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December 3, 2013 Art, Friendship 29

Hey Bookworms!

I’m skipping another Top Ten Tuesday. Today’s topic is books that I can’t wait for in 2014, and there is BUT ONE: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon. (Heeeey Diana! Big fan! Jamie and Claire! Ahhhhhhhhh! I can’t wait!)

I’ve still got a list for y’all though, never you fear. I have some incredibly talented friends. Several of them now have their own little shops online where you can purchase their custom wares. Sometimes you’ve got someone on your list that the regular commercial goods just won’t work for. I’ve got your solution. *Full Disclosure: Nobody is paying me a doggone cent for featuring them. They are my ACTUAL friends and I want to share them with you. No ulterior motives up in here.*

1. Crafty Bananas Crochet: I’ve known Jackie since… I don’t know, birth probably? We did girl scouts together and she totally remembers me in giant baggy grunge pants from high school. You know all those amazing little crochet projects on Pinterest? Jackie can make those! She does the cutest hats and scarves and blankets. I mean, MINIONS:

How freaking cute are these?!

How freaking cute are these?!

2. Dome Life Studios: Lillian was one of my first blogging friends, and she is SO amazingly talented. She paints and creates such cool things. You can commission a portrait (COMMISSION A PORTRAIT, GUYS!) for a super reasonable rate, or you can shop her new handmade fun and funky jewelry. She’s got an Etsy store and a Zazzle shop for all your holiday needs. Of course, you can always visit her blog too and check out the latest antics of Tiny-Small, her 3 year old fashionista. I had her paint a portrait of my Gingerbread House and I absolutely ADORE it:

Love it so so so much!

It hangs on the wall in our living room. We’re pretty sure the inside of the Gingerbread House is pleased to know how pretty it is outside.

3. September Soap: I met September in high school, which means she ALSO remembers my grunge phase… High School. Sigh. Anyway, she’s very into the whole natural, organic, no artificial nonsense scene. She’s started a business making soap with all sorts of naturalness and essential oils and such. It’s super super good for your skin, particularly if you’re sensitive to things with a lot of dyes and perfumes. This would be a great gift for the person on your list who’s allergic to all the fun cosmetics in the land. It’s all moisturize-y too. Be gone, winter scale-y skin!

september soap4. Words for Worms Zazzle Shop: Alright, I lied about the ulterior motives.  A little. I’ve got a Zazzle store where you can purchase Words for Worms merch! I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I want a weird blogger’s logo on my stuff?” To which I shall answer: BAM! (The commission on this stuff is tiny, but I know that if I needed a baby shower gift for a fellow bookworm, I’d have jumped at this, so I thought I’d help the world. I’m altruistic and such.)

All the kiddos on my list are getting "future bookworm" onesies.

All the kiddos on my list are getting “Future Bookworm” onesies or “Bookworm in Training” t-shirts. My site isn’t on there, so they aren’t billboards, just cute as heck.

In all seriousness, Bookworms. Check out my artsy/crafty/fabulous friends. I’ll love you forever. I mean, I would have done that anyway, but still. Is it just me, or is anybody else already completely overwhelmed with holiday shopping this year? I shopped for a few hours on Sunday and wanted to weep with the enormity of it all!

29 Responses to “Holiday Shopping Words for Worms Style”

  1. Ashley F

    OMG I don’t think I’ve anticipated a book release this much in a long long time. I think if we start January 1st, we can make 2014 the year of Diana and do a full series re-read before July. Because seriously I read Outlander like 10+ years ago.

    Holy poop those Minion hats are adorable. My crochet skills are not nearly that good. I still rock square and rectangle items only!

    • Words For Worms

      I wonder if I lobby hard enough if I could get Diana to acknowledge my weird little existence… I just want to have long conversations with her about Fergus and Young Ian!

      • Ashley F

        Try sending her a private message on Goodreads. I’ve done it with other authors and gotten a response. It’s worth a try!

  2. Megan M.

    Aww, minion hats! I wish I was that good at crochet. I can barely make a blanket. It’s sad. I’ll have to check out September Soap. I have to be very careful about what I use on my skin. And the Future Bookworm onesie… adorable. I may be buying one of those soon for my niece or nephew, coming Summer 2014!

    • Words For Worms

      Oh man, you’re miles ahead of me. I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I will need to be a purchaser of crafty items and not a creator. I’m impressed you can do a blanket!

  3. Ashley Z

    Ok I’m half way through Voyager. My holidays will definitely be spent devouring these books!
    Buy a hat from Jackie! My kids love theirs!

    • Words For Worms

      I think the onesies go up to 24 months… I bought an 18 month one for a friend’s little girl. The t-shirts I think go to 3 or 4T and then switch to regular kid sizes. That 5T is a tough size to locate- I had a heck of a time finding stuff in that size for my “nephew’s” birthday one year. If you order them, I’d LOVE to see pics of the kiddos in their ensembles 🙂

  4. Charleen

    That onesie really is the cutest. Makes me wish I had babies in my life just so I could dress them in that.

    As for holiday shopping, I’ve got it mostly under control. A couple people are actually done, and almost everyone else is accounted for, just have to actually get the stuff. My dad is the only real question mark.

    • Words For Worms

      I’m impressed that you’ve got things under control. I suppose part of my problem is that we have a rather long list of people to exchange gifts with… The kids on my list were all the first ones finished. Kids are more fun to shop for than grown ups!

    • Words For Worms

      Thanks! I saw a similar one on pinterest, but when I tried to order it, the Etsy store had closed. Besides, penguins are way cooler than actual worms anyway.

  5. It's A Dome Life

    Thank you for including me in you holiday shopping guide. I have a feeling I am going to be doing a lot of shopping on zazzle this year. SO many cool things to buy! I really think Tiny-Small needs a minion hat and spearmint soap sounds so delicious, I mean refreshing! I’d like to get my hands on some of that too.

  6. Sarah Says Read

    Oh man, the minion hats!!! TOO adorable.

    And I like the portrait of your house too! I always wanted to have a picture of our house hanging inside… you know, once we GET a house.

    Great holiday gifty ideas chica!

  7. Girl

    I think you may have forgotten that Rainbow’s new book comes out next year….. I am super excited for it!!

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