BEA 2016: Random Crap I Forgot To Mention

May 20, 2016 BEA 2016 12

Howdy Bookworms,

It’s Friday and I’m going to wrap up my BEA 2016 coverage because you’re probably sick of hearing about it by now. I thought I’d finish things up with some of the random factoids I wanted to tell you about that didn’t really fit into the other posts (which are HERE and HERE). Cool? Let’s do this.

ONE: There were a number of publishers who brought in the world’s plushest carpet for their booths. It was really nice and probably awesome for the feet of the people standing up in those booths all day, but it never failed to trip me up. Not actually trip, but like, “WHOA I AM ON A CLOUD” moments abounded.

TWO: On day 2 I saw a girl on the expo floor wearing tons of Ravenclaw swag. I was wearing my Ravenclaw shirt and told her I thought we were kindred spirits and that we should take a selfie. Thanks again, Ravenclaw Girl!

Thanks for humoring me, Ravenclaw girl! #HousePride

Thanks for humoring me, Ravenclaw girl! #HousePride

THREE: On my way back to the burbs from the second day of the convention I got on the wrong train. I accidentally got on an express train that blew right past the stop I was trying to get to, so I had to text my dad to pick me up in Aurora instead of Naperville. He was SUCH a good sport about the whole thing. (My actual hometown of Bolingbrook is apparently not cool enough to merit a train station of its own. Nor is Peoria, for that matter. Why do I always end up living in trainless towns? It’s terribly inconvenient for a person who enjoys the occasional trip to Chicago but also has a crippling fear of driving in the city.)

FOUR: I had a picture of myself taken with my head in a dinosaur’s mouth. It pairs well with my current Facebook profile photo, which features my head in an alligator’s mouth. Did I mention that I behaved with the utmost professionalism?


You can’t take me anywhere.

FIVE: When you’re at BEA, you wear a name tag. My name was commented upon multiple times. First, Jennifer Close’s helper person was all “oh your name is like in You’ve Got Mail!” And I was like “Oh yeah, I didn’t realize that!” Because I saw that movie before I married into the name (even though I’m Kathryn not Kathleen.) I know I totally could have kept my maiden name (hyphenation was NOT an option because my maiden name ALSO started with a K. The initials. Not cool) but I liked my husband’s last name better. It’s half the letters and nobody ever mispronounces it. I make important decisions based on solid logical reasoning. AS YOU CAN TELL.

There we are. BEA 2016 is in the books and I have a lot of friggin books to read. Thanks for putting up with the craziness here. Hopefully we’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming next week. If I don’t lose my ever loving mind planing ALL THE FLOWERS this weekend. Because that’s what I’m doing this weekend. What’s your favorite color flower? I’m still wishy washy on this year’s color scheme and I’m open to ideas.

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12 Responses to “BEA 2016: Random Crap I Forgot To Mention”

  1. heather

    My flowers are usually white or pink but I went crazy and got some blue irises. Yeah, that’s what counts as wild in my world.

    • Words For Worms

      I always want bright and showy. I mean, if I’m spending good money on these bad boys I want them to pop from down the block. I do love a nice blue iris though.

  2. Unruly Reader

    I stick with the classic yellow dandelion theme, which I’m pretty sure is not your groove. Maybe Bob’s wife would have some ideas? Flower photos, please, when your work is done!

    So true about the squishy carpet-y areas! Reminded me of the wrestling room at my high school (…said the Iowan).

  3. Beth F

    Ha! I know what you mean about the carpets — feels good on the feet, but what a transition!

    • Words For Worms

      It was just so weirdly jarring every time. Where did they even FIND such squishy carpet? The carpet in my house isn’t nearly so plush.

  4. Megan M.

    I was totes going to suggest orange and pink for your flowers and then I saw you already want lots of orange… man, we’re in sync. 😉

  5. Jenny @ Reading the End

    My favorite color flower is yellow. Which is very sad because my favorite flower is the azalea and there are no yellow azaleas. Never the time and the place and the loved one all together, eh?

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