2020 Weekly Wrap-Up: The Fourth

January 29, 2020 Bite Size Reviews, Bookish (And Not So Bookish) Thoughts, My Reading Life 4

Hiya Bookworms!

In case you missed it, I published a (gasp) stand-alone review of How to Hack a Heartbreak last week (read it here). I also put together a post on the excellent pair of mermaid novellas I recently finished via audio: The Deep by Rivers Solomon and Rolling in the Deep by Mira Grant (read it here). WHAT IS EVEN HAPPENING? Who is this prolific blogger?! Shhhh, don’t scare her away!

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit IndieBound.orgLet’s see, what else did I read last week? The good thing about novellas is that they’re short, so you can plow through a whole bunch of them fairly quickly. Like how I plowed through Tessa Dare’s Beauty and the Blacksmith. It was another Spindle Cove story, a nice bite-size one, and I’m a sucker for a regency romance. I will say that Diana might be my least favorite of the Highwood sisters at this point, but Aaron Dawes is my favorite Highwood suitor. Something about a burly blacksmith who likes to spend his spare time creating delicate jewelry pieces is especially dreamy. Then again, I RELATE VERY INTENSELY to a scene where Diana attempts to prepare a meal and is attacked by a rogue eel. Perhaps it’s just that Diana didn’t get a whole book to display her personality that I’m pinning her as least-fave. I really shouldn’t be ranking the Highwood sisters anyway, they’re all wonderful in their own ways. Why is Tessa Dare so great? Honestly.

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I also finished up The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Whew, what a ride! Old Hollywood, the pressures of fame, the elaborate cover ups, and manipulation of the tabloids: this book had it all. When the elderly yet beautiful Evelyn Hugo decides to share her life story with a somewhat obscure magazine writer, everything is a bit shadowy and mysterious. Monique Grant isn’t sure why exactly she’s been personally chosen to be the aging star’s biographer, but it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Over the course of Evelyn’s recollections, we meet a complex and driven woman, willing to go to great lengths to protect those she loves… Even when it means employing morally ambiguous (or straight up terrible) behavior. Sometimes she feels guilt and she often feels sorrow, but Evelyn flat out says that she’d make the same decisions over again. It had a very City of Girls feel, so if you enjoyed that, definitely give this a read. (City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert is another book that I read and enjoyed and never told you about. Sorry ’bout that. But add it to your reading list because it’s a good one!)

Moving into next week I’m listening to what I believe to be the last remaining Spindle Cove installment I’ve yet to read: Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare. My eyeballs are currently feasting upon Heidi Heilig’s novel For a Muse of Fire. What have you been reading this week, Bookworms?

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4 Responses to “2020 Weekly Wrap-Up: The Fourth”

  1. Ashley Zizich

    I was going to say that The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo sounds a lot like City of Girls (which I loved!) I just finished Three Women by Lisa Taddeo which was fascinating and heartbreaking. I just started Dear Edward by Ann Napalitano. It sounds kind of heartbreaking, which I’m in the mood for! I’m so glad you are blogging regularly again! P.S- Emelia is working on a letter for Sam!

    • wordsfor

      Oh my gosh, I love your kiddo! Can’t wait to get that gem in the mail one of these days. I’m not sure I’m in a heartbreaking mood just now- I’m all January-ied up. Still, those books sound great, maybe I’ll tackle them in the spring!

  2. Jenny @ Reading the End

    I don’t even know what I’m reading this week, dude, I am just trying to recover from Harrow the Ninth. It might be that the only thing I’m good for in reading this week is rereading Gideon the Ninth and then Harrow the Ninth. Just to like, not have to be done with this world for a little while longer.

    Actually, some Tessa Dare books would really hit the spot, I think! It’s been a minute since I’ve visited Spindle Cove.

    • wordsfor

      I was JUST THINKING ABOUT GIDEON THE NINTH. What a bizarre and wonderful ride. Has Harrow been released yet? I’ll probably wait for the audio book to come up on one of my many audio book resources- the narrator on Gideon was *chef kiss* perfection.

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