Love Me, Love Me, Say That You Love Me: The Foolproof Love Trilogy by Katee Robert

May 17, 2022 Cowboy Romance, Romance 1

Where are my came-of-age-in-the-90s Bookworms?

“Lovefool” by the Cardigans was possibly the greatest song my 13 year old self had ever, ever heard. It was, naturally, the first thing that popped into my head when I contemplated writing the blog post about Katee Robert’s Foolproof Love series. I mean. Love. Fool. Lovefool. Only this series is about a bunch of cowboy types and not 90s alterna-pop. It doesn’t have to be a perfect comparison, OK? So before I go into the individual books, I’ve got to say… I think Katee Robert absolutely sparkles when she’s writing non-heteronormative, polyamorous, seedy criminal underbelly stories. (IE, the Neon Gods/Wicked Villains/Sabine Valley universe.) I feel like her talent was kind of wasted on this series, BUT this is an older series, so it’s pretty cool to see her progression as an author. Also, it’s not like this series is BAD, it’s just… Bland. Well, bland compared to what I’ve come to expect from Katee Robert. But! If Cowboy romances are your jam, this may be a great fit for you. Let’s talk about them!

Foolproof Love– You know that thing when your high school boyfriend unceremoniously dumps you when he goes off to college and then you stay in your tiny home town and open a cat cafe? No? Well, I think that perhaps “owns a cat cafe” should become a romance trope because it’s adorable. Even though I wouldn’t be able to go to Cups and Kittens because I’m super allergic to cats, but I digress. Jules Rodriguez, cat cafe owner, has just found out her skeezy ex is back in town and is expecting her to take him back. (The ex is such an unequivocal dick that he would show up to her coffee shop just to harass her, refuse to buy coffee, THEN SAY HE WAS GOING TO STARBUCKS. A monster.) In order to prove she’s totally over him and thriving in her personal life as well as professionally, she impulsively kisses one of her cousin’s friends at a party and quickly begs him to pose as her boyfriend. Adam is back in town from the Rodeo (it’s a cowboy series, y’all, roll with it) and is happy to play fake boyfriend for Jules. I mean, she’s gorgeous and a good distraction from his mom being sick (which is what brough him back to town.) Adam doesn’t want permanent, he’s a confirmed tumbleweed of a man, but if anyone could tempt him into staying, it would be Jules. SPOILER ALERT: A happily ever after ensues.

Fool Me Once– Aubrey is a surly gamer girl who made her home in Devil’s Falls. She spends her time playing ultra violent video games and hanging out with her BFF Jules. Unfortunately, since Jules went and got married, Aubrey’s social circle has enlarged without her permission, and none of the people in their orbit annoy Aubrey more than Quinn. He’s too handsome for his own good and he comes from a filthy rich family. The two bicker constantly, but when Aubrey needs an escort to a gaming convention, Quinn is the only person available to help out. Of course, there’s a catch. If he takes her to the convention, she has to be his fake date to his sister’s wedding and deal with his truly awful family. Despite her misgivings, Aubrey is in. The gaming convention is super important to her, and Quinn basically just wants her to be bitchy to his family, and she’s GREAT at being bitchy. It does not take long before their road trip turns into a bang-fest, though, and things start getting complicated in a hurry. You’d think Aubrey would have learned what happens when people fake date from watching Jules and Adam, but no. This book is the spiciest of the three in this series, but still pales in comparison to anything else I’ve read by Katee Robert, so if vanilla is your flavor, these are a safe bet.

A Fool for You– Daniel Rodriguez has spent the last 10 years hating himself because of a tragic car accident in which he was the driver. He lost one of his best friends and his girlfriend was seriously injured. Daniel is convinced that he no longer deserves happiness and has retreated into himself to become a bitter, hermit-y bastard. Hope makes her way back to Devil’s Falls in order to set up a scholarship in her late brother’s memory. She doesn’t expect to meet up with Daniel again, nor does she expect a quickie against the side of his house to result in a broken condom and a pregnancy. WOOPS. Now Daniel is seeing this second chance with Hope as an opportunity to right old wrongs… Or something? IDK, dude needs therapy. This book was my least favorite of the three because I wasn’t into how creepy and territorial Daniel got when discussing Hope’s options for the pregnancy. I’m sure it was accurate for the character, but it bothered me. I mean, Hope was all about keeping the baby anyway, so it’s not like there was friction, but he made it sound like he’d have put up a fuss if she’d chosen differently, and that’s just never gonna endear me to a romance hero. These two were very messy, but they seemed to figure things out in the end.

That’ll be all for today, folks. I’ve reading much faster than I’ve been blogging lately, but I’ve got lots and lots to tell you about. Hopefully I can get back on track and tell you about ALL THE BOOKS. Until then, my Bookworms.

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