New Year’s Reso-LATE-ions

January 6, 2015 Personal, Top Ten Tuesday 28

Happy Tuesday, Bookworms!

Normally I like to jump in and join The Broke and the Bookish and join with a good Top Ten Tuesday post. This week, however, they’re listing debut novels. I have absolutely no idea how to get excited about a book from an author I’ve never read, let alone where I’d track down a list of 10. Soooo, since I’ve been so behind I thought I’d take this opportunity to catch up and do some New Year’s Resolutions, or, Reso-LATE-ions. Keeping it real, y’all.


1.ย Whine Less: Yeah so I started off 2015 with a bout of the stomach flu and a severe case of the mopeys. I feel like I’ve done nothing this year so far except whine about not feeling well and things not going to plan. I need to pull an Elsa and LET IT GO. Oye.

2. Be better at commenting on other blogs: I have been absolutely THE WORST at commenting on other blogs the past few months. I need to get better at sharing the love. I get so much of it, I need to spread some!

3. Be better about responding to comments here: Let’s add to the list of ways I’ve been a sucky blogger lately. I’ve been beyond crappy about responding to comments here. And I so love all your comments. All of you beautiful, witty, weirdos. I love your faces.

4. More Literary Love Connections: If you missed Snaponine and Scarcliff, you should check them out. This was my absolute favorite brain child of 2014 and I hope to continue the ridiculousness.

5.ย Less Pressure: I suppose this flies in the face of making resolutions in the first place, but between committing to ARCs, challenges, and trying to read ALL THE THINGS, I’m in serious danger of burning out. I’m going to try to be more zen. Participate when it’s fun, not feel guilty when I’m not in the mood.

In the interest of keeping the pressure low, I’m only going with 5 resolutions. 2015, man. Here’s hoping it doesn’t suck! Have any of y’all got resolutions for the new year? I’d love to hear about them!

28 Responses to “New Year’s Reso-LATE-ions”

  1. Quirky Chrissy

    If it makes you feel better, and it should, you were one of my Top 5 commenters in 2014…right up there with my mom. Also, I have zero real resolutions in order to not suck at them. Also, there was a homeless guy on the train next to me carrying a billion bags, and he smelled funny.

  2. Jennine G.

    Yes, yes, to literary love connections! And to making things light. I almost joined an official TBR link up challenge and then thought, why? I already set up my own ground rules for what I want to accomplish. Let’s keep it simple and read whatever I want!

  3. Rhian

    I found a website last year that was about describing one’s goals for the coming year using only three words. It worked well for me last year so I’m doing it again this year and my three words are Home, Health and Happiness. I won’t go into detail about all of them, but Happiness includes (in part) being less negative. Otherwise known as whining less :-).

  4. Heather

    My resolutions for this year are pretty simple – find joy and focus on creativity. I need to spend more time focusing on things that make ME happy and spend less time on things that don’t bring me joy.

    Oh, and I am SO looking forward to more Literary Love Connections. I’m crossing my fingers that some folks from Outlander will get a little love (Murtaugh?? Master Raymond???) ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Joules (from Pocketful of Joules)

    I need to be better about commenting too. {boom…just commented on yours} I think everyone goes through a bit of a mopey period after the holidays. It just seems so grey and sad after the pretty colors and lights come down! Which is why I still have all my decorations up… =)

    • Words For Worms

      LOL, I’ve still got one tree up, but the rest is down (which is a considerable amount. I usually put up a January tree (a table top white tree with blue penguin ornaments) just so I’m less bummed out.

  6. Amy @ Read a Latte

    My end of the year WordPress report thing actually had you has my #1 commenter of the year! You can’t be too bad at it! I definitely need to add less whining to my list, though too.

  7. Helen @ My Novel Opinion

    I’m a slacker when it comes to commenting too. Both replying on my blog and adding my thoughts to other blogs. I still read them though! But so often my blog reading is done when I have a few minutes using the Bloglovin app, then I save the post and forget to go back and comment ๐Ÿ™

  8. Megan M.

    I usually don’t make resolutions because I don’t need that kind of pressure during my Birthday Month, but being less negative is always a good goal. However, my real resolution is to not turn 32 (it’s too late for 31 now, sigh) without writing an entire, finished, complete novel.

    • Words For Worms

      Girl, you can do this! I’m staring down the barrel at 32 in 3 months. I’m tired of feeling the need to reevaluate my life every time I have a birthday. Damnit, I want to go back to just being happy about eating cake. I’m going to add that to the resolution list. DO NOT MOURN BIRTHDAY. EAT CAKE. CELEBRATE CAKE. CAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEE.

  9. Jancee @ Jancee Reads

    One of mine was to give myself more grace. Review less if I feel like it, read more of what I want, and just chill out a bit. I really like your other resolutions too. I get really whiny if I get tired or hungry, so that one is probably something I should work on. If only to stop annoying the roommates!

    • Words For Worms

      Hahahaha, Jancee, you are adorable. I think being “hangry” or tired doesn’t really count in the whiny counter. Although, eating regularly and getting enough sleep are good goals too, so what do I know? I could stand to give myself some more grace, that’s an excellent resolution.

  10. Andi (@estellasrevenge)

    Don’t burn out!!!! Less stress will definitely help your drive to do ALL THE THINGS. The reading, the commenting, and all. I just had to let myself slump at the end of last year, and I feel much better now! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. thatashgirl

    I feel ya. I’ve had a draft of a Happy New Year post for over a week and need to get motivated again.

    And I totally read #1 as Wine less….which reinforces my belief that I’m not allowed to drink this January….at all.

  12. Trish

    Bahahaha!! I think our intro paragraphs for our posts yesterday are identical. How do these people know about all those debuts? How do they have the TIME to find debuts?? Commenting and responding to comments. Gah. I suck, too. Sometimes I just want to cry “let’s call the whole thing off” instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy new year sweet lady! Hope it’s a great one for you.

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