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July 31, 2014 Fantasy 32

Greetings Bookworms!

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve been in a VERY Harry Potter mood of late. I’ve been listening to the entire Harry Potter series on audio the past few weeks while chugging through some seriously busy times at my day job. (Yes, I have a real job. No, it has nothing to do with books.) Since I’ve been chilling in the HP universe, I remembered that today is Harry’s Birthday! I’m assuming he got back from the Quidditch World Cup alright, of course, and that he’s celebrating at home with the fam. 34 is a big year- he’s officially DOUBLE the age of a legal wizard. So. Yeah. We’re getting old, Harry. At least you’ve got a few years on me.

Mmmm cake a la Hagrid. (image source)

Mmmm cake a la Hagrid. (image source)

In order to celebrate with all my fellow Potterheads, I thought it might be fun to do a little roundup of HP quizzes. Don’t pretend you haven’t gotten sucked into a BuzzFeed quiz. We both know better, and I’m fresh out of veritaserum to wring the truth out of you.

1, First things first, if you haven’t already been sorted into your house via Pottermore’s official sorting, you need to go and do that. Click HERE. Chop Chop. I’m a Ravenclaw (no surprise to me.) Holla!

2. For all the ladies in the house (or dudes who are interested), you can take THIS QUIZ to find out what female Harry Potter character you’d be. I got Minerva McGonagall, and I’m pretty pleased with the result. Who are you?

female hp characters3. If you don’t feel like being gender specific, you could take THIS QUIZ that will let you be any HP character, male or female. I got Albus Dumbledore. Must be that we both enjoy reading and gin & tonics? I really see no other similarities. I’m flattered, but c’mon.

4. OR you could find out which Hogwarts professor you’d be. I’m Dumbledore AGAIN, which makes me question this quiz’s value because I’m CLEARLY McGonagall. Pfft. (Not that Dumbledore isn’t awesome, because he so is. I’m just not that wise. Or that patient. Or that good at secrets. I’d have blurted ALL THE THINGS out to Harry immediately. For good or ill.)

5. You could also find out what secondary HP character you’d be. You might end up being Dean Thomas, like I did. I mean, he’s living every muggle-born’s dream. It could be worse!

6. You could answer the age-old question (if you’re being interviewed by me anyway) and find out what form your patronus would take. This quiz told me my patronus would be a horse, but I’m pretty sure I only got that result because prehistoric penguin wasn’t an option. I mean, really. This guy would take some dementors OUT.


I think that’s quite enough for one day, but I’m always open to more RIDDIKULUS-ness when it comes to all things Harry Potter. Happy Birthday, boy wizard (even though you’re now a man-wizard with gray hair and kids and stuff.)

Did you take any of the quizzes? What were your results?!

PS: If you’re still pining for Potter, check out some HP inspired tattoos HERE.

32 Responses to “Happee Birthdae Harry!”

  1. Megan M.

    Happy Birthday HP!

    1. Slytherin. I’ve mentioned this before, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE SHOCKED.
    2. Hermione Granger. Aw, yisssssss!
    3. Neville Longbottom.
    4. Dumbledore. Maybe everyone gets Dumbledore?
    5. Dean Thomas. Maybe everyone gets Dean Thomas?
    6. An otter (same as Hermione Granger.) I can dig it. Otters are cute.

    • Words For Worms

      I’m rather shocked by your Slytherin-ness, but Snape had some redeeming qualities in the end, so it can’t be all evil and doom. Clearly you’re a pioneer making Slytherin a better house. I’m a little jealous you got to be Hermione AND her patronus (though, an otter isn’t quite as cool as a prehistoric penguin, if I do say so myself.) NEVILLE is awesome. Wear that one with pride.

  2. Laura

    Happy birthday Harry! When I took the “Which female HP character are you?” quiz, I got Hermione. I suppose I have the bushy/curly hair and love of books and knowledge (although not quite as intense as she is). How fun that you got Dumbledore for the overall HP character quiz!

    • Words For Worms

      Hermione is my homegirl, you should be honored :). I’m so not Dumbledore, but it’s fun to pretend I’d be the greatest wizard in all the land…

  3. Melissa

    This post was all kinds of fun!
    I’m definitely Gryffindor, don’t need a quiz for that.
    I took the patronus quiz and got otter, but I don’t think so. It would definitely be a marmot.

    • Words For Worms

      I concur, you have a very Gryffindor vibe. You’re probably right about the marmot too, that quiz was too limited in terms of patronus options.

  4. Heather

    Yeah, I’m a sucker for the Buzzfeed quizzes too.

    Anywho, I’m a Ravenclaw (no surprise there at all). Apparently, I’m Luna Lovegood – I am actually excited about that, because I feel like she’s very underrated as a character (although I definitely lack her artistic ability) and she’s one of my favorites…

    However, as ANY Harry Potter character, I’m apparently Fred Weasley. (Did NOT see that coming). As a secondary character, I’m Oliver Wood (who, while delightfully yummy in both my imagination and in the movie, is NOT someone I identify with at all).

    My patronus is a cat (according to the quiz I took from this post)… but I recall taking another quiz somewhere else, and my patronus was an otter. Either way, I’m happy with those selections. 🙂

    This is making me count down the days till I get to go to Diagon Alley – is it March yet???

    • Words For Worms

      I always had a soft spot for Luna, I’m a sucker for a lovable weirdo. Your results in the other two quizzes confirms my suspicion that they are wrong because you are no more Fred Weasley/Oliver Wood than I am Dumbledore. You’re going to HP World?! Color me jealous!

  5. Samantha

    I’m pretty sure I don’t need to take any of the other quizzes because I got Tonks for female Harry Potter character and I am TOTALLY good with that. 😀

    Happy birthday, Harry Potter. My love for the books is very new, but it’s very strong. 🙂

  6. Ashley

    Yay Harry! I totally geeked out at the fact that my fiancee and I went to get our marriage license on Harry’s Birthday yesterday.

    Oh and I’m a Ravenclaw too! : )

      • Ashley

        It is! I have been collecting old books to stack on the tables as part of the centerpieces. We also got laser-cut books that spell “A & E” to put on our head table. We had talked about using retro library cards for assigned seating but my head is about to explode (only 4 weeks until the big day!) so I decided it was too much extra stress and people can just pick their own seats. I will probably just use those to make table numbers instead. : )

  7. April @ The Steadfast Reader

    FAB. Katie – FAB!
    I’ve been Slytherin for a loooong time. But I’m also McGonagall.
    Third quiz — ummm. I got Nevill. If it’s not clear that I TOTALLY LOVE BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION… well, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT CLEARER!!! OBVIOUSLY, inaccurate. 🙂
    Fourth: I’m Dean Thomas — and Stan Lee is a pen name?!
    My patronus is a Doe… I have a deep and lasting love of Alan Ric— er. Snape. 😉

    • Words For Worms

      You know, I can absolutely see you as a Slytherin, but in a good way. SEE, Megan? You’re in good company! I applaud your Alan Rickman crush. We all have a thing, girl. Get down with your Snapey self.

  8. AMB

    Happy belated birthday to Harry! He’s only a year older than I am, but it’s funny to think of us as “contemporaries” because I thought I was a little too old to read the HP books when they first came out (until I figured out what I was missing when I finally picked up the series in my 20s!).

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