In Case You Were Wondering (Because I am a Lazy, Lazy Blogger.)

July 8, 2016 Flowers, Personal 18

Hey There Bookworms,

I know, I’ve been so MIA lately. I’m reading and tweeting and also (apparently) snapchatting (wordsforworms is my username!) but I just haven’t been able to gather my thoughts enough to write a blog post. I blame summer. I want to do nothing but stare at flowers and lounge and read. Computer-y things are really more conducive to cooler temps and earlier sunsets (not that I WANT those things, because I do not. I want to wring all the joy out of summer that I can. All that sunshine is FREE VITAMIN D! I have to take a supplement in the winter.) Anywho, I’m calling today’s blog post “In case you were wondering.” Just in case you were.

In case you were wondering where I’ve been, there’s been a lot of home improving going on at the Gingerbread House. Not that we did ALL the heavy lifting (we’re smart enough to know our limitations and pay people who know what they’re doing) but it’s been time intensive. We got new windows installed on the first floor and had a boatload of landscaping work done in the backyard. But even paying people to do the hard parts? You’ve still got to do the cleanup and odds and ends and play in the dirt and plant more flowers because OMG MORE FLOWERS. But BEHOLD:


In case you were wondering what it’s like to be friends with me IRL, here’s a text exchange between me and my Bestie. (I also recently told her that she reminded me of garbage, since at one point she’d given me a set of penguiny bathroom accessories complete with trash can that I still use. Sometimes I wonder why she still talks to me…)

ME: I miss you. Here’s what I’d look like if I were a Yorkie.

Snapchat. I have no idea, you guys. Although, this is what my eyebrows look like in their natural state, more or less. Also my bottom teeth are crooked because I didn't wear my retainer.

BFF: Jesus. That’s kind of terrifying!

ME: I know, right? And yet, I am fascinated. Like in Mars Attacks! when they put SJP’s head on a chihuahua body…

BFF: Yeah, I think it’s the gigantic eyes that really push it over the top…

ME: The better to see you with, my dear.

BFF: You look like you should be on Zoobilee Zoo. The kids love it, by the way.

ME: Ha! Give them my love!

BFF: Your… Puppy love? (womp womp)

ME: Yep. Lick them.

BFF: Omigod, I just drooled coffee all over myself LOL-ing at that!

In case you were wondering if my eyebrows look like this Snapchat filter when left untamed? Yeah, basically. Also, I should have worn my retainer more. My bottom teeth are back to being kind of janky and crooked. Fingers crossed my Mom doesn’t read this blog or she’ll find a way to get me a new retainer…

In case you were wondering what I did on the 4th of July, we had family over to enjoy the new back yard and watch the parade that goes right past our neighborhood.

Aunting is my favorite.

Aunting is my favorite.

Alright, you’re officially all caught up. What have you been up to? Tell me everything, Bookworms!

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18 Responses to “In Case You Were Wondering (Because I am a Lazy, Lazy Blogger.)”

    • Words For Worms

      Thanks Shannon! For years the back yard was a mass of weeds. There was more clover than grass, it was just a mess. But, you know how it is. One project at a time.

  1. Megan M.

    Your house is soooo cuuuute! I wish I lived there. But if I did, it wouldn’t look half as nice because I don’t know how to grow things. None of those seeds my daughters and I “planted” have come up. LOL

      • Megan M.

        I mean, it rained. Seriously though, I have no idea how much you’re supposed to water things and I am afraid of drowning them.

        • Words For Worms

          LOL, okay, so if you are planting something in the actual ground and not in a pot? It’s REALLY difficult to over-water it. We recently nearly drowned a hydrangea in a pot because it had no drainage holes. If you’re working with pots, just make sure they’ve got a drainage hole (or several) in the bottom. You’re about a thousand times more likely to under water than over water, in my experience.

  2. Rhian

    I am jealous of your summer. I am taking comfort in the fact that since the solstice daylight hours are increasing (albeit slowly).

    It’s forecast for a thunderstorm with hail tomorrow (Saturday) which I think is all the excuse I need to tuck myself up on the couch and read John Marsden’s South of Darkness.

    • Words For Worms

      The Southern hemisphere always blows my mind. Like, I know the seasons are opposite, but I always forget. I’m sorry for the sucky winter-ness. Enjoy the good reading weather, though. There’s always an upside. Plus? All penguins are native to the Southern hemisphere. You’re winning BIG on that count. Aside: Does it snow where you are?

  3. Michelle

    It sounds like you are having a pretty spectacular summer. Spending it outside and away from the computer is exactly how things should be.

  4. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Aunting seems great and not to be smug or anything, but I DID wear my retainer, I still OWN my retainer and wear it one night out of the month, and my teeth look amazing. Also as a result of having braces, I taught myself to sleep on my back and I have no regrets. (Katie rescinds previous offer to drive to Chicago if Jenny visits; Jenny acknowledges the justice of this.)

  5. Jennine G.

    Summer is a very good excuse! I blame my house renovations…they’ve taken over our lives. But I’ll have some sweet posts when it’s all done.

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