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November 21, 2014 Personal 22

Howdy Bookworms,

I’m going to take a little break from books today because today marks 5 years that Hubs and I have been hitched. In past years I’ve come up with clever limericks and other silliness, but this year I’m going to seize the opportunity to post wedding photos because I am fresh out of clever. The good news? After 5 years of marriage and 6.5 years of dating (that makes 11.5 years altogether, if you’re math-y) I’m still rather fond of this fellow. I’m also super happy that we had a miraculous 70 degree day for our wedding instead of the frigid nightmare that is the weather currently. Brrrr!


22 Responses to “Keeping it Weird”

  1. Sarah Says Read

    Awwww, Happy Anniversary to you guys!!! Hope you’re having a magical anniversary weekend 🙂

  2. AMB

    Congratulations on 5/11.5 years together! I’m so glad your wedding day had the beautiful weather you and your hubby deserved. I got married in August, which is typically a very muggy time of year, but it was miraculously 79 degrees with low humidity on the big day. I was so relieved!

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