Dream Author Duos: Top Ten Tuesday

October 13, 2015 Top Ten Tuesday 17

Howdy Howdy Bookworms!

It’s Tuesday and therefore we should be making lists, don’t you think? This week the folks at The Broke and the Bookish have proposed a delightful topic! We’re talking about our dream author duos. I KNOW, RIGHT? Like take two amazing authors. Make them write a book together. MAGIC ENSUES. I have visions of author buddy comedies dancing in my head. This shall be glorious!


1. Diana Gabaldon and George RR Martin. They’re already BFFs, I’m actually terribly confused as to why this is not already a reality. Epic adventure series unite!

2. Sarah Addison Allen and Alice Hoffman. Magical realism with a dark twist plus magical realism with a light twist. I’m terribly curious to find out whose magical realism would win out. Also, I feel like apples would be involved somehow. So few fruits get the literary attention that apples do. Let’s work on this fruit elitism, world, okay?

3. Fannie Flagg and Sophie Kinsella. What? You think neurotic British chick lit can’t meld with Southern Fried Fiction? Well, I think I’ll be the imaginary judge of that. And as said judge? It is awesome and you are all the wrong. So there.

4. Maggie Stiefvater and Neil Gaiman. They’re both sort of obsessed with creepy British Isles folklore. Can you imagine what sort of craziness they’d come up with together? It would be dark and mysterious and delicious.

5. Rainbow Rowell and Jojo Moyes. I have no good reasoning behind this pairing, I just like them both a whole lot and they both have new books out and I’ve read neither of them. WHY AM I BLOGGING WHEN I COULD BE PUTTING BOOKS IN MY BRAIN?!

6. Mark Twain and Jane Austen. Okay, you guys, Mark Twain said some suuuuuuper douchey things about Jane, but in my mind he did so only because he was secretly in love with her and it’s not socially acceptable to be in love with a dead author. I shan’t listen to anyone who argues otherwise. LALALALALALAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

7. Jenny Lawson and David Sedaris. This would be so weird and irreverent and magical and bizarre. There would be taxidermy and neuroses and hilarity would ensue. I want it to happen.

My brain is exploding with the awesomeness of the imaginary potential of these author pairings. Seven is a powerful number, maybe if I stop my list here, the universe will make one of these happen? (I’m definitely not stopping because I’m too lazy to come up with anything else. Definitely not.) So tell me, Bookworms. Who are your dream author duos?

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17 Responses to “Dream Author Duos: Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Megan M.

    Wow! Those are some amazing pairings. I love them all! I’m thinking who I’d love to pair up with J.K. Rowling… Based on Rainbow Rowell’s recent release, I’d love to see them work together on a fantasy book. And I’d like to pair J.K. with Louise Penny for a mystery book. My heart is all aflutter now!

    • Words For Worms

      I couldn’t think of anyone to pair JK Rowling with other than Hermione Granger which seemed mildly inappropriate as one came from the other’s imagination. But still. Wouldn’t that be great?

    • Words For Worms

      They are and it’s so fun! I read an article once where Diana and George had been discussing their television shows and he was all “wait, you get 16 episodes?! I only get 10!” One can only assume she had enough tact not to point out that his show and book series is missing one VERY key ingredient, one Jamie Fraser. The man, the myth, the legend cannot be restricted to 10 episodes.

    • Words For Worms

      If I ever get my act together, I have plaaaaaaaaaaaaaans for #6. Or, well, something silly anyone. Obviously I cannot bring dead authors back to life in an actual sense.

  2. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Oo, I was thinking Maggie Stiefvater and Holly Black, but your pairing is awesome too. And Rainbow Rowell + Jojo Moyes = YES. YES. I AGREE. Or Jojo Moyes and Marisa de los Santos, who I think are both tremendously great authors who deserve more credit for their insight and lovely writing.

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