IN A BOOK! Clearly, this isn’t going to be a terribly objective review. So sue me.

Life Well Blogged is a series of blog anthologies that are organized around a particular theme.ย Holly Daze: Underachiever Extraordinaireย is a book highlighting blog posts about holidays. My piece is about my quest to find an appropriate container for my wrapping paper, which, in case you missed it, can also be found HERE. Also featured in this book are two of my favorite people EVER, Chrissy the giant pink ball of crazy behind Quirky Chrissy and Lauren the brilliant, whimsical, and moderately insane voice behind Filing Jointly…Finally. (Coincidentally, one of my OTHER favorite people, Joules of Pocketful of Joules was featured in one of the earlier editions of Life Well Blogged.)

holly daze

Aside from the name dropping, what do I think of this collection? I’m not going to claim it’s brilliant classic literature or anything… I mean, it’s blog posts. Some of the blog posts are pretty funny. Some of them are hysterical. Some of them might not resonate with you. However, if you like to read blogs (and that’s a safe bet given that you’re here right now, reading my blog post) I think you might enjoy the book.

You should also know that I’m not going to profit from the sales of this book or anything. My payment for my contribution to the book was a free kindle copy. It retails at $2.99. You know what the means?! I GOT PAID TO WRITE! Sort of. I’ll take it. Also. A portion of the proceeds of this book are going to Superstorm Sandy relief. I mean, come on. Even if you buy this and don’t completely love it, you’ve helped a whole bunch of bloggers get a big fat ego boost AND you’ve helped your fellow human beings. How can you lose?

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    • Words for Worms

      OMG I know. Seriously, I have to chase the paparazzi out of the bushes every morning. Can I just pull a Jody Foster right now and talk about how I value my privacy?!

    • Words for Worms

      I do believe they’re doing paperback versions of all the books. I don’t think one is available quite yet for Holly Daze, but you know. Eventually one will exist.

  1. JoulesDellinger

    Oooh, you’re famous. We’ll have to buy a big stack of books and sign them for our ravenous fans. Or, um, my grandpa.

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