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Dec 03

Mail Call!!!

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Hey Bookworms!

I know you’re SHOCKED to see me posting on a Wednesday. I am, too! Last year about this time, I offered to send REAL MAIL to any reader of my blog who wanted a holiday card and Words for Worms bookmark. I was thrilled by the response, so I thought I’d make the offer again.

Now. The bookmarks haven’t changed at all, BUT. I will put a weird sticker on each of them to make them slightly different than last year, and 100% unique. I mean, I have a lot of bizarre stickers. Robots, monkeys, blimps, you really have no idea what you’ll get. So. If you want mail (and who doesn’t?!) fill out the form. (I’ve never made a google form below, but I THINK I did it right!)

Happy Holidays, Y’all!


Nov 12

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!

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Howdy Bookworms!

We’re in the middle of our first snow of the season here in Central Illinois, and I’m feeling the beginnings of some holiday cheer. If you recall, I went to BlogHer this summer. Because BlogHer is a networking extravaganza, it was recommended that we bring business cards. I thought I’d be clever and order bookmarks instead. As it turns out, I’m not as outgoing in person as I am online (SHOCKER, right?) I have LOTS of leftover bookmarks. I want to share them with you!

This year I plan to send a Christmas card to any Bookworm who wants one. Cards will include a genuine Words for Worms bookmark, near-tangible cheer, and absolutely no demands for money. Seriously. Send your address to wordsforworms@gmail.com and I will send you a Christmas card and bookmark. Ho ho ho, y’all! Of course, I also realize that though Christmas is my holiday, it’s not everyone’s. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still have a bookmark. I’m a greeting card ninja, I’ve got plenty of cards that have no holiday affiliation whatsoever. Just mention you’d rather not get a holiday card when you send your address, and I’ll hook you up. Tidings of comfort and joy- and MAIL THAT IS NOT A BILL! Wahoo!


Now, if you do the Christmas thing and you send cards far and wide, you probably get a bunch of cards in return. It’s a lovely feeling, all those smiling photos and pretty scenes, but I’ve run out of space to display them all. We go way ridiculously overboard at Christmas with the decking of the halls, and I hate the idea that so many of my cards have to get stuffed into my one inadequate card display… (Cue segue) You know my friend Joules, right? She blogs at Pocketful of Joules and she’s one of my favorite humans since ever. She’s also crafty… On a number of levels. When Joules asked me if I wanted to join her Pinterest project party, this happened:

Joules: Hey Katie, do you want to join my DIY Pinterest project blog party?

Me: You realize that me doing a DIY project will probably end in me hot gluing my face to something, right?

Joules: Well, you can just add glitter and be even more fabulous than usual.

Me: Damn. You have an answer for everything. Glitter mustaches for everyone!

Joules: And eyebrows. Glitter eyebrows would be hilarious! Especially with YOUR eyebrow! (Yes, Joules has met me in person, she knows all about my snarky eyebrow, first hand.)

Me: Snarky glitter eyebrows are where it’s at!

Joules: Remind me to photoshop that!

How am I supposed to say no to that?!?! I’m a sucker, and Joules is a craft pusher. (The cutest, sweetest craft pusher that has ever lived… Please don’t attack me with a can of spray paint!) Here’s the project I’ll be attempting not to glue to my face:

I found this on Pinterest, but it seems to have originated at makeandtakes.com

I found this on Pinterest, but it seems to have originated at makeandtakes.com

I’m going to be tweaking this slightly, but I think this idea is amazing. A ribbon garland on which to pin your Christmas cards? You can make the ribbon as long as you want, and you can just add more clothespins if you run out of space. This is so much better than my bulky metal thing-a-ma-bob! The only thing standing between me and this glorious piece of holiday perfection is a hot glue gun… And my face. Wish me luck, Bookworms!

Have any of you Bookworms ever actually attempted something you saw on Pinterest? Recipes, crafts, cleaning solutions? Anybody glue anything to their face? I’m really worried about this, you guys! Oh yeah, I don’t know why you’d want to, as I suck at Pinterest, but you can be my friend there if you like. Click HERE and we’ll pin things to digital boards together! 

The Glue Crew: Joules, Me, Kari, and Chrissy!

The Glue Crew: Joules, Me, Kari, and Chrissy!