Getting Rid of Bradley (Because He Totally Sucks)

September 12, 2013 Chick Lit, Romance, Trashy Romance Novels 40

Howdy Bookworms,

Sometimes you just need a break, you know? I’ve been reading a lot of dystopias and apocalyptic fiction lately, and I decided I needed a goofy little romance. I read Jennifer Crusie’s novel Bet Me a while back, and enjoyed it so much I decided to buy a bundle o’ Jennifer Crusie on the Kindle at a bargain price! I had the set waiting for me for just such an occasion, so I decided to cleanse the old brain palate and dive in.

gettingridofbradleyThe first book in my set was Getting Rid of Bradley. Lucy, our protagonist has just gotten divorced. As in, she has JUST gotten out of the courtroom. Lucy’s obscenely wealthy sister managed to grease the wheels of justice so thoroughly that Lucy’s divorce was finalized a mere two weeks after the initial filing. I don’t know a lot about divorces, but I’m pretty sure even rich people have to wait their turn. Of course, what’s a little fudging of reality between friends?  Lucy and her sister headed to a diner for a post divorce lunch when…

A pair of cops saunter in. One is clean cut, the other dashingly rugged. The cops are hot on the trail of a white collar criminal, lying in wait in said diner thanks to an anonymous tip. While they wait for the perps to show up, Zack (Mr. Rugged) laments the fact that he’s 36 and has no desire to settle down. He’s more than a little bit moody and broody.

Lucy and her sister head out of the diner and the cops split up to follow and question them. Lucy naturally mistakes Zack for a mugger, and during their little alleyway tussle, a shot is fired. MYSTERY and DANGER now follow Lucy. Zack is predictably smitten, despite her horrendous dye job. (Women always give themselves tragic makeovers when they are trying to put a failed relationship behind them… Or they choose vodka and Chaka Khan.)

Because it’s totally normal and in line with police policy, Zack decides to bunk at Lucy’s house until they’ve figured out who the mystery shooter is. It seems that Lucy’s ex is somehow tangled up in the whole white collar criminal thing- it doesn’t help that they’ve both got “Bradley” in their names (this was funnier in The Importance of Being Earnest.) Anyhow. INSTA-LOVE ensues and the bedsheets are all a-tangle. Also there are dogs with science names. And mysteries are solved. Love conquers all. You know how it works.

I didn’t like this book nearly as much as Bet Me, but I didn’t have super high expectations. I wanted a fun little romance to take my mind off all the doom and gloom, and this book did exactly that. If you need something light with a hint of steam, this could be a good book for you.

So, Bookworms. What do you like to read when you need a palate cleanser? Any hopeless romantics out there enjoy the occasional romp through this type of novel?

40 Responses to “Getting Rid of Bradley (Because He Totally Sucks)”

  1. justJen

    Anything Fanny Flagg, Madeleine L’Engle, or Anne of Green Gables always perks me back up after too many heavy books in a row!

  2. Ashley F

    This one wasn’t my fave of her. Charlie All Night was cuter what with puppies that need 24/7 nursing, hot radio DJ’s and 3am Chinese food in bed.

  3. Rhian

    Hi, my name is Rhian and I am a hopeless romantic. Romance novels are my guilty pleasure – I find them perfect for a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon on the couch. Nora Roberts is my go to author. I like them because the plot is easy to follow and I love a happy ending.

  4. Charleen

    Sophie Kinsella is my main palate cleanser… I think we’ve discussed this before. I’m also (very slowly) making my way through the Nicholas Sparks canon… not nearly as fun, but they’re typically quick reads where you know exactly what you’re getting.

    And while it didn’t QUITE make sense to me, I sorta thought this might be a personal post based on the title.

    • Words for Worms

      I struggled with the title a bit. At first I made a joke about Bradley University, because that’s where I went to college, but then I was like… Nobody’s going to get that. Plus both Bradleys in this book totally sucked. Eh. It was a stretch.

      • Charleen

        Yeah, I knew it was your alma mater, hence the not-quite-making-sense personal connection. I was thinking… hmm, is she like… disowning her school?

        And no, I’m not stalking you, remembering every vague reference you’ve ever made to your personal life, it just sticks in my mind because a) I know that’s where you and Chrissy met (and it totally blew my mind when I realized this random blogger who I found through your blog was someone I went to high school with… and had been following her for like a month before I realized it was her… *shameface*), and b) it’s where my husband went to school too.

    • Rory

      Uh, I am that random stalker person who remembers every little detail mentioned in passing. It’s like I’m creepy. Or not. One of my gifts in life is a very, very exceptional memory.

      I can’t say I’ll be reading this book. I like the occasional fluff, but it needs to well written fluff. I have no trouble with the men in kilt variety (Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series comes to mind).

      • Words for Worms

        Hahahahaha Rory, the random stalker in me recognizes and appreciates the random stalker in you. I remember little details and it creeps people out sometimes. For example, this winter Charleen was sad that her novelty socks had ripped and I thought “I need to send that girl some penguin socks!” How is your sock situation these days, Charleen?

      • Charleen

        I didn’t see this until just now! I’m sure you’ve been on the edge of your seat these past nine days, wondering about my socks…

        I have two pairs of “fun” socks. One is just colorful stripes… and one is MUSIC NOTES! I still miss my reindeer socks (or I will, once it’s reindeer-wearing season again), but the music notes help make it better.

  5. loraliej

    I have been reading some darker books lately too, and for something light I love any of the Jeeves books by P.G. Wodehouse. They are completely ridiculous and I love them. Also, have you read any of the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot? ‘Size 12 is Not Fat’ is the first one I think. They are funny with some mystery and romance and Heather is a great character in my opinion.

  6. JoulesDellinger

    Yup, I love a good corny romance and Jennifer Crusie is awesome. Whenever I needed a palate cleanser I’d just go to the library (in PERSON!?) and take out every book from the new releases display that had a cover that appealed to me. And yes, there was lots of pink.

  7. Megan M.

    Why must romances be “guilty pleasures”? There’s no shame in reading’s game! (Okay maybe that doesn’t make sense exactly, but it had to rhyme. My hands are tied.) I tend to read cozy mysteries when I need something light/warm-hearted, either an Agatha Raisin or Aunt Dimity. Here’s a quote from Rainbow Rowell:
    “The thing that really enrages me is when women and girls are demeaned for wanting romance. Like there’s something weak and dumb about wanting characters to fall in love, or wanting love for yourself. THIS IS SO WRONG. Love is the finest thing. It’s the thing everyone wants and needs and searches for. We might not all yearn for romantic love, but most of us do. Men and women.” PREACH.

    • Words for Worms

      Why is Rainbow Rowell always RIGHT? There should be no shame with a little romance. I need to work on re-framing that in my head because, dangit, sometimes I want to be SWOONY!

  8. H. Stern

    Ugh, LOVE the Romance Novels for a bit of a palate cleanser! GIRLIE PORN, FOREVER!!!!!!! Zero shame, here. RomNovs (that’s a word now, catch the fever!) are my go-to and have seen me through some dark times in my life. I’ll generally stick with my standard Viking/Vampire/Highlander themes. And I don’t like any serious, uber-drama filled stuff; I have enough drama in my life, give me characters who can make me laugh, please!

    My go-tos are:
    Sandra Hill
    Lynsay Sands
    and Karen Marie Moning

    The plots tend to be fairly decent, and so is the writing. Obviously, it’s a bit formulaic (“wait, the male and female lead end up in BED?! WHAAA?!”) but then, you’re not reading it for the critique of the ongoing politics in our time. And there’s no over-done, “his throbbing manhood parted her velvet tunnel of luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve” because that’s weird and makes me uncomfy.

    Anyway, I recommend them.

    • Words for Worms

      RomNovs? I LOVE that. I’m glad to hear your recommendations because I’m a little choosy about my romnovs. Your description of over-the-top love scenes cracks me up. We are on the same page, sista!

  9. Kelly from

    Sometimes I just don’t read for a day – until the intensity of whatever book I just read dies down in my brain. I generally don’t like “light” novels so I’d rather take a break until I’m ready for substance again.

  10. Jennine G.

    I have a couple from Mark Kay Andrews and a Jennifer Cruise I’ve not yet read – Faking It. Celia Ahern too! Much needed diversions in reading…sometimes you just need a good story and nothing else.

  11. Cindy W

    I think I mostly read lighter stuff. My comfort books are by Maeve Binchy, Jennifer Crusie, Jane Green, and Meg Cabot. I second the recommendation of the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot.

    Jennifer Crusie’s shorter stories, like this one are more fluff. Although I liked all of them too! I would recommend Welcome to Temptation, Fast Women, Faking It, and Maybe This Time by her.

  12. Jenny @ Reading the End (formerly Jenny's Books)

    Mm, book palate cleansers. Robin McKinley’s Sunshine is one, for reasons not clear to me, and also Dorothy Sayers books. Or a good Barbara Michaels book–people in her books are always being snide to each other and making discoveries and figuring out ghosts, so that’s fun for me as well.

  13. Sarah Says Read

    I haven’t read this one yet! It’s one of the few Crusie romances I haven’t read yet… I think part of me is saving them for days when I really need something mindless and fun. I’ve read a couple that are equally ridiculous – I think that these shorter novels were some of her first and written for Harlequin, so they’re definitely not as wonderful as Bet Me, but they’re still good fluff.

    I DO recommend Maybe This Time by her, if you’re in the mood for romance in October, because it has some spooky aspects to it that made it really fun 🙂 It’s one of her newer ones, but it’s out in paperback and I’m sure on the Kindle too…

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