The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

May 11, 2015 Audio Books, Chick Lit, Supernatural 7

Hello Bookworms!

Remember that time when I gushed all over the internet about Scribd? Well, the very first book I decided to listen to with my new subscription was a Sarah Addison Allen. Anybody surprised? You shouldn’t be. My ears devoured The Sugar Queen.

thesugarqueenJosie Cirrini’s life is in a holding pattern. Though she’s 27, she’s never moved out of her childhood home and her social life revolves around chauffering her elderly mother to her various society engagements in their small North Carolina town. Josey is so firmly under her mother’s thumb that she takes solace in snacks and sweet treats she keeps hidden in her closet. Josey’s life looks like it’ll be over before it starts when one evening she finds the rather scandalous town barfly Della Lee Baker hiding out in her closet amongst her guilty pleasures. The arrival of Della Lee sets off a series of events that changes the way Josey views her life and her family’s legacy.

Of course, as a Sarah Addison Allen, there’s a bit of magic involved (in the most whimsical and charming ways, naturally.) I’ve always said that red is my cosmic color of power, but Josey’s claim on that statement might actually be legit. And Josey’s gal pal Chloe has the BEST power/affliction. Books literally find her when she needs them. Where can I sign up for that?!

I’ve mentioned before that I have a hard time reading books where overweight and/or obese people are described by authors in an unsympathetic tone. Sarah Addison Allen is very sympathetic to Josey, who is described as “plump,” but in exploring her addiction to food and comfort eating I found myself getting downright sad. It hit a nerve, I guess. I mean, I’ll probably never truly understand what drives someone to shoot heroin, but mainlining cookies? That is something I can relate to. Ooooh the feelings. Fans of Sarah Addison Allen, whimsy, and baked goods should definitely check out The Sugar Queen

Tell me something, Bookworms. Do you ever get an unexpected punch in the feels while reading? When was the last time it happened? 

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7 Responses to “The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen”

  1. Megan M.

    Love this one! You just can’t go wrong with SAA. I just finished reading “Bone Gap” by Laura Ruby. One of the characters is a teenage girl who many people describe as “ugly” and a “butterface.” I can’t say exactly why I cried during this book without including a major spoiler, but I identified very, very much with this girl who thought she was so ugly that no one could possibly love her. And also, when you feel like you’re a “butterface” and then your body starts looking not so hot as well? Very rough on the self-esteem.

  2. Michelle

    SAA is one of those authors I know I need to read more often. I have enjoyed the few novels of hers I have read. This one sounds amazing, and I love when books hit just the right note at the right time. I think it is one of the reasons I read as much as I do!

  3. Melinda

    Josie sounds like me with the comfort eating. I still haven’t read the SAA books I have, but I’m liking the sound of this one too.

  4. AMB

    I might add this one to my list! I read Garden Spells and First Frost recently. I didn’t love them, but I liked the first one enough to read the second (which I liked more than the first). They are comfort books.

  5. Andi

    I own this one, but for some reason I’ve never read it all. I think maybe I picked it up and added it to my collection at a time when I’d ODed on Addison Allen’s work. One day!

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