Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Wishlist

January 21, 2014 Top Ten Tuesday 52

Happy Tuesday, Bookworms!

This week the Broke and the Bookish have challenged us with a doozy of a Top Ten Tuesday Topic. We’ve been charged with listing the top ten things on out reading wishlist. What in heaven’s name does that mean? Well, if you could make authors write about anything: time periods, genres, characters, whimsy, and whatnot, what would you choose? Basically, we’re going to take a trip inside my bubbling cauldron of a brain and see what surfaces.


 1. The Unholy Mingling of Science Fiction and Historical Fiction: Time Travel! I’m a sucker for a good “sucked back in time” story. More please!

2. Gardening: I am a floral fiend, so when when authors work flowers and gardening into a nice tasty novel. The Care and Handling of Roses With Thorns (my review), The Language of Flowers (my review)… Sigh. So much to love.

3. Penguins: Where’d You Go, Bernadette (my review), And Tango Makes Three (my review), Mary Poppins, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins have proven that books featuring penguins, no matter how subtly, can be done well. Please, literary world, I want some more!

4. Actual Clones of Rainbow Rowell: I’m not talking about people ripping off Rainbow Rowell, I’m talking like 2 or 3 spare Rainbows. I am selfish and horrible and would like her catalog of work would build up more quickly. I am so friggin creepy. I devoured Attachments (my review), Eleanor & Park (my review), and Fangirl(my review) so fast that the anticipation for Landline is KILLING me!


5. Fractured Fairy Tales: That don’t take themselves too seriously. I like fractured fairy tales, but I LOVE them when they have a good dose of humor worked in.

6. Feisty Females: I have really been digging the trend in YA lit to showcase female characters with guts. Sure, there are still some damsels in distress out there, but butt kicking girls who make things happen? We could use a few (zillion) more.

7. Villains with Depth: Few things annoy me as much as reading a villain with no motive. Give me a heartbreaking back story or a scientific explanation for these people. Maybe I’m too wishy washy, but I just can’t buy into the whole born evil thing. I refuse!

Yes, evil medical school is a valid back story. (Source)

Yes, evil medical school is a valid back story. (Source)

8. Romance with a Healthy Dash of Humor: I’m too old for teen angst. Funny things happen when people fall in love. I want to hear about that! Sure, there can be some mooning and sighing in there, but give me a snarky BFF or a dog or something.

I was looking for a laughing gif and this came up. You can understand that I had no choice. It demanded posting. (Source)

I was looking for a laughing gif and this came up. You can understand that I had no choice. It demanded posting. (Source)

 I’ve only got 8, but the gifs make up for it, right? Tell me Bookworms, what’s on YOUR reading wish list?! 

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52 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Reading Wishlist”

    • Words For Worms

      Hahahaha!!!! Ciska, I’m so glad you like it. For my husband’s 30th birthday, we did a whole TGIF themed birthday party, including Dinosaurs. It was ridiculous.

  1. Shannon @ River City Reading

    You’d probably really dig (pun intended!) The Signature of All things when it comes to number two. The main character is a female botanist in the 19th century…plus it’s a pretty sweeping piece of historical fiction!

  2. Megan

    Pretty much anything you recommend 🙂 . Earlier I read ME BEFORE YOU and sobbed myself through a box of tissues. It was excellent. Superb. Last night I finished TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME. Holey Mackerel Robin. Excellence. I am still getting chills from that book. Amazing.
    Next on my list: CHILDREN’S BLIZZARD and (If I’m brave enough) NOTHING TO ENVY. Both are non-fiction.

  3. Jennine G.

    That last gif! I would love to find copies of that show for my kids to watch! Dinosaurs, right?

    Great list! I’ve heard many compliments on Rainbow Rowell, but this seems ultimate. Now I’m really excited to see her Sunday!

    If I were to add one to the list, it would be books that feature books. I like when the characters are readers and have books in their lives or when the novel itself is patterned after other well known writings.

  4. Ashley F

    OMG speaking of fractured fairy tales have you read the Gregory Maguire books? Because Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is probably in my top 20 books of all time. I actually liked it more than Wicked.

  5. Rory

    If you ever need gardening themed literature…that’s what I do!

    And yep, romance needs a little bit of humor. I’d also like to see an everyday fight or two, like when one person forgets to take out the garbage.

  6. Lanaia

    I really like to read historical fiction and science fiction mixed together! 🙂
    I’m all for great villains! You know when they’re so smart and evil, you end up loving them almost more than main character? I want more of villains like that 😀
    And of course I love to read fairy-tale retellings and feisty females! I haven’t read any books with penguins in them, but now that you mentioned it, I definitely have to! Great picks and I love those funny gifs! 🙂

  7. Liesel Hill

    OMG, I haven’t seen that Dinosaurs baby since I was a kid! I totally grew up with random shouts of “Not duh mama” going on in the background. So great! Anyway, really love your list. I keep seeing that you like time travel. Don’t mean to promo myself (okay, maybe I kind of do) but I don’t think you’ve read my Interchron series. It’s definitely not historical–more dystopian, actually–but there’s an element of time travel, so you might dig it. It’s HERE if you want to check it out. I totally know what you mean about villains not having good motivations. So annoying! As for fairy tales, I’m thinking of doing a fairy-tale related reaching challenge over the summer, if you’re interested. I really haven’t done more than some random preliminary thinking about it yet, but last summer I did a mermaid reading challenge and really enjoyed it, so I might do something fairytale-esque this year. Anyway, great list. Happy Tuesday!

    My TTT

  8. Tiffany

    There are few things I love more than relate-able and in-depth villains! A Loki-esque type character who you know is bad but you get it. Also, I love the Dinosaurs gif. It reminds me of my childhood!

  9. Ashley Z

    After reading Outlander I’m all for the time travel! If only all time travel had some sex-ay Scotts…. well then I’d be in heaven!

  10. Charleen

    “I’m the Baby, gotta love me!”

    I do love villains with depth. Gimme more of that grey area! I want a bad guy I can empathize with!

    • Words For Worms

      Rainbow Rowell favorited the tweet I sent her saying something to the effect of “are we still cool even though I want to have you cloned?” We’re still cool. I’m not the crazy chick from Misery.

  11. Cindy W

    And now I definitely have to make my daughter watch “Dinosaurs”! She saw it in my netflix queue last week and thought it looked dumb, but she wasn’t sure about Doctor Who either until I made her watch an episode.

    I definitely like my romance with some humor added in.

  12. Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

    I also love the time travel / historical fiction mix – Kindred, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Doomsday Book, The River of No Return, etc. Are you put off by books with aliens in it? Because there was this awesome historical fiction / sci-fi book where the main story was about aliens that crash their ship in a medieval German village. I know that description makes it sound like it’s comedic but it’s actually surprisingly very moving. It’s called Eifelheim by Michael Flynn. There’s also a few chapters from the present-day interspersed with the medieval plot, and it’s okay not to like those chapters as much.

    • Words For Worms

      You know something? Once you read it, you’ll be all, “why didn’t I do this sooner?!” Unless you hate it, but I have a hard time seeing that happening.

  13. Rebecca @ Love at First Book

    Katie, I know what needs to happen!!!! Why don’t you write a time traveling story where you also, in real life, invent a cloning machine, and then throw in a feisty female and a penguin for good luck????

  14. Darlene

    Books featuring lavish dinner parties, that’s what I want!!
    I want the place settings, the menu and all the deep conversation over the meal.
    I want an entertaining wait staff too. Maybe I should just write one…..

    And books about books. Love them!

  15. Sarah Says Read

    I want to live in a world where there are more than one Rainbow Rowells. OMG and that Dinosaurs gif!!! I loooooved that show when I was a kid.

    Oh and I’m totally the opposite of you with #7 – I love the villains who are crazy and evil for no reason. (Like The Joker… crazy mofo right there, for no good reason!)

  16. Emily

    Great list and I specifically agree with 6-8. I think we have the same level of appreciation for fiestiness (supposedly this is not a word but I disagree) and snark. Oh the impact a character well versed in sarcasm can have on a mediocre book. Gimme more! (And villains are characters too, develop them! Sheesh.)

  17. Shan

    Newbie Here.
    I just wanted to say that I loved your list and the gifs. I wish there were a couple of recs under each to help me on my way.

    Either way it was fun and with the gifs funny.

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