Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

June 16, 2016 Mystery 11

Howdy Bookworms!

Wow, you guys! Four posts this week?! I AM ON FIRE! BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! Reviewathon, FTW! Today we’re talking about another one of the books I got at BEA. I was wandering aimlessly by myself (for what purpose I can’t remember) when I saw Florinda standing in line to get a book signed. I hopped in the line to chat up Florinda and got a book signed for myself with no idea who the author was or what the book was about. Turns out, I make pretty solid decisions when I’m oblivious, because the book I picked up was Before the Fall by Noah Hawley.

beforethefallWhen I went to start this book, I read a smidge of the “about the author” segment which informed me that Noah Hawley is a successful television writer and totally writes for Fargo, which Hubs and I watched obsessively last season. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know this beforehand or I’d likely have asked something weird and embarrassing about Kirsten Dunst or The Mother from How I Met Your Mother. Yep. Case in point of how much I suck at life. I don’t know the name of the actress who played “The Mother.” (I just looked it up. Her name is Cristin Milioti. Maybe I’ll remember that now.) Do TV writers even get to meet the cast? I honestly have no idea. But I’d have said something dumb, that’s for darn sure.

I was supposed to be discussing a book, wasn’t I? Alright, Before the FallOne summer night, a down on his luck painter finds himself riding in a private plane from Martha’s Vineyard to New York City. The plane belongs to a television mogul and his family, and they’re accompanied by some friends and the crew. Unfortunately, the plane goes down en route shortly after takeoff. The only two survivors are the painter and the four year old son of the television mogul. The book artfully weaves between the aftermath of the crash and the backstories of the passengers and crew. In the present, a series of odd coincidences cause media speculation to spiral out of control while the two survivors grapple with notoriety and loss.

I’m not usually huge on the whole mystery-suspense-thriller front, but I’ve got to admit I was fully engrossed in this read from page one. I was invested in the characters and MAN did I want to punch Bill Cunningham in his smug horrible face. (Bill Cunningham is a controversial TV pundit who works for the late mogul’s news network and his is absolutely THE WORST.) This is a good one, folks, give it a read!

Talk to me, Bookworms! Who was the last fictional character you wanted to pummel?

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11 Responses to “Before the Fall by Noah Hawley”

  1. Sarah's Book Shelves

    I liked this one too…and I feel the same way you do about about thrillers generally 🙂

    • Words For Worms

      It didn’t feel super thriller-y to me. I think I have a skewed perception of the genre, expecting spies and cops and such. I mean, there were cops, but it wasn’t like an action movie in a book.

  2. Heather

    I am so glad to hear you were engrossed! It’s not my usual thing either, yet I seem to have purchased myself a copy. lol

  3. Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf

    I’m not usually into the thriller-suspense genre, either, but if you say you were engrossed… that makes me want to check this out! Last fictional character I wanted to pummel was the evil Baron Harkonnen in Dune: House Atreides. (I’m reading the next book in the series and I STILL want to pummel him, actually.)

  4. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Hahahaha, I love Cristin Milioti! I didn’t know she was in Fargo, and having not really loved the movie Fargo (I KNOW I KNOW), I haven’t been super motivated to watch it? But this Cristin Milioti information is relevant to my interests, so maybe I will reconsider watching the show. I do hear that the show is preposterously good sooooo.

  5. Michelle

    I know it is being marketed as a thriller, but other than that amazing rescue scene, I wouldn’t describe it as such. I liken it more to social commentary, perhaps even satire in its portrayal of the media. No matter how you describe it though, it’s an excellent story! Your oblivious self has great taste! 😉

    • Words For Worms

      I totally agree- it’s marketed as a thriller but it seriously lacks that thriller vibe. Which is a shame, because I’d be more likely to pick up social commentary than thriller, but there are reasons I am not a marketing professional. The reasons are mostly that I am unfriendly and dislike people.

  6. DoingDewey

    I do like this kind of mystery/thriller and I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one! NIce job with all the reviews this week 🙂

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