Contributing to the Literacy of a Minor

October 21, 2013 Children's Fiction, Family, Personal 48

G’day Bookworms!

It’s Monday, which is not fun. However, I had a fabulous weekend, and that helps make up for it. I went back to the homestead in the Chicago burbs. There I spent some QT with the fam, met up with some pals from high school who also happen to read my blog (Jackie and Ashley kind of rule), AND I had a fabulous brunch with the one and only Quirky Chrissy.

I’m going to pull the proud Auntie card an monopolize this post, because I love the crap out of my nephew. He has a real, honest-to-goodness name, but I refuse to use it. Instead I refer to him as “Squishy.” “The Squish,” “Squisherson,” or some other ridiculous variation. Why? Because THIS:

I basically nicknamed my nephew in honor of a jelly fish. But he’s so CUTE and he has the best CHEEKS and I LOVE him. So there. Anyway, this weekend Squishy and I did some reading. He was REALLY into One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishHe was flailing and pointing excitedly as only a 5 month old can do. What’s that you say? Of COURSE I documented our reading session!


I’m a very animated reader when it comes to Seuss, and Squish is clearly a fan.

Squishy's talents include smiling, being cute, and diaper blowouts.
This book had a mirror in it, so it was a hit with Squishy. It also had a penguin in it, so I was a big fan, too! Now, being 5 months old, he was a pretty captive audience. It’s not like he’s capable of physically escaping my grasp or anything, but there were some happy coos going on, so I’m confident he enjoyed himself. At least, I’m confident he enjoyed himself with the reading. I take no responsibility for subjecting the innocent child to the abject humiliation that followed. THAT was Grandma’s doing. (I take no responsibility, but I did take JOY. So much joy. Have you ever seen a cuter sock monkey?!)

Sock monkeys haven never been so adorable.

This poor kid. He’ll probably hate us for this when he gets older, but how could we be expected to resist? That was my stellar weekend. How was yours, Bookworms? Anybody do anything awesome? Hang out with a monkey? C’mon, share with the class!

48 Responses to “Contributing to the Literacy of a Minor”

  1. Charleen

    I’m going to Chicago this weekend! Except, unlike most times I say I’m “going to Chicago,” I’m actually going to Chicago, not stopping 20 miles short. I haven’t really spent any time downtown in over ten years, so it should be fun.

  2. A.M.B.

    Wow, your nephew is already five months old! He’s adorable! My kids really liked “One First, Two Fish (etc).” I love many Dr. Seuss books (including “One Fish, et al” and “Oh the Places You’ll Go”), but some have too much gibberish and are just too long. The illustrations are always great, though.

  3. Megan M.

    Aww. I called my oldest daughter “Squeaky Cheeks” when she was a baby. I wish my girls were still “captive” audiences. Now I lovingly pick out awesome picture books from the library and they reject half of them because they’re not interested! If putting them to bed didn’t already take so long (bathroom, pajamas, two stories, two songs, inevitable whining for a sip of milk, etc.) I would institute a “Mommy’s choice” bedtime story. LOL

    What are your feelings on “Love You Forever”? I heard about it from parents/grandparents fawning over it when I was working at a bookstore, so I read it one day and… I found it really creepy. Couldn’t imagine actually reading it to a child. Also, “The Giving Tree” seems like it’s teaching kids to be jerkfaces. Just my opinion.

    “I contribute to the literacy of minors” would make an EXCELLENT t-shirt design!

  4. Laura

    He makes an adorable sock monkey!

    I’m not sure how big of a presence CIBC has in the US but they have this adorable penguin commercial playing in Canada. Naturally, I thought of your blog.

  5. Ashley Z

    yay! It was great to see you after 12 WHOLE YEARS (geez when did we get old?) A pitcher of sangria and doing the whole catching up face to face thing, was definitely tops of my weekend!

  6. Nish

    The cuteness. That phase is so cute, when they can’t move around. Once they start running, it’s much tougher 🙂

  7. Don Royster

    When he gets older, you will have to read “Bunicula” by Deborah and James Howe. If you haven’t read, it’s the story of a cat named Chester who thinks the rabbit his people brought home is a vampire bunny.

  8. Sarah Says Read

    AWWWWW, reading time with Squishy. Too adorable. You’re such a good aunt! I really love that my oldest nephew and niece both love to read – they’re way ahead of their peers in reading ability, which is super cool. My youngest nephew… well my sister never read to him much, and now he’s a super hyper and bad 2 year old, so it’s a struggle to read with him. ONE DAY I’ll succeed though.

  9. Rhian

    Another proud aunty here. I have twin nephews who live on the other side of the country, and we will be visiting them next week for their first birthday. I am so excited and looking forward to (gently) pinching their chubby cheeks and smothering them in aunty hugs and kisses.

  10. Andi (@estellasrevenge)

    OMG, the cuteness is almost too much! ALMOST! He is adorbs, and “Squish, etc.” is the best nickname ever, and READING! My son is 3 and a half, and he’s WAY into reading lately and reading “to me.” So funny. Love it!

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