Self Indulgent 10th Anniversary Post

November 21, 2019 Personal 4

It is a truth universally acknowledged that if one does not loudly proclaim one’s anniversary on the internet, the anniversary is not valid. Hey, Jim! We’ve been married a WHOLE DECADE. High five! (Remember that time I wrote you anniversary limericks? This post is almost as cool.)

It is, apparently, a THING, in some corners of the web, for people to attempt to re-wear their wedding ensembles in celebration of significant anniversaries. I’m sorry to disappoint you, Internet, but you shan’t be seeing Jim and I in our finery today. Why?

  1. Jim’s tux was a rental. He’s also lost a bunch of weight over the years and is basically aging in reverse, the handsome devil.
  2. My dress is timeless and lovely and now ENTIRELY too small for me. I’d blame it on the baby, but tacos have a lot to do with it.
  3. While I am extremely vain, Jim still hates having his photo taken.


    Fortunately, thanks to my BFF, all is not lost in this quest! Back in 2009, my “nephew” Jack served as our ring bearer. He was 20 months old and totally GQ in his baby tuxedo.

    This little nugget will be 12 in March, if you can believe it. ::SOB::

    I’ve mentioned what a marvel my BFF is on many occasions (like here) but y’all. SHE PRESERVED THE TINY BABY TUX (including the little silk boutonniere my florist made and attached with a safety pin. Pro florists know a thing or twelve.) She returned it to me after Sam was born. And, well. I did a thing.

    I know most of these are kind of blurry, but I was chasing a moving target with a cell phone.

    Sam is about 7 months older than Jack was when he wore this ensemble, so the fit isn’t quite the same. Also, since I did this on a random weeknight after daycare, I wasn’t about to attempt to tighten the tie. (Please note that my son is sporting a bruise on his cheekbone from face planting into a toy kitchen set.) Sammers looks a bit more like a drunken, brawling groomsman leaving the reception than a precious ring bearer about to walk down the aisle, but I digress. On the occasion of our tenth wedding anniversary, the, uh, product of our union (why is there no non-creepy way to say that?) donned formal wear from that momentous occasion.

    Happy Anniversary, Jim! I love you and I like you. And our kid is cooler than both of us put together.



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